About Arena

Run by industry people for industry people, Arena is the networking association for the foodservice and hospitality industry. 

We make it our business to bring together decision makers and professionals from all sectors and inspire the introductions, encounters and exchange of ideas that make our industry exciting and fun.

Our lively networking events facilitate interesting, enlightening and potentially lucrative interaction with some of the industry’s brightest and best.

Rapid technological advancements have certainly changed the way we do business, but relationships and physical contact continue to be vital for success.  We encourage and empower face-to-face meetings and this is why Arena continues to thrive as a relevant and valuable foodservice and hospitality industry asset.

Part of Arena's appeal is that it is not a commercial venture; it has always been a not-for-profit organisation, existing solely to foster relationships and strategic alliances between industry professionals.  Since its inception in 1983, there have been some 60,000 attendees at Arena events, and membership at any one time is around the 2,000 mark.    

Our network

Our diverse network touches the entire foodservice and hospitality industry.

From big-name industry giants through to smaller individual companies, we represent and bring together operators from the restaurant, hotel, pub and contract catering sectors; food and equipment manufacturers; distributors; suppliers; industry associations; industry charities and media. 

Over 2,000 foodservice and hospitality professionals are connected with Arena.  Can you and your business afford not to be one of them? 

Take a look at our membership options and be one step closer to being part of our network.

Our events

Our famous and respected networking events are the backbone of Arena.

Always fully subscribed, they create a unique environment where colleagues, competitors, customers and suppliers from across the hospitality industry can get together in a relaxed atmosphere and on neutral territory. 

With eight events throughout the year, attendees benefit from essential time away from the office to catch up with old associates, make new acquaintances, get up to date with the latest news and developments, discuss and share ideas, and even instigate business deals.

The guest list is always available to view prior to each event and we are always able to facilitate introductions on the day.

Inspirational guest speakers update and educate on current issues, offering a new perspective and approach, and something for the audience to really think about.

Take a look at our impressive list of past speakers and check out our next event – it may be just what you’re looking for.

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Over 2,000 foodservice and hospitality professionals are connected with Arena.

Can you and your business
afford not to be one of them?

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