The guest list is now available to view for next week’s Arena event

By Berenice, Tuesday 24 September 2013

The guest list for the Arena Face2Face Interview & Lunch 2013 is now available to view. Take a look at who will be at The Dorchester on Monday 30 September to hear what the Chief Executive of Booker, Charles Wilson, will disclose when he is interviewed by the talented ITN anchor man, Alastair Stewart OBE.

View the attendee list now!

If you would like the opportunity to hear from one of our most successful industry leaders and meet up with industry colleagues old and new, make sure you add your name to our diverse guest list whilst there is still time. Buy your tickets online now, or contact Lorraine Wood by email or on 0203 087 2378. 

When Charles first addressed an Arena audience back in 2008, he admitted that he was genuinely excited by the opportunities he believed the ensuing recession was going to bring and the talent it was sure to unveil. At the Arena Face2Face interview, Alastair Stewart will expertly reveal if this uplifting optimism was realised, along with the highs and lows of the last five years and how they have shaped both Booker and its chief executive. Charles will also offer an insight into what he believes the next five years may hold for the business and the wider industry.