Building A Sustainable Future in partnership with Food Service Circle

By Berenice, Tuesday 5 January 2021

In the last of our 2020 webinars, we were delighted to welcome Wendy Bartlett, Founder, Bartlett Mitchell; Mark Davies, Managing Director, ISS UK Foodservice and David Mulcahy, Culinary Ambassador, Sodexo UK & Ireland to the floor, hosted by Jane Renton, Executive Editor, H20 Publishing. In what has been a year none of us could have ever imagined, it’s fantastic to see our industry working together and supporting each other to build a more sustainable future for all.

The session began with an introduction from Wendy Bartlett to Food Service Circle, the new platform that has been created to help those out of work with opportunities, tools, interview techniques and that all important ability to “think outside the box”.   The content is fuelled by a unique collaboration of the vast majority of contract caterers across the sector and is designed to not only help people find work, but also to give them the tools and knowledge to make them employable to a wider range of employees. 

And, importantly, it has created, for the first time, a showcase for the foodservice industry. 

The webinar continued into a panel discussion hosted by Jane Renton, which focused on flexi-catering, mental health and the road to recovery. Click here to find out more about the important discussion.