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Our networking events are the backbone of Arena.

Rapid technological advancements have certainly changed the way we do business, but relationships and physical interaction continue to be vital for success.  Our events encourage and empower face-to-face meetings and this is why Arena continues to thrive as a relevant and valuable foodservice and hospitality industry asset.

With eight events throughout the year, which are always fully subscribed, attendees benefit from essential time away from the office to catch up with old associates, make new acquaintances, get up to date with the latest news and developments, discuss and share ideas, and even instigate business deals.

The guest list is always available to view prior to each event and we are always able to facilitate introductions on the day.

Inspirational guest speakers update and educate on current issues, offering a new perspective and approach, and something for the audience to really think about.

Next Event

Thursday 7 September 2017

An Evening at Mercato Metropolitano with founder Andrea Rasca

New eating out concepts and trends are being introduced all the time and Mercato Metropolitano has quickly become the choice destination for discerning food lovers all over London. On Thursday 7 September 2017 Arena's new vibrant event, ‘An Evening at Mercato Metropolitano’ with Andrea Rasca, invites you to experience the inspiring space that brings together an impressive collection of accomplished and well-loved Italian and London based artisan produce and hear from its founder, Andrea Rasca, who is also one of the founders of the world-famous Eataly market food halls.

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Location: Mercato Metropolitano

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Future Events

Arena Face2Face Interview – with Matt Brabin, CEO, ISS UK & Ireland

25 September 2017

The Arena Christmas Event – with Roger Whiteside, CEO, Gregg's

4 December 2017

Past Events

The Arena Summer Event – with Mark Fox, CEO, Bill's Restaurants

15 May 2017

An Audience with Mark Sargeant – Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur

27 April 2017

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