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June 2022

Sodexo’s Karl Griffiths wins Contract Catering Chef title at Craft Guild of Chefs awards #

Sodexo chef, Karl Griffiths was awarded the title of Contract Catering Chef of the Year at the 2022 Craft Guild of Chefs held on Thursday 9 June at Magazine London.

Karl is the head chef for Sodexo at a global pharmaceutical company.  Karl is predominantly based in the northwest of England but supports in the strategic planning and menu development for all the client’s sites in the UK and Sweden.

Karl oversees a team of 16 chefs who provided food services to over 4,000 of the client’s employees and visitors through Sodexo’s flagship Modern Recipe food offer.  He also develops and supports Sodexo’s chefs’ culinary skills programme; project manages site openings and plays a key role in budget planning. 

In addition to his busy day job Karl is also an ambassador for the hospitality charity Springboard sharing his experience with the local community by mentoring and supporting young aspiring chefs. He is also a regional judge and provides mentoring for Springboard’s ‘Future Chef’ programme. 

Karl has also organised and run an eight-week cookery course for 12 of his client’s employees which culminated in the 12 joining Karl’s team in the kitchen to prepare a five-course charity dinner, which raised £3,400 for East Cheshire Hospice and Sodexo’s own charity the Stop Hunger Foundation. 

Julie Ennis, CEO Corporate Services, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We are delighted that Karl has received this prestigious award.  He is an outstanding chef who has excelled in his craft and beyond. His ‘can-do’ attitude, involvement with charitable events and ability to go above and beyond the call of duty both inside and outside of work make him a true ambassador for our industry and a valued member of our team. Well done Karl.” 

The Craft Guild of Chefs Awards are seen as the chefs’ Oscars recognising the exceptional talent across the whole of the hospitality industry – from apprentice and young chefs just starting out to cefs who are established in their careers in hospitality, pubs and restaurants. 

Food service technology company, Nutritics, joins prestigious United Nations Global Compact Initiative #

Nutritics, the market leader in food service technology, are pleased to announce that we have joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative — a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices.

With this announcement, Nutritics is proud to be one of the first fifty Irish organisations to join the global network of thousands of companies who are committed to taking responsible business action to create the world we all want. Nutritics are honoured to be the 6th Irish company in the ‘software and computer services’ category to join the UN Global Compact Initiative.

The UN Global Compact is a call to companies everywhere to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and to take action in support of UN goals and issues embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Launched in 2000, the UN Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, with more than 15,000 companies and 3,800 non-business signatories based in over 160 countries, and more than 69 Local Networks.

Discussing Nutritics recent acceptance Damian O’Kelly, Nutritics CEO noted “Sustainability needs to become integrated into all aspects of a business, across all operations, roles and strategies. The UN Global Compact provides an opportunity for businesses to be transparent and accountable on their progress, and we are delighted that Nutritics has been accepted. It is an exciting time, and we are looking forward to seeing how our technology can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future, particularly in the hospitality and food service sector”.

As a Participant of the initiative, we encourage you to visit our profile on the UN Global Compact website.

Dr. Laura Kirwan, Nutritics Lead Sustainability Coordinator said: “At Nutritics, we are proud to be accepted as a member of the UN Global Compact, and we look forward to further embedding the Ten Principles into our strategies and operations, with a particular focus on  the environmental pillars, as well as efforts to support societal priorities. This is an important milestone in the transition to sustainable business for Nutritics”.

As part of the company's continued innovation focus, Nutritics are actively developing software to facilitate strategic climate action food businesses and to streamline communication to consumers. Foodprint is a fully automated, easy-to-use environmental impact scoring, display and emission reporting system for the hospitality and food service (HaFS) sector

To learn more about Foodprint, set to launch on the 22nd June 2022, visit our website or sign up for our webinar.

Bidfood launches new diabetes module to mark Diabetes Week 2022 #

In celebration of Diabetes Week 2022, Bidfood, one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, has created a diabetes module on their e-learning platform, Caterers Campus, to help caterers providing meals for those living in care with the medical condition.
More than 4.9 million people in the UK have diabetes, and the chronic disease is a common condition among elderly residents in care homes. Customer insight has revealed that catering for diabetes within the care sector is especially challenging, as care homes are operating under tight budgets and rising food costs.
Launched in June last year, Bidfood created a free e-learning platform exclusive to its customers called Caterers Campus. Designed by Bidfood’s chefs, for chefs, the purpose of the online school is to support those in the industry when catering for residents’ individual needs. Modules include dysphagia, dementia, costing, and more.
To commemorate Diabetes Week 2022, Bidfood has been working hard to create a new module, ‘Diabetes: understanding carbohydrates and blood sugar’, in addition to the six they already have.

The module, which includes understanding the causes and symptoms of diabetes, how to cater for diabetes as well as menu planning, has been designed to equip care home staff with the right information and guidance. Made up of over 30 chapters, the unit also features a knowledge test at the end. 
Gemma Benford, Head of Customer and Channel Marketing at Bidfood said: “We understand how difficult it is to consistently create nutritious and delicious meals for residents’ individual requirements. Through this new module, we are continuing on our mission to provide an educational and interactive way to make the lives of the chefs preparing meals within care homes easier, whilst also providing them with inspirational, on-trend recipes.”

For more guidance, inspiration, and support on catering for the care sector please visit:

The UK eating out market is set to value £95.2 billion in 2022, +4% versus its 2019 value #

According to the new Lumina Intelligence UK Eating Out Market Report 2022, the UK eating out market is set to value £95.2 billion in 2022, +4% versus its 2019 value – meaning that inflation is outpacing market growth.

Outlet growth is expected to be positive from 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +0.5% from 2022F-2025F, up from the -0.5% from 2019-2022F.  Low ticket channels including coffee shops, sandwich & bakery and fast food are gaining outlet share of the market post pandemic.

Retail, travel and leisure best performing segment of the total market
Versus 2019, retail, travel and leisure is set to be the best performing segment of the UK eating out market, growing at +9.1% against its 2019 value. In comparison, hotels, pubs and restaurants are set for growth of +2.8% versus 2019 and contract catering growth of +3.4%.

At a value of £68.7bn, hotels, pubs and restaurants is the largest segment of the UK eating out market, but is also set to see the slowest recovery, with continued outlet decline and dampened consumer confidence impacting footfall in the segment.

Top 10 UK eating out brands to grow +17.1% in 2022
The top 10 UK eating out brands are set to be worth £15.2bn in 2022, with McDonald’s the biggest in the market. Brands including KFC, Greggs and Domino’s are expected to see turnover recovery from 2019 upwards of +20.0%.

As a group, the top UK eating out brands command a market share of 15.9% - a decline of -1.3ppts versus 2019.

Cost pressures see consumers becoming more price-led
There has been a +2ppt increase in consumers being price-led, amid decade-high inflation and the rising cost of living in the UK. 72% of consumers align with price-led values, meaning that operators across the market will need to emphasise value for money credentials through promotions, loyalty schemes and good quality products and services.

The proportion of consumers eating out has seen a boost of +23% and visit frequency has increased by +15% over the 12 weeks ending 15/05/22, compared to the same period last year when dine-in was restricted to outdoor-only.  Average spend has grown by +12%, compared to last May period when occasions heavily relied on delivery and quick service channels. 

However, between December 2021 and May 2022, these increases have been modest. Penetration rose by +3%, visit frequency remained flat at 1.5 times per week and spend grew just +2% to £10.79 per visit.

Lunch sees biggest increase in day part share
Lunch occasions have seen the biggest increase in day-part share in 12WE 15/05/22, compared to the same period last year (+3.3ppts).  This growth has been at the expense of dinner occasions which have declined by -4.4ppts, as consumers opted for daytime occasions including lunch, snack and drink-only occasions.  This is driven by more workers being back in offices and seeking quick, affordable and on the go solutions.

Increase in occasions including both food and drink
Occasions that include both food and drink have dominated the eating/drinking out market in 12WE 15/05/22, up by +1ppt versus 12WE 20/02/22.  Drink-only occasions have also increased in the period by +0.6ppts, showcasing the opportunity for operators to offer a greater range of meal deal pairings including drinks to prompt consumers to purchase food alongside a drink.

Over the same period, alcoholic drinks are increasing share of occasions by +1ppt, driven by sporting events and consumers opting for more pubs visits. Beer consumption has increased by +2ppts, driven by the warmer weather and sporting events.  San Miguel has grown its share by +2ppts, with consumers opting for more premium beers, highlighting an opportunity to drive spend through premium occasions.

UK eating out market to be worth £102.8bn in 2025
The eating out market is forecast to total £102.8 billion in 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of +2.6% from 2022F-2025F.

Inflation is forecast to sit between 2.5% and 2.0% from 2023-2025, meaning there will be little volume growth in the market to 2025. 

There is a £5.7bn size of the prize for the top 10 sub channels from 2022F-2025F.  Managed, branded and franchised pubs are set to lead in absolute value growth.

Commenting on the findings, Senior Insight Manager at Lumina Intelligence, Katie Prowse, said: “Operators across the UK eating out market will be buoyed by the end of the pandemic and the impact of a year’s trading without restrictions. However, the reality will not live up to expectations, as operators face rising costs, staff shortages and squeezed household incomes. We are already seeing the impact of these in the data, with spend growth and penetration both slowing. Operators face a significant challenge managing costs, as well as attracting footfall.”

Despite the challenges, there will be opportunities. This £5.7bn opportunity between 2022-25 shows the size of the prize for brands. Delivery, premiumisation and digitisation all continue to be key trends shaping the future of eating and drinking out. Delivery continues to grow its share of the total eating out market.”

Find out more about Lumina Intelligence’s UK Eating Out Market Report 2022 here

Sodexo’s Tackling Modern Slavery programme wins Social Impact & Diversity award #

Sodexo received the Social Impact & Diversity award for its work to tackle modern slavery and was named runner up in the Stakeholder Engagement category for its Appetite for Action campaign at the 2022 Footprint Awards for sustainability excellence. 

Over the past couple of years Sodexo has worked to better understand modern slavery in its global and domestic markets in order to equip its teams to identify risks within its supply chains and to question suppliers more rigorously on this subject.  The company has created a set of actions based around three pillars (compliance, education and leverage) to strengthen its approach. 

On awarding the title to Sodexo the judges said: “Brilliant work being done by Sodexo to address Modern Slavery. So impressive!” 

Sodexo’s commitment to ending modern slavery is included in its Social Impact pledge and includes comprehensive policies, better working practices and improved contracts. 

With such a diverse mix of suppliers, Sodexo believes it is imperative that it works with its procurement partners to take positive action to manage, mitigate and eliminate the risk of modern slavery and labour exploitation across the whole supply chain. 

In early 2021 Sodexo formed a Strategic Supplier Forum with its four largest suppliers to draw together common experiences and identify ways of working together to tackle some of the underlying issues of modern slavery within both local and global supply chains. Since its launch the forum has expanded to incorporate an SME to ensure it captures the voice of a key part of Sodexo’s supplier landscape. 

Earlier this year Sodexo also joined forces with OCS to form a Service & Infrastructure Project Providers Modern Slavery Council. The Council held its first meeting in February 2022 and includes 15 major organisations including Slave Free Alliance and BSA. 

Sodexo was also named runner-up in the Stakeholder Engagement category for its Appetite for Action campaign to raise awareness and tackle food waste and carbon emissions in food services.  Food waste is a huge problem, 3.6 million tonnes is wasted by the foodservice sector every year and for Sodexo it is clear more action is needed to tackle it. 

Food waste is a key element of Sodexo’s net zero road map and in late 2021 it launched Appetite for Action, a campaign which has provided a powerful platform for it to engage with government and wider stakeholder bodies, while educating audiences on the link between food waste and carbon emissions. 

Sean Haley, Regional Chair, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We are delighted that our efforts have been recognised at the Footprint Awards. We are a large scale procurer of goods and services which connects us to some 4,800 business in the UK and Ireland. Despite a challenging couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic our supply chain team has pushed forward its tackling modern slavery programme, working with partners and helping drive cross-industry collaboration through a number of initiatives which have a positive social impact.  

“It is also good to see our Appetite for Action campaign recognised as a runner up in the stakeholder engagement category. Food waste is an area that we can’t tackle alone and through our campaign we are providing a powerful platform to engage with government and wider stakeholder bodies, while educating audiences on the link between food waste and carbon emissions. 

“Well done to all involved, I am proud of our efforts to improve the communities in which we live and work and thrilled to see them externally recognised

The Footprint Awards for sustainability excellence have become the barometer for sustainability and responsible business practice in the foodservice, hospitality and out of home arena.

Foodbuy UK appoints new Managing Director #

Compass Group UK & Ireland is pleased to announce the appointment of Karl Atkins as the new Managing Director for Foodbuy - the largest procurement service provider in the UK. Karl will be focused on continuing to provide great quality products and services to its clients and customers, as well as working with suppliers to support with the delivery of the company’s ambition to achieve Climate Net Zero by 2030. 

Karl has been with Foodbuy for the past 3 years in the Chief Operating Officer role – where his focus has been supporting the growth of Foodbuy’s external client business. He previously held commercial leadership roles with Coca-Cola European Partners and Britvic, after 6 years in Compass, covering sourcing and category management leadership roles. Prior to that, Karl spent several years in grocery retail in a number of different commercial and supply chain roles. 

Robin Mills, Managing Director, Compass Group UK & Ireland commented:

Karl has a great knowledge of both Compass and Foodbuy and brings an excellent track record in purchasing and supply chain. In light of the economic environment we are operating in, Foodbuy has never been more important to our business. Our Foodbuy team continues to work hard to deliver great products and services for our clients and customers.” 

Karl Atkins added:

I am delighted to be taking on the MD role in Foodbuy. I am passionate about our purchasing and supply chain and delivering great value for money to the clients we currently work with, and I am excited to lead our growth agenda to unlock more added value opportunities for new clients. We have a great supplier community and I am looking forward to working with them, not only in relation to identifying great products, but also with the delivery of more sustainable solutions too.” 

Karl Atkins replaces Ian Murphy who left the business in April 2022. 

The Caterer's 2022 Supplier Awards are now open for entries. #

The Caterer's Supplier Awards, organised in association with Delaware North and the HRC show, look to recognise the manufacturers, suppliers and producers of the most crucial, creative and innovative food, drink and equipment products that keep the wheels of hospitality turning.
The entries are judged by a panel of industry experts, with successful products receiving exposure to an extensive audience of potential customers.
Lisa Jenkins, managing editor of The Caterer, said: "The Supplier Awards give us a platform to recognise the research and development, the investment and sheer determination that is involved in the creation and launch of thousands of products into hospitality every year."
The winners will attend an awards lunch, scheduled for December at the London Stadium at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, in association with Delaware North.
The three-course lunch created by Gary Foakes, executive head chef of the London Stadium, will allow finalists, judges, and guests the opportunity to enjoy Delaware North's premium hospitality experience. The pre-Christmas event for suppliers and manufacturers will give them an opportunity to get together and celebrate their success.
Doug Tetley, managing director at Delaware North, said: "Delaware North is proud to sponsor the Supplier Awards for the third year. The 2019 awards ceremony at the London Stadium saw an impressive array of suppliers from across the industry vying for the coveted awards.
"Innovative products deliver commercial success. Supporting quality and innovation in hospitality is an important part of Delaware North's commitment to reimagining tomorrow. As hospitality partners for the UK's most high-profile stadia, we are always reviewing our products and services to ensure the very highest quality experience for our guests
Sam Chance, marketing director at Montgomery Group, added: "At Hotel, Restaurant & Catering (HRC), we believe in acknowledging those who are truly innovative and continually push the boundaries to progress our incredible industry.
We are proud to once again partner with The Caterer on this year's Supplier Awards and aim to ensure the entire industry is aware of all the fantastic new products available in the market
The deadline for entries is 3 August 2022. To find out more and to enter the awards, go to

Umbrella Insight are assisting organisations to further understand the impact of diabetes - supporting employees and customers … #

Approximately 400,000 people are currently living with type 1 diabetes in the UK, which is increasing by about four per cent each year. Ensuring you and your staff have knowledge and know the practices around both staff and customers with diabetes is important to your business.
Umbrella Insight are working with Duet Diabetes to help identify shortfalls in practices around diabetic considerations for both staff and customers. Duet Diabetes focused on the training and education of businesses and their staff around diabetic considerations and needs.
Umbrella insight gives those with a diabetic condition a voice so the business can cater for them and understand more clearly any shortfalls they have in their diabetic practices and options.
Being considerate of those with diabetes enables business to grow their revenue streams by offering more food options better aligned to diabetic needs. It also goes to show a business is more inclusive in their general approach to business….
DUET Diabetes has selected Umbrella Insight to gain feedback on their services.
Lynne Reedman (Duet Diabetes MD) explained  "I am thrilled to discover Umbrella Insight - finding a platform existed that was finally simple, intuitive and engaging for the end-user to use, as well as highly accessible, available 24/7, on any device (‘mobile first’ ready), and gives a great experience without the need to install any additional apps".
For the business themselves there is no software to install or integrate with and they receive a full set of analysed reports, radically reducing the effort and workload.
Neil Newman, Director, Umbrella Insight said “Our platform is exceptional at obtaining engagement and feedback, which is why we have used it for collecting feedback on behalf of organisations in relation to customer, employees and communities, to help businesses understand how they are perceived, where they need to improve and how they can increase revenue opportunities.

Umbrella insight have, in addition, recently extended their services to assist in improving staff retention, recruitment, engagement and wellbeing. The versatility of the platform means feedback can be gained for virtually any situation, skill level or age group and of course including training, diversity and inclusion. We are delighted that DUET Diabetes have chosen our platform to gain essential feedback and insight on their services
If any of these services are of interest, or you are seeking feedback, engagement and insight for your business, please get in touch with Neil, or the Umbrella Insight team:

Bestway’s Ascot Charity Race Day is back! 2022 Race Day in aid of Barnardo’s #

After a two-year gap due to the pandemic and associated restrictions, the long-awaited annual Bestway Charity Race Day is back this Friday 17 June 2022. 
It’s the largest corporate event in the Ascot’ calendar and one of the most looked-forward-to dates in the wholesale and retail industries, attended by more than 800 people.  

And national charity, Barnardo’s, which works to transform the lives of vulnerable children, will be the beneficiary of funds raised in 2022, anticipated to be in the region of £100,000.

The Race Day has supported over 22 charities since formation in 1994 and raised over £2.6million for nominated causes in its 28-year history. 

Central to the day are Bestway’s partner suppliers who all embrace the day and give generously through funding of ticket purchases and bidding in a charity auction, as well as participating in a Tombola and other fund-raising activities on the day.   Supplier, guests and over 100 of Bestway’s key business contacts all attend alongside Bestway employees and members of the benefiting charity. 
For more than 150 years, Barnardo’s has supported and protected vulnerable children and young people across the UK facing a wide range of issues.

In 2020/2021 Barnardo’s helped more than 380,000 children, young people, parents, and carers through its 791 services and partnerships.

Dawood Pervez, Managing Director of Bestway Wholesale comments:

We’re delighted to be back at Ascot this year following one of the most disruptive and challenging periods that we’ve faced in recent times.  This high profile event is hosted by our Bestway family, Sir Anwar Pervez OBE H Pk, Chairman of Bestway Group and Lord Zameer Choudrey Zameer CBE SI Pk, Group Chief Executive, Bestway Group, and supported by industry leading FMCG suppliers, with an 800 strong guest list including many VIPs, politicians, key business connections and colleagues.

“Charity is at the core of what we do at Bestway Wholesale and our Charity Raceday cements the ongoing work to such charities as Barnardo’s by our family. It’s a great opportunity to bring colleagues from across the Wholesale industry together in celebration of a great cause and we are pleased to see that after 29 years, this event is grounded into the Wholesale’ industry calendar

Barnardo's Chief Executive Lynn Perry said:

We are delighted that Bestway has chosen to support Barnardo’s for the company’s annual Royal Ascot Charity Race Day. 

“Barnardo’s works to bring care, love and hope to the lives of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and young people, but we cannot do this without the generosity of our partners and supporters.

“Those attending this exciting event will help us provide vital services to children needing help with their mental health and emotional wellbeing or recovering from sexual abuse and to young people struggling to live independently after leaving the care system. All money raised with help children and young people to have a brighter future. 

“On behalf of the children and young people we work with, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved in this fantastic day.

Since 1987, Bestway has donated in excess of £14.8 million to charities in the UK alone. 

For further information on Barnardo’s, please visit

Toque d’Or® TV showcases competition for the first time #

New for Toque d’Or® 2022, Nestlé Professional has launched Toque d’Or TV®. Designed to give hospitality hopefuls and the industry an exclusive peek into the competition, Toque d’Or® 2022 can be experienced in five short episodes. The first episode airs on Toque d’Or YouTube channel at midday on Friday 17th June, with the successive four episodes released at the same time over the following four Fridays.  Together, they reveal the knowledge and skills competitors learn and industry experts involved in the prestigious competition, as well as showing the adrenalin-boosting experience for students and apprentices competing in the Heats through to the Grand Finals.
Episode 1 summarises the excitement of Toque d’Or® 2022: its sustainability theme, legacy, and a whistlestop tour of the Heats to the Grand Finals, through to the Awards ceremony.

Episode 2 explains how finalists learn about sustainable sourcing: in the classroom from industry specialists and from sustainable suppliers in farm trips during the Grand Finals.

Episode 3 brings the BOH finalists into the kitchen, preparing their dishes overseen by award-winning judge, Louisa Ellis, while FOH finalists dress the event, connecting the various parts of the food journey.

Episode 4 showcases the Awards ceremony where the winners are named.
Episode 5 is a 360 overview of the entire competition, with handpicked highlights from the start, through to a showcase of the winners’ once-in-a-lifetime trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Katya Simmons, Managing Director of Nestlé Professional UK&I, says:
Toque d’Or® is always a highpoint of the year – for competitors and everyone here at Nestlé Professional. We wondered whether there was any way that we could capture that magic. To give potential entrants a flavour of the competition, as well as creating a lasting reminder for all who took part.
Toque d’Or® TV gives us the opportunity to do just that. And we’re looking forward to making it an integral part of the competition moving forwards
To view the Toque d’Or TV films please click here and for more information on Nestlé Toque d’Or® 2022, please click here.

Back with a bang - Sodexo Live! returns to deliver world class hospitality at Royal Ascot 2022 #

Between 14-18 June 2022, Royal Ascot will welcome 275,000 racegoers, its first full-scale meet since 2019. To mark the special return of the Royal Meeting, the 1711 by Ascot team – a joint venture by Sodexo Live! and Ascot Racecourse to provide official hospitality - will offer a tiered approach, bringing something unique to every guest. 

Royal Ascot racegoers will be able to dine on exquisite menus from six Michelin-starred chefs - Ollie Dabbous, Brett Graham, Nieves Barragán Mohacho, Raymond Blanc OBE, Simon Rogan and his Executive Head Chef Tom Barnes. The 1711 by Ascot team will also launch the racecourse’s first net zero restaurant, Neutro, in the Village Enclosure. 

Producing minimal carbon emissions by design, Neutro will use locally-sourced produce with a focus on plant-based options, use recycled and upcycled materials and deploy a state-of-the-art food-waste digestion system. Any residual emissions will be offset through working with a certified scheme that draws carbon out of the atmosphere. 

And in this special Platinum Jubilee year, celebrating the 70-year reign of Her Majesty The Queen, Sodexo Live! is continuing the celebrations through a Jubilee-themed afternoon tea, as well as singing the praises of its own women in leadership in the Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album. 

Gemma Amor, executive chef for Sodexo Live! and 1711 by Ascot, is featured in the album and shares her passion for serving at this special event: 

Royal Ascot has to be seen to be believed. I’ve been here for 27 years, and I still can’t get over it.” 

Mark Miller, Executive Director for Sodexo Live! said: 

We are delighted to work with Ascot Racecourse to serve guests at the Royal Meeting in this special Platinum Jubilee year. By launching fresh concepts and welcoming new partners in fine dining, we aim to continually push boundaries in food and create memories that last a lifetime. 

“In this post-pandemic world, we are seeing high demand for hospitality options at every price point, and we have worked hard to open up amazing experiences to every guest

For centuries, Royal Ascot has been the highlight of the British summer social calendar. As the official catering and hospitality partner through 1711 by Ascot, Sodexo Live! has been providing race day and non-race day catering services at Ascot Racecourse since 1998. With thousands of racegoers each day of Royal Ascot, Sodexo Live! recruits and manages over 3,000 team members and maintains high service standards through its award-winning training academy.

Heinz delivers as it launches all-new virtual breakfast restaurant 'Heinz Brekkie' #

Heinz is making its first breakfast foray into the UK’s virtual restaurant market with the launch of ‘Heinz Brekkie’.

The company has teamed up with operating partner Lean Kitchen Network, to create and launch the virtual restaurant via Uber Eats in London.

‘Heinz Brekkie’ aims to appeal to a younger audience for the brand, in particular the 18-34YOs who have adopted food delivery as a habit here to stay after lockdowns. Breakfast is one of the fastest-growing sectors for delivery in the U.K. yet remains underserved vs. other dayparts.

Claire Traynor, Head of Foodservice for Northern Europe at Kraft Heinz, said:

The virtual restaurant model has disrupted the Foodservice market; rapidly accelerated during Covid, it continues to thrive. We know that UK consumers want a tasty, fulfilling breakfast and with home-working continuing across the country, this is the perfect time for us to take our iconic Heinz brand into the breakfast Delivery space and reach a younger audience, while also supporting those operators with underutilised kitchens.” 
‘Heinz Brekkie’ is initially available for delivery through two dark kitchens in London’s Clapham and Deptford, with plans to continue expansion into underutilised kitchens across the U.K, including in venues such as hotels, pubs, and supermarkets.

The ‘Heinz Brekkie’ menu features dishes for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans, offering breakfast buns, breakfast bowls, hash brown dippers, bagels and sides. Options include ‘The Hot One’ breakfast bun, ‘The Full Vegan’ and loaded ‘Truffle Hash Brown Dippers’. All feature iconic Heinz products, such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup and Heinz Beanz, which have become breakfast-time mainstays across the nation.
Dynamic partnership to disrupt market
Lean Kitchen Network, a pioneering food activation and operations business, has helped create ‘Heinz Brekkie’. Its impactful campaigns have included the Love Island Pied Off Shop, and a pink themed menu celebrating the anniversary of the ‘Mean Girls’ film.

Faraz Nagree, Lean Kitchen Network’s founder, said:

Think about the number of pubs that serve breakfast but aren’t particularly busy. Supermarket cafes where you’ve got a fully staffed kitchen but maybe only three or four customers in the venue but are surrounded by areas of high-density population who will be looking to enjoy something in the comfort of their own homes. The opportunities are huge.
“In addition, the current strain on staff and strain on food costs means that many businesses have removed corporate catering from their offices. We feel a model such as this could also be a really great solution from a corporate level as a work breakfast solution.

A new way for brands to speak to their customers
The new virtual ‘Heinz Brekkie’ is the latest example of Kraft Heinz’s global Agile@Scale transformation. A critical part of this strategy is to use agile consumer listening and insight-based innovation to offer consumers, partners and retailers the products, flavours, formulations and brand experiences they want most.
Virtual brands such as Heinz Brekkie help us to get even closer to U.K. consumers,” says Traynor. “Eventually, we will be able to use this model to test new flavours, pilot innovation and get real-time feedback quickly, so we can be more agile in terms of delivering the very best products and experiences for our consumers and customers.”
Heinz Brekkie is one of the many ways Kraft Heinz is approaching its foodservice business differently in the UK, making it a key growth engine for the company. In 2021, it launched Heinz Professional Mayonnaise to strengthen its back of house offering. It also pioneered Table 57, a community for industry chefs to shape the innovation pipeline, and is now exploring ways to bring the flavours & trends of Foodservice to retailers.

New military dining offer launched by Sodexo as part of Army EATS programme #

To mark Armed Forces Week 2022 Sodexo has announced the opening of a new dining facility at the Army Training Regiment in Winchester with a brand new offer, JRD by Kitchen Works Co. Specifically developed to improve the lived experience and meet the changing needs of service personnel the new offer delivers a modern, high-quality, attractive and value-for-money mess solution and aligned to the Army EATS programme. 

Junior Ranks Dining (JRD) by Kitchen Works Co. includes Sodexo’s recently launched Mindful Active educational tool and has been developed as part of the pioneering Army EATS programme, which aims to:

Encourage service personnel to eat more nutritionally balanced meals on base
Provide easy access to a choice of nutritionally balanced meals at convenient times
Encourage service personnel to get the most out of their time on base, socialising outside of their accommodation
Ensure service personnel are generally more satisfied with the food and services provided 

As part of the development of this new food offer Sodexo commissioned bespoke research into the Lived Experience of armed forces personnel, giving a deeper insight into what service personnel want and how they want it delivered on-site. 

Sodexo’s Kitchen Works Co. was initially developed for the corporate environment and takes its inspiration from modern quick service restaurants with a home-from-home feel. 

Using its Lived Experience insight Sodexo has taken Kitchen Works Co. and adapted it to respond to the needs of the modern military. 

JRD by Kitchen Works Co. provides a mix of familiar favourites with more aspirational dishes offering seasonal and global flavours, delivered as plated meals as well as grab-and-go options all in a relaxing environment. Fresh ingredients are used to create healthy, balanced, tasty food through a wide-ranging menu.  Meal deals and promotions complement well-balanced, consistently sized portions, which offer great value-for-money. 

Mindful Active is a holistic health and wellbeing tool designed on four pillars: fuel, focus, perform and restore which provides nutritional information, wellbeing signposting, recipes and cooking advice. 

Paul Anstey, CEO Government, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We’re pleased to launch Junior Ranks Dining (JRD) by Kitchen Works Co.  This launch represents our commitment to meeting the dining needs of the modern military, delivered in partnership with the Army and DIO. It’s fantastic to see our vision brought to life in this vibrant new environment, and to know that we are contributing to the wellbeing - and ultimately the operational capability - of our armed forces.” 

WO1 (SSM) Colin Sinclair, HQ Regional Command said: “Army EATS is about recognising the customer’s needs, recognising how the customer works, and that they may not want three meals a day or any kind of restrictive menu; they want a more welcoming environment with modern technology, and a menu that responds to their needs. 

“By addressing timings, technology, the offer and the environment in which our customers dine, we know that we can have a positive impact on the wellbeing and ultimately retention of our service personnel. Investing in facilities like JRD by Kitchen Works Co. is a positive step forward in how we elevate the Lived Experience of our people and show them that we’re investing in them

Compass launches new Armed Forces spouse policy #

Ahead of Armed Forces Week, Compass Group UK & Ireland is introducing a new policy to support spouses of those in the Armed Forces working in the business. This recognises the important role spouses play in supporting their partners who are serving – these are individuals who often have to manage family life at home, alongside working while their spouse maybe posted or relocated. 
As a proud signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, Compass Group UK & Ireland is dedicated to supporting those within the forces, ex-military and their families. The new policy takes Compass’ commitment and support a step further recognising that often spouses give up their career or take a step backwards, when required to move due to partners being posted to another location or if they require time to support families at home.
Compass is now committing to:
Provide an additional day of paid leave to support pre or post-deployments of three months or longer.
Endeavor to redeploy military spouses to an alternative role internally on notification of a spouses posting. This has previously been done ad hoc but will now be required across the UK business.
Recognise and celebrate military spouses on Compass’ company annual Spouses Day through different events.Sarah Tott, Army wife, has been with Compass Group UK & Ireland for five years:

When I heard about the new spouses policy I thought it was absolutely amazing. Over the last five years I have already benefitted from the company’s support in redeploying spouses to alternative roles on notification of postings, so it’s great this is now being formalised across the business. 

I have been supported in my career development over the years progressing from a steward, to a supervisor, then Front of House Manager with ESS. Most recently taking on roles in the ESS Hub and now the central Recruitment team. All of this has been done with the backdrop of regular postings following my husband around the country managing 7 moves in 13 years! There is a strong forces community in Compass and it’s great to have people to lean on who make a great team together
Camilla Howard, new Chair of the Compass Group UK & Ireland Armed Forces Committee, who has been with Compass Group UK & Ireland for six years:

There are so many spouses in our business, across all of our sectors, who will benefit from the extra time given to them to support and spend time with their loved ones either pre or post deployment. As an RAF Veteran and an Army spouse myself, I know the challenges that come with being a military family and juggling your own career.

Additionally, when colleagues are made aware they may need to relocate, it can be difficult to have these conversations with your managers. This policy should help provide reassurance to colleagues that they are able to have open discussions about new postings, so we are able to keep employees within the Compass family. It’s so refreshing to work for a company who not only support veterans and reservists, but also the wider military family in this way
. “

Nutritics launches Foodprint, an automated system for estimating carbon emissions and water use in the hospitality and food service sector #

Nutritics, the market leader in food service technology, is delighted to announce the launch of their most highly anticipated feature yet; Foodprint. Foodprint is a patent pending carbon footprint analysis, management and reporting solution that gives food businesses transparency on the environmental impact of the foods and products they serve.

As part of the company's continued innovation focus, Nutritics has developed Foodprint, a fully automated and transparent carbon footprint scoring system for foodservice and hospitality businesses. The technology provides businesses with an innovative solution to understand, manage and report on the carbon footprint of their food purchases, how it is trending over time and how changes are affecting the environment. The system fully supports and automates their non financial Scope 3 ESG reporting requirements.

Alongside this, food service businesses can use Foodprint technology to add a carbon footprint score to packaging, dishes and promotional materials and communicate this with customers and clients.This can facilitate the design of circular menus, and optimise menus to be tailored towards consumer preferences and to include low environmental impact options.

Foodprint combines the latest academic research with cutting-edge technology to produce accurate and reliable results to support food businesses on their journey towards Net Zero.

The technology combines Nutritics’ best-in-class food data and menu management expertise to develop a proprietary technology that automatically matches foods to peer-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data sources and calculates the environmental impact of their recipes and dishes, with a specific focus on the country of origin and national food supply chains.

Foodprint provides foodservice operators with metrics and insights into the impact of the food they serve, from field to fork, and supports environmentally-conscious decisions related to their dishes.

Speaking at the launch of Foodprint Stephen Nolan, Nutritics Managing Director said:

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Foodprint today. The software is a hugely exciting breakthrough for the foodservice sector, particularly at a time when the demands of stakeholders for ESG action and transparency are ever increasing. Our solution makes it easy for foodservice businesses to start and continue their ESG journey and we look forward to continuing to support the sector with this innovative technology.

Nutritics Sustainability Lead, Dr Laura Kirwan, noted: “In order to make any substantial progress against climate change, we need progressive, robust and transparent technology, which track emissions in real time to inform strategic climate action - we don’t have time to get this wrong. Empowering consumers to make informed dietary choices is another important element in the transition to healthy and sustainable diets, and we are excited to see how Foodprint can contribute to climate action from both the company and consumer end"

Foodprint offers real tangible rewards to both the back and front end of food businesses. At the back-of-house, Foodprint's carbon footprint visibility allows businesses to gain clarity and control over the carbon footprint of their supply chains. It allows users to understand the environmental impact of purchasing, to automate non-financial ESG Scope 3 reporting and substantiate an organisation's sustainability goals and corporate values. Front-of-house, Foodprint’s carbon display allows food businesses to add a carbon footprint score to packaging, dishes, screens and promotional materials. The automated outputs and transparency provided by Foodprint,enables businesses to strengthen trust in their brand and to bring their customers on their sustainability journey.

Food inflation likely to reach 15% this summer hitting most vulnerable households hardest reports IGD #

Food inflation likely to reach 15% this summer hitting most vulnerable households hardest.

Monthly food bills are set to rise by another £43 per month for a typical family of four.  Food inflation is set to hit its highest level in more than 20 years.

The rise in the cost of essential food items is likely to reach a peak of up to 15% this summer and will last much longer than initially predicted, according to IGD’s latest Viewpoint Special Report – “Exploring the outlook for food inflation” – released on 16 June 2022.

IGD warned that the UK economy is facing its strongest period of inflationary pressure since the 1970s. It also expects food inflation to persist for longer than official forecasters due to several factors, including the impact of the war in Ukraine, pre-existing supply chain challenges and the limited effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policy.

These predictions deliver yet another blow to the most vulnerable households in the UK, who will be hit the hardest by the spike in food and drink prices. IGD has calculated that the average monthly spend on groceries for a typical family of four will reach £439 from January 2023 – a significant increase from £396 in January 2022.

The strongest inflation pressure is expected to come from meat, cereal products, dairy, fruit and vegetables. In particular, products that rely on wheat for feed, such as white meats, are likely to see prices soar in the short term.

IGD predicts that the acceleration in food inflation is likely to last until mid-2023. Additionally, the UK food and consumer goods industry is uniquely exposed to current pressures due to a reliance on food imports and the impacts still being felt from the EU exit.

James Walton, Chief Economist, IGD, said: “From our research, we’re unlikely to see the cost-of-living pressures easing anytime soon. This will undoubtedly leave many households – and the businesses serving them – looking to the future with considerable anxiety. If average food bills go up 10.9% in a year, a family of four would need to find approximately £516 extra per year. We are already seeing households skipping meals – a clear indictor of food stress.

“We expect the mood of shoppers to remain bleak for the foreseeable future as they are impacted by rising inflation and a decline in real wages. Shoppers are likely to dial up money-saving tactics as far as possible

The report also highlights the predicted rate of inflation is likely to push the economy into recession or, at least, into “stagflation”. To download IGD’s Viewpoint Special Report – “Exploring the outlook for food inflation” – please visit: Viewpoint Special: Exploring the outlook for food inflation

TWC welcomes Kim Reddick as new Sales Director #

Leading digital and data experts, TWC, is pleased to announce an addition to its fast-growing team. Kim Reddick has joined the business as Sales Director.
Kim will be responsible for new business development, a key role as TWC navigates its growth strategy for the coming years. Meanwhile, Rachel James, has been promoted to Client Services Director, heading a team of data quality and customer service associates, with responsibility for management of existing clients.

Kim brings 15 years’ experience of B2B publishing and events at Emap/Metropolis, including heading up the Retail Industry Awards and the Quality Food Awards, as well as 10 years hands-on hospitality experience, running a very successful independent gastropub.

Kim said:  “I am absolutely delighted to be joining the TWC team. I have watched the success of the business from afar and have been thoroughly impressed with the breadth of knowledge across the team. I am really excited by the role and can see a huge opportunity to increase the reach of TWC’s suite of solutions.”  

Tanya Pepin, Managing Director at TWC, said:

“We are excited to be welcoming Kim to the TWC family. Kim’s experience makes her well placed to help and advise TWC’s clients with all their wholesale data needs and she is a great fit with our company values of ambition, transparency, loyalty and customer-centricity.”

Two awards for Sodexo at Solent University #

Sodexo at Solent University, Southampton has won the Innovation and Technology award at the 2022 U Dine awards and hospitality manager Sam Holden received the Staff Choice award at the University’s 2022 Students’ Union Awards.

The team were awarded the U Dine award for the successful introduction of Twelve Pay app, which has improved the catering services at the university and helped reduce food waste with its new ‘cook to order’ approach.

The Twelve Pay app was first introduced at Solent University during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide a safe food ordering service, introducing a cashless payments, removing shared touch points and helped support the University’s social distancing measures that were required at the time.

Since its introduction the University’s catering experience has been modernised with back-of-house operations improved, a greener food service delivered.  Students have welcomed the new app which includes a built in loyalty scheme and enables them to order ahead and skip the queues or to use the Twelve Pay platform to scan and go, use QR codes or order from kiosks. Customer feedback scores are consistently 4.75+ out of five every month.

The app offers exclusive meal deal offers as well as other discounts and promotions. For added convenience there is a dedicated Twelve Pay collection point at all the catering outlets at the university.

To help improve the sustainability of the catering service at the university the app is set to ‘eat in’ as its default setting and improvements made to reusable items such as pizza boards and baskets, this is forecast to save over 30,530 take-away containers per year. 

The move to a cook to order system from a traditional hot plate service combined with the use of Sodexo’s WasteWatch technology has also helped reduce food waste by 53%.

The team are also celebrating hospitality manager, Sam Holden’s recognition at the annual Students’ Union awards.  The awards are just one of the events Sam and her team run for the university and is one of the highlights of the hospitality calendar with around 150 guests gathering to celebrate societies, student groups, staff & individuals who have done something exceptional at the university.

The winner of the Staff Choice Award is chosen by the student union sabbatical officers and Sam received the award from the students’ union president, Vaios Koukouletsos who commented, “Sam is a valuable asset, providing great advice and support and never lets us down.”  Sam’s win was a first for the awards as it was the first time a contracted employee had been nominated.

Simon Knight, managing director, universities, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “June has been a great month for the team at Solent and we couldn’t be prouder. We are delighted that the team has received the recognition they deserve with the U DIne award. With a high street in close proximity to the University’s catering outlets these results are amazing, the team has worked really hard to transform the service using Twelve Pay and are now working on introducing a new click and collect service which will enhance the food services offered to students at the University.

“We are also immensely proud of Sam for winning the Staff Choice award. To be the first contracted employee to be nominated is a great achievement and to win it is amazing. Well done to all at Solent University

The U Dine awards is a joint initiative between Inside Foodservice and University Hospitality Seminars (UHS) and recognise and celebrate excellence and innovation in the university hospitality sector. 

Winners were announced at a networking event held at the University of Birmingham on 16 June.  The six U Dine award winners will participate in a three-day European Food Study Tour to Tuscany, Italy in September 2022. 

Sodexo has held the catering contract at Solent University, Southampton since 2010. In 2020 the University extended Sodexo’s contract for a further five years, the new contract saw the introduction of Sodexo’s Foodiverse at the University’s main student dining hall, The Dock. 

Bringing together authentic, global cuisines served in a modern, food hall environment which puts local communities and sustainability at its heart, Foodiverse champions plant-based dishes, reusables and engages with local SMEs and suppliers to bring diversity to Solent’s campus dining experience.

World Cup bookings kicking off with 150 days to go #

With 150 days to go before the start of the tournament, leading discovery and booking platform DesignMyNight has reported exceptional interest in the men’s FIFA World Cup. The site has recorded over 10,000 searches for hospitality venues hosting World Cup screenings and has taken a record number of bookings to watch the tournament in pubs and bars a full five months before the first match.  
The football World Cup takes place every four years, and the 2022 competition kicks off in Qatar in 150 days. Dozens of London venues have already registered ticketed events on DesignMyNight (part of Access Hospitality and the UK’s largest discovery platform for venues and events) and data shows that Birmingham is the second most popular city in the UK when it comes to World Cup searches and that queries for Manchester spike on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Commenting on the high interest, DesignMyNight Booking Partner Tom Saunders said “DesignMyNight is unrivalled when it comes to SEO around the World Cup, ranking #1 on Google in more than 10 major UK cities for over 20 crucial keywords including ‘where to watch the World Cup 2022’. As a result, we are seeing incredibly high levels of engagement on DesignMyNight and The Bedford in Balham, London has already sold nearly a fifth (18%) of its capacity through the site for the men’s World Cup, which starts on 21st November. The tournament scheduling has changed this year with matches played in our winter and, with reports of fewer fans than normal travelling to the Middle East host, more supporters will want to secure the best seat in the house to cheer on their teams in venues across England and Wales. 
“Whereas supporters can usually watch the games live at outdoor fan zones, the timing of this year’s World Cup means that more people will be looking for an indoor venue, so demand is certain to grow as the tournament gets nearer. World Cup searches are up 30% in June compared to May so our advice to venues is to register details of their World Cup activity with DesignMyNight as soon as possible to take advantage of the growing interest amongst fans and the desire to get their reservation locked in
A new search engine is set to go live on DesignMyNight before the World Cup takes place and it will enable users to find available tables at hospitality venues by time, date and location and will host table availability for over 5,000 venues. This new functionality will be instrumental in driving bookings for World Cup activity quickly and easily, making DesignMyNight first choice for venues wanting to sell-out in advance. 
Tom Peake, co-owner and founder of Three Cheers Pub Co, which runs The Bedford in Balham added 'We have an army of loyal football fans at The Bedford, so we knew we had to be well prepared when it came to the World Cup. 
“We were also very aware that it was Christmas party season, and we wanted both groups of revellers to celebrate in harmony. As such, we created a variety of ticket options to suit each kind of spectator. From those who like to plan in advance, including ordering food and drink, to those who love a seat in our epic Club Room with its unrivalled atmosphere, to those who just want to turn up on the day. It has worked incredibly well so far. Fingers crossed our home nations' teams do just as well!
In a consumer survey conducted by DesignMyNight, over three quarters (76%) said they would be booking to watch the World Cup this year and over half (51%) said the atmosphere was the most important factor for selecting a venue to book. The importance of the tournament to any venue’s trading potential is emphasised by 57% of respondents who said that they would continue watching World Cup matches even if their team was knocked out and 15% who would book hospitality food and drink packages in advance for any sports events. 
Operators have a fantastic opportunity to increase footfall, spend and profit from this year’s World Cup” added Tom Saunders “as the average size of a table booking for the Euro’s in 2021 was 7.8 people. We recommend that venues put time aside now to plan their World Cup activation and benefit from the interest that we are already seeing to secure advance bookings and pre-orders through DesignMyNight reservations.”  
For further information or to register World Cup or other events with DesignMyNight, please contact: 

Bestway opens its second dual-branded store #

Bestway Wholesale, the UK’s largest independent food and drink wholesaler, is delighted to announce that it has officially opened its second dual branded Costcutter and Bargain Booze store in Whiston, Prescot. 

By having a Bargain Booze within the Costcutter store, the store now has an exciting and compelling off license offer to complement the market leading grocery proposition that Costcutter is renowned for within the sector
This innovative and pioneering concept brings together the strength of the Costcutter convenience offer with the leading beers, wines and spirits lines available from Bargain Booze to make a fantastic proposition for both retailers and consumers alike.

The store, which has had a refit investment of £100k to incorporate the innovative ‘store within a store’ concept, is expected to attract new customers and add value and encourage different shopping missions throughout the day as a perfect complement to its core community and locally sourced lines.

The refit also includes a vastly improved chilled and grocery range, encompassing a wide range of Co-Op own label products, together with a new and extensive Food To Go section.

Local Mayor, Councillor Marianne Burke-Thompson attended the opening to cut the ribbon, declare the store officially open, and join in the celebrations.
As part of its new opening the store gave away goody bags for customers and ran a raffle throughout the week giving customers the opportunity to win some great prizes. The winners of the raffle were announced at the opening.

Speaking of the official opening, store manager, Tracy McConnell said:
We were delighted that the local Mayor was able to come to cut the ribbon to officially open our new store.

“It’s taken a huge amount of hard work to get to where we are and it was wonderful to celebrate the opening on Saturday with all of our loyal customers who are clearly enormously excited by the new offer, and hopefully we will be attracting some new customers too

Jamie Davison, Head of New Business and Store Development at Bestway Retail, said of the new dual branded Costcutter and Bargain Booze store:

This store is our second pioneering concept store for Costcutter and Bargain Booze which is an exciting milestone for us as a business. The concept aims to meet the needs of our customers so they are able to buy everything they need across a full day. 

We have further plans for developing more hybrid concept stores which we will announce going forward