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May 2021

Compass Group UK & Ireland announces commitment to reach Net Zero by 2030 #

Following Compass Group UK&I joining the UN’s Race to Zero campaign, the UK’s largest food and support services company is the first in the industry to publish a Net Zero plan, which will help deliver its ambition to create a sustainable food system.
News facts:
*  Compass Group UK&I has announced a commitment to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, in line with targets to limit global temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels

*  The foodservice company is launching a £1m investment fund to support the development of carbon reduction and sustainable food production initiatives

*  Our Climate Promise and Roadmap to Net Zero provide more detail on the strategy to create a sustainable food system that delivers Net Zero, including philosophies and milestones it will champion this decade 

London, 10th May 2021: Compass Group UK & Ireland has announced its commitment to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions across its own operations and its value chain (GHG protocol Scope 1/2/3) by 2030. The UK’s largest foodservice provider has aligned its climate ambitions by committing to develop science-based targets to limit global temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial level in line with the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) criteria.
The business, which serves three million customers a year in the UK, has become a signatory of Business Ambition for 1.5°C, making the commitment to align its climate targets with the Paris Agreement. In doing so, it has signed up to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign and aims to reach Net Zero through ambitious levels of change, innovation, collaboration and investment in its business practices.
Compass UK&I’s climate Net Zero target is the foodservice industry’s first commitment to a climate net zero economy, with the company announcing changes at scale to ensure that sustainability is a core business objective across all services. They include the launch of a seed investment fund of £1 million to support the development of carbon reduction and sustainable food production innovation. The company is looking to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions of at least 55% by 2025 and at least 65% across its operations and value chain by 2030 from a 2019 baseline.    
As well as driving significant reductions in its own operations, Compass UK&I will use its size and reach to influence clients, employees and suppliers - through Foodbuy, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help create a more sustainable food system. All new and existing clients will also be offered carbon neutral and carbon reduction offers.
Local and seasonal ingredients will be key. By 2030 there will be a 40% switch towards plant-based proteins, with an interim target of at least 25% by 2025. Moreover, 70% of the top 5 food categories (dairy and cheese, fruit and vegetables, pork, beef and chicken) is to be sourced from regenerative agriculture by 2030.
Recognising the impact of its supply chain and the role it has in influencing positive change across the food system, the food and support services company will make key interventions to increase the adoption of regenerative agricultural principles and practices across all key product categories and increase the share of locally sourced foods. It will also rework its supplier auditing process to include key environmental performance criteria, including energy and resources efficiency, renewable energy, waste management and green logistics.
In addition, the business is already working to remove all single-use plastic cutlery, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and unnecessary single-use plastic plates and bowls before July 2021. While all fleet cars will be 100% plug-in electric by May 2024.
In 2025 Compass UK&I will start compensating some of its carbon emissions with high quality UK-based carbon removal projects such as afforestation in rural and urban landscapes, and peatland rehabilitation. Once it has significantly reduced carbon emissions by 2030, it will evolve its programme from compensating to neutralising any remaining carbon emissions in line with the SBTi criteria. It would have then delivered its 2030 Net Zero target and would continue delivering such performance from there onwards.
In support of these goals, Compass UK&I has published Our Climate Promise and Roadmap to Net Zero, which together provide more detail on the philosophies and milestones it will champion in this decade. Compass UK&I’s science-based targets will be validated and published later this year.      
Beyond climate, Compass UK&I is already engaged with the Science Based Targets Network on developing science-based targets (SBTs) for all aspects of nature including biodiversity, freshwater, land and ocean.
Robin Mills, MD, Compass Group UK&I said: “At Compass we are passionate about food and great services. We believe it is our responsibility to contribute towards a future of sustainable food production and regenerative agricultural principles and practices, and a commitment to climate Net Zero is an important milestone. Critical to the delivery of our targets will be the partnerships with our clients, suppliers, employees, civil society partners and government. I couldn’t be more excited for the future of foodservice.”
Andrew Griffith MP, UK Net Zero Champion, said: “I’m delighted Compass Group UK&I has signed on to be part of the UN’s Race to Zero, as businesses have a central role to play in making a successful transition to a low carbon economy. Compass Group UK & I’s ambition is great news for the UK's green recovery and I welcome its aim to help build a more sustainable food system. I hope other businesses across the sector follow in its footsteps and join the Race to Zero.”

Zest Food Partners announces new partnership with Sigma #

Sigma is working with Zest’s team of experts on building their brand portfolio for the foodservice sector in the UK

Zest Food Partners announces partnership with Sigma to launch and grow their core range of products for the foodservice sector in the UK.
Sigma is a global leading food company that offers a wide range of products including packaged and fresh meats, cheese, ready meals, and vegetarian products. Sigma’s portfolio is composed of leading brands, including Campofrío, Fiorucci, Aoste and Nobre. In Europe, the company already has a significant presence in eight countries and export their products to another 60 countries worldwide.
Jon Body, Commercial Director, Zest Food Partners said, “We are delighted to be working with Sigma. They have an impressive portfolio of brands, and a fantastic range of high-quality products that we know will be competitive for our customers. I am confident there is a huge opportunity to accelerate the growth of the Sigma brands within the foodservice sector in the UK.”
Christopher Kidd, Sigma’s Sales Manager for the UK said, “We are really pleased to have found a strategic partner in Zest. We are convinced that their targeted approach and deep understanding of the UK’s foodservice sector will be key to driving growth in this market.
Zest Food Partners is a team of strategy, sales, marketing, and procurement experts working with ambitious brands that are looking to expand and grow within the foodservice market. Working with brand owners to understand their business, they help develop and execute successful foodservice strategies to get products into the right channels and in front of the right people.
For more information visit and

DesignMyNight bookings record broken for second time in a month #

One million online bookings taken in seven days

Hospitality can expect a positive bounce back once restrictions are lifted according to the UK’s leading nightlife and discovery platform DesignMyNight, part of Access Hospitality.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday (11th May) that the restrictions would continue to be relaxed in England in line with the lockdown roadmap, 4.5 bookings were taken every second. The previous record on the site was four bookings per second which followed a similar announcement last month.

Leighanne Bent, Marketing and PR Manager commented “To break the record for the number of online bookings taken for venues in England/across the country for the second time in a month shows how enthusiastic people are for enjoying the hospitality that has been denied to them for so long. Having the certainty that venues are able to open next week, subject to ongoing restrictions, is a welcome and much needed boost for the industry that is reflected in the reservations made.

“In the last seven days DesignMyNight has taken one million bookings and enquiries through its Access Collins reservation system – that’s one million potential customers who are already planning visits that will help restart the industry’s recovery

To help hospitality operators make the most of this potential, DesignMyNight has extended The DesignMyNight 100; its offer of free marketing for 100 venues. Any pub, restaurant, bar, pop-up or club in the UK that has never worked with the website before can apply with 100 winners picked at random. It is an opportunity for venues that cannot afford marketing spend to benefit from high-traffic channel inclusions and the 3.5 million users who visit the site monthly. The deadline for applications online at by 28th May 2021.

Digitalisation of the customer journey is accelerating as sector gets set for indoor reopening #

A new report released this week from KAM Media and Zonal focuses on the post-pandemic customer journey and examines the customer decision process from deciding whether to go out and researching a venue, through to ordering, paying, reviewing and choosing whether to return.

Ahead of the indoor reopening of venues, feedback from 1,000 hospitality customers confirmed that the hospitality decision-making process is increasingly digitally driven, at virtually every customer touchpoint.

The research identified increased competition from ‘in-home entertainment’ with a 167% increase in consumer spending on TV subscription services, such as Disney+ and a 143% increase in spend on video gaming meaning that hospitality must work even harder to ensure every interaction with their customers, at every stage in the customer journey is right.

Customers now search digitally when deciding which venue to visit, with most people doing a ‘general internet search’ (38%) followed by the Google’s ‘Near Me’ search tool (25%) and then using hospitality review websites/apps eg TripAdvisor (22%.) The report suggests this represents a huge opportunity for operators to either influence potential customers or risk losing them during the critical ‘research’ stage.

Social media obviously plays a considerable role here too, but not surprisingly with huge generational swings. Gen Z and Millennials, in particular, are heavily reliant on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for ideas and inspiration on which venues to visit. The report confirms that brands and operators need to ensure they are targeting the right channels which fit with their strategy and target customer base, and not using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

The research also highlights the growing need for a seamless reservation process; 1-in-6 customers say they are more likely to book when visiting pubs, bars and restaurants now compared to pre-pandemic times. Furthermore, 1-in-3 said ‘difficulty making a reservation was one of the key reasons they might decide to stay at home.

Alison Vasey, Group Product Director at Zonal, said: “Having accepted the need for technology over the past 12 months, consumers now have a greater understanding of how it improves their experience and helps remove some of their typical frustrations when eating and drinking out. From an operators’ perspective this can only be positive, as maximising the power of tech helps free up staff to
concentrate on those elements that help enhance the overall guest experience

The role of digital when ordering has obviously grown too, with 42% saying a venue that offers mobile phone ordering and payment become more important to them over the last 12 months (65% for Millennials.) Yet almost half (47%) get frustrated when they are ‘forced’ to order via an order and pay app. The key, says KAM, is to give customers the choice.

Blake Gladman, Strategy and Insights Director at KAM Media said, “Whether customers use digital ordering options will depend on the occasion, how much time they have and who they are with – so it’s not a case of one or the other, otherwise we risk alienating them – and in some instances it could be the same customer from one day to the next. The research showed, for example, that those dining
with kids were more likely to want to option of ordering digitally. It offers them a quick, hassle free option

The research identifies a strong desire for digital menus to complement traditional physical menus - almost a quarter (23%) of customers prefer digital menus over any other type of menu. This rises to 36% for those dining with kids.

Alison Vasey, Group Product Director at Zonal, added: “The use of digital order and payment solutions now has much longer-term appeal to both consumers and operators alike. What is clear is that customers are now looking for new features and more personalised approach. The full potential of digital payment solutions to create a frictionless guest experience is far from realised and it will only play an increasingly important role in the future.”

The prevalence of smartphone usage and savviness also has a significant impact on whether a customer leaves a review. One third of customers are more likely to leave a review if they can do it on their smartphone, when it suits them. This is as high as 44% for those in the 25-34-year-old age bracket.

The full research report from KAM Media and Zonal is available to download for free here:


New look and feel for TWC, as it showcases new divisions ...

TWC - the company that sits at the heart of Wholesale, Foodservice and Convenience has reshaped its business in order to drive customers’ growth and help them understand how they can harness data more effectively than ever.

Driving growth through intelligence and technology, and offering a personal touch in an increasingly digital world, TWC has revealed a compelling new look and feel for its business alongside the latest breaking developments in its products and services. 

Headed by Tanya Pepin and Tom Fender, TWC is widely respected across its market sectors.  Not only for the immense experience held within its team, but for its unique mix of data, knowledge and technology, which has evolved into a powerful offering across three specialist divisions – TWC Trends, TWC Consultancy and TWC Technology:

TWC Trends 
TWC helps its clients to understand what is happening in the market, and why!  Further to the launch of TWC Trends and TWC Trends Spring Report in April 2021, this division will continue to benchmark what is happening in Wholesale, Retail and Hospitality across changing customer and consumer behaviours.  TWC Trends provides unique insight and can undertake focus groups, customer surveys and specialist category market research to build up a picture of what’s really happening in the market.
TWC Consultancy
TWC’s unique market intelligence and digital savviness, which comprises of insight and strategy services, enables the team to help its clients to make data-led decisions and build data centric customer experiences to enhance their performance.   The team ‘lives and breathes’ its market sectors and the associated supply chain - it understands the complexities, the challenges.  The team ‘speaks the language’ and is passionate about the sector - wholesale is firmly imbedded from top to bottom in TWC’s DNA, and the team’s knowledge is extraordinary and relevant.

TWC Technology 
TWC is at the forefront of wholesale shipments reporting with a platform that it believes is the most user-friendly and flexible platform in wholesale.  TWC partners with many of the UK’s leading wholesalers to provide data reporting solutions that have been designed to work with multiple data sets, different operating models and various user needs.  Its technology leads across reporting, rewards/vouchers, customer engagement and retailer compliance.

Managing Director, Tanya Pepin says that TWC’s evolution and growth has morphed hand in hand with customer need, and the creation of three specialist divisions provides a clear differentiation of service that will make it easy and transparent for its customers:

Our whole ethos is around providing the right solutions that boost our customer’s bottom line and to that end, our three divisions offer services that are highly complementary and all based on a deep understanding of the markets, the industries, and the behaviours that underpin growth.

“We believe the next frontier is personalisation.  Wholesalers already capture detailed shopper behaviour data and c-stores and hospitality venues can do the same. 

“Our industry must start to tailor offers to customer segments, drive upsell via increased customer distribution and rate of sale and all through personalised messaging – just as Amazon has been doing for years.
“The wholesale route to market is a fast-paced channel that relies on lean cost models.  More than ever, wholesalers and their suppliers and customers need to forensically understand their businesses – what works, what doesn’t, and which customer segments are in growth and which are in decline.

“We offer something different in the market alongside continuous development to create tools that help wholesalers and suppliers grow their businesses.  Every day our products and services are pushing new boundaries – we are still at the beginning of a much longer journey”

Check out

Events - Market Recovery and Restart Survey Results #

Umbrella Insight, in association with Victory Services Club, asked 76 hospitality companies about plans for holding their next event. Click Here to see the high-level insights.

Planning is in full swing, and many organisers are planning large, and at least 1 to 4 events, over the next 12 months, this will hugely benefit the hospitality sector. 

Ensuring customer and employee safety is high focus and many organisers will put in the following as top priority safety measures:
*  Hand sanitation points
*  Enhanced cleaning regimes
*  Increased ventilation
*  Temperature screening 

We'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on events you're involved with and planning. Also,if you need cost effective and engaging event feedback please email

Go to to find out more about our Insight platform.

Sodexo’s Harpreet Cheema included in EMpower’s 2021 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders list #

Sodexo is proud to announce that head of digital and promotions, Harpreet Cheema has been listed on the EMpower 2021 Ethnic Minority Future Leader Role Model list, supported by Yahoo Finance! 

Harpreet is co-chair of Sodexo’s Origins employee network group and has been an active member of the group since 2016.  Origins aims to encourage inclusivity and cohesion amongst Sodexo’s colleagues by celebrating everyone's culture, heritage and beliefs and by promoting equal opportunities for all. 

Sean Haley, regional chair Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We are incredibly proud of Harpreet. EMpower’s role model lists celebrate those in business who are driving the charge for inclusion and it is great to see Harpreet recognised for his fantastic achievements in paving the way for much needed change.” 

Over the last year Harpreet been at the forefront of the company’s approach to addressing the underrepresentation of colleagues from minority ethnic backgrounds in our senior leadership and management positions. 

Harpreet explains why these webinars are important: “I didn't ever actively choose to be involved in inclusion activity; however, as a British Indian person I cannot avoid it, I was born into it. I feel that as an ethnic minority I have a sense of duty to make sure the playing field is as level as it can be for everyone, as it isn't today.” 

In the summer 2020 Harpreet shared a personal letter to all of Sodexo’s employees in the UK and Ireland in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. A virtual meeting was then organised with some 300 colleagues joining the meeting. 

Harpreet also supported in the design and delivery of Sodexo's first ever listening groups, seeking to understand Black colleagues’ lived experiences within the organisation and how the workplace culture could be improved which has led to a number on initiatives being put in-place. 

Harpreet is currently working with colleagues to launch a ‘Breaking Bias’ series of webinars which explore the subtle biases that occur and how to address them. 

Founder & CEO of INvolve, Suki Sandhu OBE, says, “I’m thrilled to be celebrating another incredible group of Ethnic Minority and Advocate Role Models who are championing inclusion and inspiring the next generation of talent. Discrimination and barriers to success are still prevalent for ethnic minority groups and role models are essential to change perceptions and show everyone that you can be successful in business while also being your authentic self at work.” 

EMpower is one of three initiatives from INvolve, a membership organisation championing diversity and inclusion in businesses. Through the delivery of events, programmes, thought leadership and advisory services, INvolve helps member firms drive cultural change and create inclusive workplaces.

Compass Apprentice Chef of the Year Winners Revealed #

Last week, Compass Group UK and Ireland held its annual Compass Apprentice Chef of the Year competition, with six Apprentice Chefs from across the business battling it out for the coveted title and the opportunity for their dish to be cooked at the annual Apprentice Chef of The Year VIP Dinner for Compass Executives later this month.

Each competitor created three courses, cooked within a three-hour time limit at the Compass HQ in Chertsey. ESS Government Services Apprentice Chef Agnieszka Bernaciak took the first place, with second place going to Nathan Racey of Levy UK and third place was awarded to Restaurant Associates’ Dylan Patel.

After months of hard work through multiple lockdowns, the chefs plated up their menus for the panel of esteemed judges – Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing headed up the judging panel alongside long-time competition guru and Culinary Director, Nick Vadis; Paul Mannering, Chef Academy Principle of HIT Training; Mark Belford, Chef Academy Vice Principle of HIT Training.

Following the announcement that she had won, Agnieszka Bernaciak of ESS Government Services said: “I’m still in shock, but so happy with what I’ve achieved in this competition. I really didn’t expect to win, so to be named as the winner was just amazing. I love creating beautiful plates of food, obviously taste is key, but after that, presentation is the most important thing for me.”

Compass was lucky enough to enlist the help of revered chef Marcus Wareing, who also presented the awards: “It takes a very brave chef to enter into a competition, when you spend your time working in teams, especially at apprenticeship level, to compete on your own can be hard. I judged the semi-finals as well and from then to today, all I can say is wow! What an amazing achievement. Every single finalist has improved so much in such a short space of time – you’ve gone home and studied your menus and that really showed today.”

Jonathan Foot, Head of Apprenticeships and Early Careers at Compass Group UK & Ireland commented: “The last year has been challenging for the whole hospitality industry, and I couldn’t be prouder that we took the decision to keep our apprenticeship programme operating throughout the pandemic. This enabled our apprentices to continue to progress and achieve, which in turn meant we could run our annual Compass Apprentice Chef of the Year competition. It’s been so rewarding to watch all the apprentices who took part and demonstrated their resilience, determination and skills. This competition is evidence of the benefits of Apprenticeships in supporting the skills development of our future talent.”

Robin Mills, Compass Group UK and Ireland Managing Director also commented: “This whole competition is a huge learning experience and I’d like to say a big well done to all our apprentice chefs who took part at every stage of the competition. Many years ago, I learned that these competitions are mainly about the learning and there is a chef family which is all about coaching, developing and sharing, and that’s such a fantastic thing to see here. So, to hear how much our people have developed from the semi-final to the final, is what it’s all about.”

Compass Apprentice Chef of the Year Competitors 2021:
Gold: Agnieszka Bernaciak (ESS Government Services)
Silver: Nathan Racey (Levy UK & Ireland)
Bronze: Dylan Patel (RA Group)
Finalists: Thomas Scott (ESS Defence); Tracey Breward (ESS Defence); and Ewa Kruczek (Chartwells)

Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events to launch new digital booking platform as lockdown eases #

Sodexo’s Prestige Venues and Events (PV&E) business is set to launch a new digital booking platform as companies and consumers start to plan events following lockdown.
The new platform will go live in July and will be designed to service the expected new demand that businesses and other organisations will create as they seek to book and manage their small events online.
The booking platform will mean that many of the Sodexo PV&E venues will be available for event planners to make online bookings for small meetings and events using all devices 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The system will allow Sodexo’s venue clients to manage small events quickly and simply, allowing inhouse sales teams to concentrate on selling and supporting larger, more complex events that require expertise from the PV&E team of experienced event planners.
Prestige Venues and Events is Sodexo’s event and corporate hospitality specialist. They have a collection of 35 venues across the UK available for meetings, conferences and events.
These include football clubs such as Newcastle United, historical buildings such as The Keeper’s House at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Thames fine dining cruise specialist Bateaux London and Hampden Park in Glasgow.
And while many had to shut due to lockdown, Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events still held 111 events between 1 April last year and March this year, including weddings, training days and film shoots all within strict COVID-19 guidelines.
Amanda Brown, Sales Director, Sodexo Prestige Venues and Events said: “The last few months have of course been tough for all in the events and hospitality industry, but we’re working hard to ensure we are ready for 2021 and beyond. We aim to combine this new digital booking solution with the personal service and expertise offered by the Prestige Venues and Event team for larger and more complex events.
“We have a collection of 35 venues across the UK available for meetings, conferences and events delivering the everyday to the extraordinary.
“These include football clubs, historical buildings such as Dundas Castle, National Museums of Scotland and the most loved venue on the River Thames.
“We believe we will have a very compelling offer for clients and bookers as we see the events market return
When live, the online booking system will give event bookers access to online payments, easy updates and changes to bookings, the ability to create repeat bookings and an online repository for all information relating to the event.
The system will be accessible from July 2021 via
To find out more about how the system will work click this link

Compass Group UK & Ireland Announce Director for Delivery of Net Zero #

Following the announcement of Compass Group UK & Ireland’s commitment to reach Climate Net Zero by 2030, the organisation has announced Carolyn Ball will be stepping into the newly created role of Director for Delivery of Net Zero.
Carolyn will be responsible for delivering the company’s Climate Net Zero ambitions, which will see change at scale as sustainability becomes a core business objective across all services. Compass Group UK & Ireland’s target is the foodservice industry’s first commitment to reach Climate Net Zero by 2030. The business has outlined a Charter and Roadmap to provide more detail on the strategy, to create a sustainable food system that delivers Net Zero, including philosophies and milestones it will champion this decade.
Carolyn has a long-standing passion for the role of food and service in supporting the environment. She has carried out extensive personal research in this space and continues to develop strong relationships with leading advisors, academic researchers and economists worldwide. 
Carolyn steps into the role having previously been Head of Business Development for the RA Group, which is a collection of specialist food and guest services companies, including Restaurant Associates, Rapport, RA Venues and commercial restaurant partnerships including City Social by Jason Atherton.
Carolyn Ball, Compass Group UK & Ireland Director for Delivery of Net Zero commented: “I’m proud this is the largest and most challenging commitment Compass has made to date because that’s exactly what’s needed. Achieving true industry transformation will always feel like a miracle until it’s realised and we are running out of time. It’s a privilege to work in a business brave enough to act, with talented teams so capable of delivering. Our role is no longer to question if, but to ask how – and how fast – we can act together to make it happen.”
Robin Mills, Managing Director of Compass Group UK & Ireland commented: “I’m delighted that Carolyn has joined our leadership team to help us deliver our Net Zero target. Carolyn brings great passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to the role. This is the biggest commitment we have made to date and with Carolyn driving it forward, I feel confident we will be able to deliver on our ambition.”
Compass Group UK & Ireland announced the launch of a seed investment fund of £1 million to support the development of carbon reduction and sustainable food production innovation. The company is looking to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions of at least 55% by 2025 and at least 65% across its operations and value chain by 2030 from a 2019 baseline.

Pub22 joins forces with Hotel, Restaurant & Catering #

Pub22 will take place as part of the Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC) show when the event returns to Excel London in March 2022.

The partnership will bring together suppliers, speakers, discussions and research, with visitors able to access a wide array of industry suppliers across both the HRC and International Food & Drink event. The show will also see the return of the popular Taproom feature, where visitors can sample new beer and cider brands.

HRC event manager Ronda Annesley said:

"We're thrilled to be welcoming Pub22 to HRC. It's an event that has always had a passionate and loyal audience and we want to reassure them that it will still be the number one event for pub and bar professionals to do business.

"Both events are going to benefit hugely from the diverse range of products and content on offer. We can't wait to see the hospitality industry back together, making those all-important face-to-face connections

HRC has also confirmed a new partnership with On-Trade Consultancy that will see the hospitality agency running guided ‘pub crawls' around the event, exploring categories such as technology, ready-to-drink and spirits.

Annesley added: "On-Trade will be bringing a vast amount of industry knowledge and expertise to the 2022 event. They work with some of the most exciting, up-and-coming drinks brands in the UK and internationally and have unique insights into what makes this vibrant sector tick."

Pub22 and HRC take place on 21-23 March 2022 at Excel London.

For further information on both shows visit and

Springboard's Impact Report and Springboard to 2022 #

Impact Report

Springboard recently published its impact report for the past 12 months, which you can find here.

It shows that in the most challenging of years, Springboard made a major impact in supporting their beneficiaries and delivering against their vision and mission.

Notably, during the 2020/21 financial year, Springboard:

- Engaged 27,010 pupils through their careers and education programmes, across 420 schools, colleges and universities.
- Trained 1,952 young and disadvantaged people through their employability programmes. The creation of the Digital Hospitality Academy was a great innovation last year, enabling beneficiaries to access 11,022 e-learning modules while the country was locked down, as well as attending 5,523 training webinars.
- And they supported 47,442 people with specialist careers information guidance through their careers & education and employability programmes and through the development of CareerScope as the cross-industry support hub. As part of this, a campaign promoting careers in hospitality has reached more than 1.1m young people to date.

Springboard to 2022

Secondly, we continue to make progress with our programme Springboard to 2022, in which we will support 10,000 young people into careers in hospitality to address the industry’s long-term staffing challenges.

Chris Gamm, CEO, Springboard says "I’m pleased to say that we have secured the support of a number of key industry organisations, including Savoy Educational Trust as lead partner, BaxterStorey and Diageo as official partners, and many project partners including Compass, CH&Co, Hilton, IHG, Sodexo, Nando’s, D&D London, Ivy Collection, Gleneagles, Dorchester Collection, Hawksmoor and many more.
This has enabled us to recruit the additional team members required to step up the delivery of our training programmes and get well underway with the most ambitious project in Springboard’s history.

As part of the project, we have been running a campaign to raise the profile of Springboard to 2022, the challenge the industry faces and how it’s tackling it. We have secured coverage in a number of major brands over the past few weeks including The Times, Daily Mail, Financial Times, the Guardian, a second Daily Mail article, the Big Issue, The Caterer, Big Hospitality, MCA and Caterer Licensee Hotelier.
I will continue to keep you updated on project progress, but if you would like any further information on any of the above, or would like to find out more about support our projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch