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September 2023

Unleashing QuornPro’s new brand identity for Qurious industry experts, because there is nothing more inspiring than a blank plate #

The Foodservice Business Unit of Quorn has undergone an extensive repositioning exercise, driven by our crusade to become the protein of choice for chefs. The rebrand moves us away from being a classic meat alternative to becoming the perfect protein solution for foodservice customers.
The rebrand follows in-depth research that identified the need for the Foodservice Unit to create our own brand identity, values and mission to complement the brand’s retail division.
Working with our dedicated culinary team, we have transformed the unit from simply selling frozen food, to inspiring OOH chefs - a step change that is now connecting QuornPro’s incredible food with our bold new brand identity. The roll-out starts in September, phased over the months to come.
You may not know it, but an unassuming mycoprotein has been powering up foodservice kitchens and changing the world, one plate at a time, for years. On the precipice of logic and magic, Quorn mycoprotein is backed by decades of independent scientific research.
With our rebrand, QuornPro is inviting you to join us to enjoy the wizardry of Quorn mycoprotein boosting your menus, sparking customer excitement and pumping up profits.
We will be driving the protein category forward, aiming to become the best protein on the planet, and always break new ground in the kitchen. The QuornPro team is bold and, passionate - a daring dreamer, we’re not afraid to break eggs - 3,000 failed attempts to find our mycoprotein in the beginning led us to the one that changed the way we feed the world in the first place.
Now through the QuornPro rebrand, it is time to reveal our magical mycoprotein in full, spectacular glory.
QuornPro has the perfect protein, whether your business fuels first dates, nights with mates, feeds young imaginations, heals the sick, or simply serves nutritious alternatives to meat, we have the answer. We push the boundaries of protein, so the chef in us all can push the possibilities of food.

Who else can feed the entire UK each day with just 2g of Fusarium Venenatum, the base ingredient in Quorn mycoprotein?
Our story 
Our unique story began over 40 years ago. ‘There’s no better protein than meat’, they said. ‘Dream on’.  So we did! We asked big questions, like: ‘What if you could feed the world with a few grams?’ That’s how we made something from nothing and invented Quorn, launching an entirely new category.
We believe the wonder of food makes the world go round. We had the audacity to ask, ‘what if?’. Our products are the manifestation of wonder, of possibility. We changed the way we feed the world. In a world that thought meat had no alternative, we created one; our super protein, Quorn mycoprotein.
Then we asked: ‘What’s next?’ and launched Quorn Professionals for the foodservice industry. We followed our well-known retail brand guidance, a little quiet about our own definition, what the business unit stands for and our future direction.
This year, we got the proof that change was needed, with research showing we’ve been seen as the ‘dad in the disco’ kind of brand in foodservice. Ouch!
Power up like a QuornPro!
Well, now it’s time to fling off the day-job dad clothes and reveal the power of QuornPro - a fresh and consistent brand identity which is crucial for the future. It’s time for us to shine a culinary light on our unique, inspirational products. Backed by our new memorable brand identity, we will showcase our expertise, express our passion for food and inspire the hospitality industry with our amazing, protein-led food.
Sharpening our food first focus with our culinary team in recent years, we have moved on from simply selling bags of frozen food to inspiring solution driven chefs across OOH sectors. This was a step change we are extremely proud of, and it empowers us for the future.
Now we’re ready to create something awe-inspiring! The rebrand includes all touchpoints of a new brand identity across the foodservice/HoReCa landscape in the UK and EU, with potential expansion globally. Our visual appearance will change fundamentally but we will keep the unique and ownable Q and distinctive orange from the retail brand to bridge the two divisions.
Andrea Deutschmanek, Head of Marketing UK & EU, Foodservice:
“It was essential for us to pull the strands of our business together. We needed more than just a great visual concept to convey messages about nutrition, tasty food and innovation, to help us build on our strong brand equity beyond the UK and globally.
“We’ve set new brand standards, including all elements of a master rebrand and a new identity, with an extensive strategic process that’s included internal, external and customer input, deep diving into the needs of our target markets and defining the business unit’s future. It’s been an exciting journey to have led the fundamental re-shape of the future of a growing business unit, and a big brand!”

Paul Jennings, Head of Culinary at QuornPro:
“We’ve always had an ambition to do more than provide tasty, nutritional and sustainable menu choices. Driven by Quriosity and our culinary ambition to be best in class, we have a unique opportunity to inspire the future of protein on plates. We will build on our strong culinary credentials, using our food first strategy, passion, expertise and understanding of the foodservice industry, to reinforce our position as trusted industry leaders in protein.”
Sparking Quriosity creates magic…
Quriosity is the secret ingredient in our wonder food. Our pioneering spirit and open mindedness make us experimental, forever dreaming up new ideas – but we’re grounded in decades of independent academic research and science.
Making something from nothing is the magic we produced the first time. Imagine what we’ll do next? What’s next for hungry minds and feeding people better, for those fired up by the heat in the kitchen? Could what’s next take meat off the menu…?
Changing the world one plate at a time isn’t easy. But armed with QuornPro’s wonder food, we have the superpower to succeed on our crusade. Are you ready to be Powered by Quriosity?

An Introduction to QuornPro…

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Keep in touch with QuornPro:
Andrea Deutschmanek,
Head of Marketing UK & EU, Foodservice
For more information, please visit:
LinkedIn: QuornPro
Instagram: Quorn_Pro or


Recent Lumina Intelligence research finds wider menus and new, emerging food trends #

Menu length is driving spend: The research has revealed menu counts and inflation have increased, with operators introducing new mains to drive spending. New dishes have higher price points as operators premiumise and drinks prices have been boosted.
Counts of items on menus have risen across all channels, with chain restaurants and pubs & bars leading this growth by expanding drinks menus.

Restaurant main course counts have seen the largest boost in average items, as operators focus on dishes that command the highest spend and are generally customers’ focus. Pub & bar operators have focused on expanding alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks ranges, while QSR operators have prioritised menu innovation in the main course category to drive appeal of the highest-cost course. Coffee & sandwich shop operators have increased the average number of mains they offer, driven by menu innovation from Greggs and Subway.

Prices are increasing on menus: Operators are now battling to align soft drink price increases with inflation, with the average price of a soft drink on a menu increasing by an average of +8.0%. Chain restaurants have increased prices on menus the most compared with the same period a year ago, as food price inflation and energy cost increases drive operational costs while consumers cut back on spending.

Operators are now driving spend through new dishes, which are priced higher than same-line dishes last year.
Same-line price inflation is relatively modest overall, although main dishes have seen the largest increase in price, driven by restaurants and QSR. QSR has focused price increases on additional courses, with considerable price rises on desserts, snacks and extras. Snacks have seen the highest percentage increases, with operators boosting prices of packaged goods in line with cost increases.

Restaurant moves: A wider variety of starters are targeting incremental spend, including tapping into the growing trend for indulgence with cheese-based starters and twists on classics. Operators have also developed a wider range of more novel desserts with, for example, dessert pizzas gaining share. Premium ingredients such as truffle and saffron are being introduced in mains, including pasta and fish dishes, to communicate quality and boost value for money perceptions.

Pubs & bars: Chicken-based starters have gained share as a relatively inexpensive ingredient. Chicken mains are a key focus for some operators with new trend-led international dishes such as Crispy Chicken Bao Buns (Slug & Lettuce). Variations of cocktails have carried the highest price inflation in Q2 as pubs & bars target higher spends, including new cocktails such as All Bar One’s ‘Strawberry Spagliato’, inspired by a viral TikTok video to appeal to the Gen Z audience.

QSR developments: Operators continue to diversify menus to attract wider audiences, although burgers remain the most popular main dish. Healthier, less calorific and higher-priced dishes are being introduced by some: evidence of targeted premiumisation while boosting health credentials. Meanwhile, premium and trend-led innovation is driving prices of drinks such as waters and smoothies.

Coffee & sandwich shops: Sandwiches are losing share to more premium items such as wraps, which are on average 22% more expensive on menus. The retro food trend has arrived at the sandwich and bakery channel, with new dessert items inspired by British classics – for example Greggs’ Sticky Toffee Muffin – proving a growing hit with consumers seeking a sense of nostalgia.

About Lumina Intelligence

Lumina Intelligence inspires the global food and drink sector with deep, actionable insights powered by the world’s best analytics technology. Our products and services are used by the major brands and organisations in these fast moving and growing markets to support business planning, strategic marketing and new product development.
Combining the expertise and experience of HIM, MCA Insight and Lumina Intelligence, we are the experts in market and consumer insight across the food & drink and nutrition markets.

Sodexo secures £730m Project Allenby/Connaught contract #

Sodexo’s commitment to delivering a great ‘Lived Experience’ for the military has been a key factor in the retention of its contract with Aspire Defence Services (ADS) for the delivery of catering, retail, mess management and cleaning services across all the garrisons of Project Allenby/Connaught, The new contract is for a further 17 years and nine months (with a 10 year benchmarking clause) and is worth £730m over the initial 10 year period.

Project Allenby/Connaught, part of the MOD estate managed by Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), is one of the largest infrastructure Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) ever let by the MOD. Since 2006, the 35-year contract has been improving living and working environments for British soldiers through provision of modern, high-quality, fully-serviced and purpose-built accommodation in Aldershot and across Salisbury Plain. 

Sodexo has held the Living Accommodation Services contract since it began in 2006 and its 1,450-strong team is responsible for feeding over one third of the British Army. Over the years, Sodexo has worked closely with ADS and DIO to ensure the lived experience of service personnel has been at the forefront of the services it provides. This has included using bespoke research commissioned by Sodexo to gain a deeper insight into what service personnel want and how they want it delivered. From this, Sodexo has developed food services which are modern, flexible and tailored to the unique needs of military personnel whilst reflecting the latest trends from the high street. 

Paul Anstey, CEO Government, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We are delighted to have retained this important contract.  We have worked in partnership with ADS since 2006 to improve the lived experience of all those who live and work on the military bases within Project Allenby/Connaught.  ADS has been resolute in its commitment to the welfare of those living and working on the different sites and we are proud to have collaborated with them throughout to ensure that the services we deliver support the health, safety and wellbeing of all.” 

Mark Carr, Managing Director, Aspire Defence Services said: “Sodexo has proven to be a trusted partner and is commitment to ensuring service personnel living and working on the garrisons have the best experience possible. We look forward to continuing our collaborative relationship with Sodexo and DIO to ensuring Project Allenby/Connaught achieves its goal of making soldiers’ lives better”. 

Sodexo’s operations increased significantly in 2020 following a major infrastructure programme to accommodate around 4,000 personnel relocating to garrisons across Salisbury Plain as part of the joint Army and DIO Army Basing Programme (ABP).  Its contract includes the provision of Living Accommodation Services for 11,000 en-suite single living accommodation rooms; 43 officer, warrant officer and sergeants’ messes; 14 junior ranks diners, including seven super diners, each feeding up to 2,000 military and civilian personnel; 15 Costcutter convenience stores, 16 coffee shops, two workplace diners, five pubs and three mobile catering units. 

Mark Baker, COO Defence, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “This recognition of the work Sodexo has done in support of Aspire Defence Services spurs us on to deliver greater innovation, change and enhanced services to our customers at Project Allenby/Connaught. We have an exciting programme of facilities improvements to support an even better lived experience for the military and will see the garrisons within Project Allenby/Connaught more widely recognised as centres of excellence for service delivery in defence.” 

In addition, Sodexo has a strong commitment to ensuring its operations has a positive impact on the communities in which it works; Project Allenby/Connaught is no exception, Sodexo continues to support local charities and community activities including local colleges and schools, providing training and work experience opportunities at centres such as the Vine Centre in Aldershot as well as organising food bank donations and fundraising activities. Sodexo’s team raised £12,000 through various activities in 2022 for the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation.

Delphis Eco announces partnership with foodservice specialist FusionFSM #

The UK’s No. 1 eco cleaning company, Delphis Eco, has announced a collaborative partnership with FusionFSM, a specialist provider of sales support and insights for the UK foodservice sector. 

FusionFSM will help Delphis drive sales of its market-leading cleaning products in the Foodservice and Hospitality markets to build on the growing momentum and demand for eco-friendly cleaning solutions.  

Delphis Eco will be the first non-food product range that FusionFSM has added to its portfolio of high-profile food brands.  

Mark Jankovich, CEO and founder of Delphis Eco, said:“We are delighted to be working with FusionFSM as the team knows all too well just how important sustainability has become to the Foodservice Industry.   

“In FusionFSM, we have a proven team of experts who will be an invaluable pool of support and help us service the opportunities we are seeing.  We share common values and together we will drive sales – and awareness of the importance of making eco-friendly purchasing decisions –further within the sector”.

FusionFSM is one of the most well-connected businesses in Foodservice, with relationships that have been nurtured and developed over years.   

Anne Wright, commercial director for FusionFSM, added:“We are very much looking forward to working with Delphis Eco, our first non-food brand client, as we are so impressed by its significant sustainability credentials and product efficacy. 

“Delphis Eco is a certified B-Corp member whose products are 100% made in the UK with packaging that is made from 100% post-consumer recycled British materials, giving the market a huge saving on carbon. We look forward to working with the team to share this fantastic product with the market.” 

As an established business, first launched in 2000, FusionFSM draws on its extensive market knowledge and intelligence to unleash the potential of brands, enhancing both sales, operator and consumer experiences. 

Included in its customer list are leading brands such as KP Snacks, Dr Oetker Professional, Premier Foods, Baxter’s, Weetabix, to name but a few.

Leading industry authority Peter Martin joins Zero Carbon Forum Advisory Board #

Peach 20/20 founder unites with the leading non-profit to share expertise, drive action and raise awareness for hospitality and brewing to achieve net zero emissions 

September 12th 2023: Peach 20/20 director Peter Martin has joined the Zero Carbon Forum Advisory Board to support its mission of decarbonising the hospitality and brewing sector at pace.  

A leading hospitality industry influencer and visionary with over 40 years of experience, Peter founded Peach 20/20 as a network to connect and inspire hospitality’s brightest minds. Its members include senior executives from across the eating and drinking-out market and the annual Peach 20/20 conference, now in its 25th year, provides members with access to expert speakers and board-level insights from hospitality leaders globally. 

A long-term advocate of sustainability within the sector, Peter will bring his skills and influence to further amplify the work of Zero Carbon Forum and encourage more operators to join the forum and commit to a zero carbon future. 

Peter said: “One of the many things I’m most excited about at the forum is being able to bring people together in a variety of ways to exchange views and ideas. I’m looking forward to encouraging other parts of the food and drink market, such as the farming community on food security and sustainable production and supply.  

“By working with the forum, the sector can develop and improve its communications and narrative around sustainability, both within the industry and to the wider public. That’s not easy though, as we are all only partly down the road to sustainability - and the picture is far from complete. The sector does have a good story to tell though - and that can inspire others to get involved.” 

Zero Carbon Forum is turning talking into actions by enabling its members to take action individually and collectively across all emission areas on food and drink, energy, water, waste and more. Having already announced member savings of over £1.43m in lost profits as a result of its Save While You Sleep campaign, members are well on their way to reaching the targets set by the forum of eliminating operational emissions by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions across the supply chain by 2040.   

Mark Chapman, founder and CEO at Zero Carbon said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Peter on the Forum Advisory Board to further support our journey. His unrivalled industry knowledge and broad network means that he is perfectly placed to help guide our strategic aims moving forward. He will be an excellent forum representative and voice of the sector’s challenges and opportunities in moving to net zero emissions.” 

Peter added: “Hospitality is ideally positioned to take a wider business lead on carbon issues because of its day-to-day contact with the public and its generally younger, more environmentally committed workforce. That’s exciting. 

“But many companies are finding it difficult to know where to start and are understandably cautious about talking about their achievements to date. Customers and in particular, front-line teams want and expect hospitality to be engaged in sustainability initiatives - with packaging, waste, recycling and local sourcing to the fore. But consumers especially want to hear about what operators are actually doing - which brings us back to the need for improved communication.”  

In terms of ways of measuring success for the hospitality and brewing sector, Peter explains what a key indicator might be: “Improving sustainability is an on-going process, marked with milestones. For me, it might be to get every operator within the pub, bar and restaurant sector involved in the forum in at least some way.” 

Bob Gordon, Zero Carbon Forum Director, commented: “Peter has been a long-time champion of our work at the forum and announcing his appointment in an official capacity on the Advisory Board is hugely exciting.  Adding Peter to the team only strengthens our position within the industry as the go to leader in sustainability for the sector.” 

Sustainable Solutions Key in The Convention Centre Dublin 10-Year Retention #

Levy Ireland is delighted to announce a 10-year contract extension to provide hospitality services at The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD), Ireland’s iconic world-class conference and event venue. 

Fitzers Catering originally won the contract back in 2010 when the venue first opened. Supporting local suppliers and creating fresh seasonal menus was a mainstay throughout the long-standing relationship, and will continue to be so under Levy Ireland, which is a partnership between Fitzers Catering and Levy’s Irish business, formed back in 2022.

Levy Ireland Culinary Director, Lenny Fearon, and his culinary team work hard to create bespoke, memorable experiences for The CCD guests. This includes transforming The Forum exhibition area, into a street food market for a huge corporate event, serving authentic dishes from across the globe to excited guests.

The CCD already boasts accreditations for Event Sustainability Management ISO 20121 and Environmental Standards ISO 14001, and a key priority for The CCD and Levy Ireland will be a continued focus on how to minimise environmental impact, ensuring a climate conscious and sustainable operation. Levy Ireland will work with The CCD on Climate Net Zero targets which include the exclusive use of Irish meat, free-range eggs, and seasonal vegetables on menus, plus all desserts will be 100% plant-based by 2024.

Levy Ireland Managing Director, Barry Storey, said: "We are thrilled to extend our amazing relationship with The Convention Centre Dublin. With tens of thousands of guests walking through its doors each year, it’s an honour to have the opportunity to serve delectable menus which shine a light on Ireland’s fantastic local produce, especially to international visitors.

“Levy Ireland look forward to continuing on this journey and have some exciting plans to enhance the guest experience, ensure we make a positive impact on the planet, all while continuing to deliver the best hospitality experience with our incredibly talented team."
Levy UK + Ireland Managing Director, Jon Davies, commented: “It is great to partner with another leading business which shares the same values. We are proud to have The Convention Centre Dublin in the Levy portfolio and look forward to continuing this successful partnership for many years.”

Stephen Meehan, Chief Executive at The Convention Centre Dublin, noted: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with the Levy Ireland team. After 13 successful years together, we look forward to continuing to work with the team as they delight our clients and delegate with the best of sustainable Irish produce and food.”

Bull’s-Eye identifies emerging flavours, experiential dining and plant-forward trends as key opportunities for dine out operators #

Recent findings indicate that emerging flavours, experiential dining, and veg-first plant-based eating are the key areas of opportunity for foodservice establishments, as revealed by Bull’s-Eye, Kraft Heinz’s premium BBQ brand.

Bull’s-Eye's insights are a result of extensive social listening research, tracking and analysing more than 7,000 conversations related to dining out and BBQ. Thus, providing a deep understanding of consumer preferences and trends, valuable for operators looking to maximise on dine out occasions.

While the popularity of more established cuisines such as British (22.1%), Chinese (18.2%) and Thai (12.5%), continue to dominate online conversation, it’s the emerging flavours that provide a glimpse into what consumers are looking for next. Nigerian, Filipino, Caribbean, Korean and Sri Lankan cuisines made up 15.3% of the conversation. These budding cuisines have the intrigue of the consumer but are challenging to access. While 1 in 4 people in the UK have eaten African food in the past few months, almost half of people (47%) have not tried it but are interested in doing so. Moreover, 45% of consumers eating out-of-home are eager to try Sri Lankan and 58% say that it is difficult to find1. Understanding what diners would like to see on menus and their enthusiasm to experiment with new dishes will help operators satisfy diners and stay ahead of curve.
BBQ remains a firm favourite with consumers, with 7.7% of discussions centring on this. Discussions around this highlighted smoky (78.2%), seared (6.4%) and charred (5.7%) as the most popular flavour profiles. Once synonymous with the summer period, the popularity of BBQ flavours demonstrates its appeal can extend all year round.
While meat options dominated the social listening share of voice (82%), a quarter of brits now believe that eating meat every day is no longer acceptable2. As a result, veggie-based options are still in demand. Interestingly, Bull’s-Eye’s research discovered that people are looking for more vegetable-based options rather than meat-alternatives, with tofu (46.8%) and mushrooms (43.7%) coming out on top for diners.
Ben Tish, Chef Director at Cubitt House recently hosted a Supper Club bringing to life some of the key research findings with a Bull’s-Eye feasting menu. He said: “There is something comforting about the smoky rich flavours of BBQ. It’s not all about the seasonal cooking we are familiar with. These deep, rich flavours can add a depth to dishes, or a spicy kick depending on preference at all points of the year. And the variety of the Bull’s-Eye range means kitchens can enhance dishes with ease.
“Guests were wowed with dishes such as grilled red prawns with chilli, garlic, lemon, rosemary and Bull’s-Eye Louisiana Chipotle sauce, and sticky aubergines, dukkah, chards, pomegranate and Bull’s-Eye Original BBQ sauce.”

Daniel Wilkes, Divisional Food Development Manager at Mitchells & Butlers attended the Supper Club and said: “The insights shared by Kraft Heinz were invaluable and support the evolution of our brands. The discussions with other industry professionals really underpinned our beliefs in trends and how the market is evolving. 
“Ben’s food at Cubitt House has given us inspiration of how we can use the Bull’s-Eye range to support these trends. They are so versatile and compliment meat, fish and vegetarian and plant based dishes”.

Experiential dining is still a rising trend, with 45% of conversations focussed on this. 31.2% also look for authenticity when eating out. Diners, now identified as "Experientialists," are seeking innovation, new culinary experiences, and authenticity. This trend is expected to continue to flourish, presenting a golden opportunity for foodservice operators to explore creative menu options and experiences.
Artemis Argyrides, Foodservice Marketing Lead, Northern Europe at Kraft Heinz says “Customers are looking for new experiences when they are eating out. They want to be surprised. New, innovative cooking methods, such as adding smoke for drama are being used across restaurants to excite diners. Curious diners want culinary adventures and have come to expect more from dining out experiences.
“We’re here to help operators with this. Through the versatile Bull’s-Eye range, authentic dining experiences can be created with minimal fuss. Experimenting with dishes has never been easier. Consider adding Bull’s-Eye Original sauce to spatchcock chicken for a twist on African Braai or use the Louisiana Chipotle as a dipping sauce for black-eyed bean fritters.”

Bull’s-Eye is available at all major wholesalers or to find out more, contact
To register interest in attending future Bull’s-Eye supper club events, email

Offshore Living by Sodexo delivers exceptional experiences, every day #

Sodexo Energy & Resources has revamped its offer to provide a best-in-class experience for offshore workers.

The offshore workforce is changing, and labour competition is fierce. Sodexo is committed to supporting its clients as they strive to attract and retain talent in an increasingly challenging market.

There is no mistaking that life's tough for people working in isolated, extreme environments. Sodexo understands this and is addressing the challenges faced with value-driven solutions that are transforming the industry across the world.

Taking insight from its 2023 Global Offshore Consumer Survey, Sodexo has recently re-launched its Offshore Living offer.

Designed around four key elements, Offshore Living provides true offshore hospitality with outstanding food in spotlessly clean, modernised living spaces supported by globally recognised safety programmes. In addition, they also provide other expert value-added services enabling clients to focus on their core operations.

The global survey revealed that the over 16,000 respondents rated Sodexo’s offshore food services at 4.4 out of 5 in terms of overall satisfaction, the taste of the food, the variety of food and the healthy options offered, UK respondents scored 4.5 out of 5 for Sodexo’s food services.
To enhance the food services on offshore installations Sodexo is introducing Savour supported by its Kitchen Works Co. offer.  The new menus have been developed taking into account the offshore worker profile and Sodexo’s deep understanding of the latest food trends, to ensure offshore workers are able to refuel, recharge and regroup. The wide range of dishes includes global flavours, familiar favourites, healthier and sustainable options all using quality ingredients, locally sourced. Each dish is accompanied by the calorific and allergens information.

Local suppliers have always played a major part in Sodexo’s food service and continue to be a core element with Scottish suppliers providing a wide range of products and produce.

By introducing the sophisticated management systems behind Kitchen Works Co. Sodexo’s skilled culinary teams will have a bank of over 2,000 recipes and, therefore, will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks allowing them to focus on service delivery and delicious, nutritious meals. 

With sustainability a key concern for many, individuals and organisations alike, Sodexo is also rolling out its food waste management programme, WasteWatch and introducing carbon-labelled menus using Eaternity.

Ed Morrow, managing director, Sodexo Energy & Resources UK & Ireland explains: “We have always focussed on delivering the highest standard for our offshore clients to provide outstanding service to their workforce who operate in challenging environments. We have taken feedback from our existing customer base and used this to improve and enhance the services we deliver. 

“The biggest change we have made is to focus on our new food offer which brings an updated and more extensive range of meals supported by new tools and systems allowing our teams to focus on creating outstanding food experiences.”

The Comfort element of Offshore Living improves the offshore experience with a focus on creating a home away from home with cabin cleaning, housekeeping and laundry delivered beyond visibly clean.

This is delivered through new and improved cleaning regimes based on Sodexo’s high standards and global practices using planet-friendly products and investment in the latest cleaning equipment.

The use of Sodexo’s sophisticated site management system technology ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the services delivered. In addition to food services and cleaning Sodexo can provide a number of additional services that allow clients to focus on their critical operations:

Technical maintenance: asset management, reactive and planned maintenance and a range of ad-hoc projects for living quarters, common areas and the galley.

Heli-admin and radio services: Sodexo employs specialists experienced in managing helicopter traffic to and from installations safely.

Refurbishments: Many offshore facilities are ageing and in need of improvement and modernisation. Sodexo is an expert in delivering refurbishment projects and has successfully undertaken projects that have improved the lived experience of the offshore workforce.  Working closely with clients Sodexo can deliver refurbishment projects with minimal disruption creating spaces that support and energise people on board and improving crew satisfaction.

Waste management: Every installation generates waste. Sodexo’s waste management service includes segregation and oversight of the safe removal of consumer waste, maximising recycling and reducing environmental impact. 

Pest control: fast and effective treatments using in-house expertise or partner companies.

Ed Morrow adds: “Safety is a passion and embedded in Sodexo’s culture across all markets. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone working on an offshore installation continues to be our top priority.

“All the improvements we have made have been created to not only to deliver the best and most efficient service possible but, also to improve the experience of those working offshore and to allow our clients to recruit and retain the best talent for their operations.”

Sodexo’s Energy & Resources business provide integrated services to support the wellbeing and meet the evolving needs of employees working in often isolated and complex environments.

From corporate offices to offshore, remote, and industrial sites, Sodexo Energy & Resources delivers catering, hospitality, welfare, facilities management services, property management and refurbishments.

Caterplus retains and expands contract with Anchor #

Caterplus, one of the UK’s leading catering services businesses specialising in the care and retirement living sector, is thrilled to have retained and grown its contract with Anchor, now worth £45 million over the duration of the contract.
Anchor is England’s largest not-for-profit provider of specialist housing and care for those in later life. Caterplus employs around 400 employees to provide specialist catering services for over 3,000 residents living within 63 of Anchor’s extra care locations across England.
The service includes a three-course lunch which residents can enjoy either in the communal restaurant or in their apartments, there is also an optional breakfast service available. The Caterplus team can provide additional hospitality services for residents and their families, such as bespoke tailored catering services for birthday parties, weddings, funerals, and special events such as the Coronation.
Digital innovation is important to Caterplus and Anchor. Following a successful trial at some Anchor extra care sites, Caterplus has rolled out the introduction of interactive sensory tables. These cutting-edge tables can be used on any surface and enable residents to participate in a wide range of activities, from painting flowers and walking through virtual water to playing football or shove penny.
Caterplus has also embraced robotic technology and across the contract has introduced BellaBot, a robot that delivers and clears away trays, freeing up valuable time for Caterplus employees to interact and engage with residents. BellaBot also injects some fun into the dining experience and entertains residents and their guests by singing and telling jokes. Tablets are available in the restaurants so that residents can provide instant and trackable feedback on Caterplus’ services.
Laura Tighe, managing director of Caterplus, said: “We are thrilled to have developed our relationship with Anchor. We share Anchor’s passion for creating homes and communities that are a positive choice for those in later life and where all available services – including the food services - support residents’ wellbeing. Our expertise in this sector enables us to deliver a bespoke, high-quality service which meets the diverse range of residents that live in Anchor’s extra care locations.
“To ensure that the food is delicious and enticing, we employ a dedicated development chef to create bespoke menus for this contract. We also run an ‘Anchor Chef of the Year’ competition which helps to drive innovation and creativity; raising standards across all locations.”

Pete Newman, catering contracts manager from Anchor, commented: “We have partnered with Caterplus for more than ten years, and we are delighted that we are continuing to work together to ensure a premium dining experience for our residents. We are impressed by Caterplus’ innovative approach not just to the food and service the team provides on a daily basis but also their approach to technology, enhancing the overall service for residents.”

Sodexo marks British Food Fortnight with a bespoke ‘Love of Local’ menu, celebrating best-in-class local food #

In addition to the seasonal ‘Love of Local’ menu, which will be available at 192 sites across the country, Sodexo UK and Ireland will also be launching video content highlighting the fact that 71% of the organisation’s supply chain is sourced in Britain (subject to seasonal variation).
This year marks the 22nd anniversary of British Food Fortnight, the biggest event supporting British produce and involving almost every part of British life, from school and local communities to workplaces. 
Sodexo, as an official partner of Love British Food – the founders of British Food Fortnight – is drawing on the organisation’s aim to raise awareness about the benefits of locally grown produce for its new, bespoke menu. Sodexo’s specially developed British Food Fortnight dishes will champion the diverse and delicious foods that different regions across Britain have to offer.
Full of local ingredients, the range includes well-loved classics such as chicken, bacon and leek cottage pie with Savoy cabbage, hearty, slow-cooked autumn pork roast, crispy pork sausages with creamy vegetable mash and sage-roasted apple, as well as a traditional Yorkshire pudding wrap with pulled beef.
The ‘Love of Local' range also includes much-loved traditional puddings including apple & blackberry crumble and chocolate bread & butter pudding.
The dishes will be available across 192 client sites in Britain where Sodexo serves its Modern Recipe and Kitchen Works Co. offers.
In addition to the Love of Local menu, Sodexo is also this week unveiling new video content designed to make the viewer extremely hungry, whilst showcasing an A-Z of food the business sources in Britain. It includes the important message that 71% of its supply chain is sourced in Britain, with seasonal variations. 
Charles Abraham, Food Platform Director, Sodexo, said: “Supporting farmers and other local producers in Britain sits at the heart of our responsible sourcing strategy. We are committed to supporting local communities and buying British is just one way we can achieve this. However, British food also makes good business sense – it travels a shorter distance so has a lower carbon footprint than imported produce, this contributes to our net zero 2040 roadmap. Lastly, British and Irish food is typically of very high quality and absolutely delicious. For all these reasons and more, we are proud to partner with Love British Food, not just for British Food Fortnight, but all year round.”
Sodexo is passionate about sourcing locally, supporting farmers and reducing food miles. It is committed to sourcing Red Tractor assured products, sustainable fish and products that are in season wherever possible. Sodexo was the first catering company to ensure that its eggs are free-range and that its fresh meat, sourced from British farms, is Red Tractor accredited.
Alexia Robinson, Founder, Love British Food, said: “Sodexo has a special place within the Love British Food community as David Mulcahy, Food Innovation & Sustainability Director, was the first person in the food services sector to support us when we started the campaign. Sodexo truly understands the value of quality, home-produced British food, as shown in the new A-Z film released for British Food Fortnight. From its flagship work at major sporting and entertainment venues to its menus in workplaces and schools, it continues to play an influential role in food service in this country. We are absolutely delighted that Sodexo is an official partner of Love British Food, and we look forward to working with them for many years ahead.”
Using consumer insights to understand employees’ needs better, Sodexo launched Modern Recipe in 2018, with the objective of creating a new approach to workplace dining with a contemporary food offer and spaces that will ultimately elevate employee experience. This was followed by Kitchen Works Co. in 2019, which provides sites such as manufacturing and data centres a home-to-home feel to dining areas, with food that focuses on global cuisine and plant-based dishes.
Love British Food is an independent organisation aiming at raising awareness across the UK and the supply chain about the benefits of sustainable, locally grown food. Encouraging people and businesses to favour British food, Love British Food’s purpose is ultimately to give farmers and food producers the confidence and the demand they need to grow their business and in turn, continue to produce high-quality goods.

Are you ready for changes the new tips legislation will bring? Find out what it will mean for your business with this Free Webinar – Demystifying the new Tips Bill #

The new Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill is one of the biggest shake-ups of the hospitality sector for decades. Brought about to ensure fairness and transparency in the way tips and service charges are distributed to workers, the legislation, which was passed by Royal Assent in May, will likely come into force by the new tax year.

As with all new legislation, the Code of Practice's detail will provide the tangible answers to many questions these changes bring about. With this Code of Practice nowhere on the horizon, the team at Troncmasters have brought together a panel of industry professionals and tax specialists to work through the changes the new law will bring about.

How can you demonstrate 'fairness' in your tips distribution?

What are the implications for pooling tips across venues?

How will you deal with agency staff who are now entitled to tips?These are just some of the burning questions our panel will discuss in this FREE webinar, providing their opinions, insight and practical tips to help you prepare for the new legislation.

This is your chance to hear from experts across tax, employment law, tronc schemes and hospitality operators.



Katie Linstead
Katie worked in the payroll industry for over 19 years, supporting hospitality clients from independent cafes and pubs, luxury clubs and hotels, through to national multi-site chain brands.
She now heads up the service helping businesses to set up and run ethical and compliant troncs schemes, where her insight into payroll is an added benefit.

Jane Pendlebury
Chief Executive, HOSPA
Jane is the CEO of HOSPA the Hospitality Professionals Association. HOSPA is a UK based members’ organisation for senior hospitality professionals with commercial roles, designed to enable sharing of best practice, networking and career development.  

Hussein Ahmad
Director, Viewpoint Partners
Hussein Ahmad is a director at Viewpoint Partners, an accounting and financial consultancy to some of the most exciting hospitality businesses in London including Darjeeling Express, Jolene, Dorian and many more.

Jacqui Roberts
Employment Tax Director, BDO UK LLP
Jacqui has over 20 years’ experience providing employment tax consultancy services to the Hospitality sector. More recently Jacqui has taken an active interest in the new Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill and has been consulting with clients on the impact of the new obligations.

Matt Steinhofel
Founder, On-Trade Consultancy
Matt has over 20 years’ experience working in different hospitality industries across the globe. He is the founder of On-Trade Consultancy, a bespoke hospitality agency working with challenger hospitality brands.


The live event will give you the chance to ask questions of our panel, but if you are not able to register for the live event, register anyway and you will be sent the recording.

Optimism among hospitality leaders improves slightly, despite persistent challenges in trading conditions #

The challenging trading conditions identified by most grocery and hospitality leaders are largely expected to continue into the next 12 months, according to the new Top of Mind Report 2023.
Inflation continues to present grocery retailers with a difficult sales climate and businesses are having to place a huge focus on value whilst managing increasing costs. However, around a quarter of hospitality leaders are slightly more optimistic, expecting trading conditions to improve as consumers start to enjoy more discretionary spend. Central to this positive view is inflation easing, and retailers remain cautious with the hoped-for reduction expected to be small and slow.
In a further key finding, value consciousness has been identified as a growing trend as the squeeze on household budgets continues to impact consumers. This trend is taking priority at the expense of ethical consumerism, which has seen a marked decline this year.
The growth in value consciousness perceived by grocery and hospitality leaders is in line with consumer psychometrics, with very value-led consumers increasing +4ppts year-on-year. Grocery and hospitality have responded by launching initiatives to target the needs of consumers, including the first meal deal offer from Waitrose and the launch of a £2.99 sandwich range at Pret A Manger. 
Meanwhile, staffing challenges persist – although they have eased year-on-year. These are felt most by the eating out market, with the shrinking of the pool of potential employees post-Brexit perceived as the leading factor.
The proportion of grocery retail and eating out leaders facing challenges in attracting and recruiting staff has declined by -8ppts and -10ppts respectively, year-on-year. In hospitality, 70% of leaders say they are facing challenges. Over a fifth of business leaders also cited shifting attitudes within the workforce as a reason for staffing difficulties, leading to potential employees favouring flexible roles.
Improvements have been driven by initiatives to encourage flexible working and a more diverse workforce, for example a recruitment drive launched by McDonald’s to hire more over-50s.
The Lumina Intelligence Top of Mind Report – 2023 provides business leaders with valuable insight into key market developments and the most critical business challenges and issues currently facing the UK Eating Out market and Grocery Retail market, with the aim to help validate and benchmark internal perspectives.
About Lumina Intelligence
Lumina Intelligence inspires the global food and drink sector with deep, actionable insights powered by the world’s best analytics technology. Our products and services are used by the major brands and organisations in these fast moving and growing markets to support business planning, strategic marketing and new product development.
Combining the expertise and experience of HIM, MCA Insight and Lumina Intelligence, we are the experts in market and consumer insight across the food & drink and nutrition markets.

Bisto launches its Christmas guide to help pub chefs create that special experience that customers crave this Christmas #

This month Bisto has launched a Christmas Guide to help publicans and pub chefs maximise the festive and New Year trading opportunities, giving them a helping hand to deliver customer experiences to remember.

With research highlighting that 61% of consumers want a unique experience they can’t create themselves at home this Christmas*, the Christmas Guide gives insight into consumer dining habits and expectations, to help pub operators maximise the huge opportunity the festive season brings.

The digital booklet is also jam-packed with festive menu ideas and expert-led advice from award winning chef and patron of The Cricketer’s Arms, Harry Kodagoda. Pub chefs can also be inspired by six flavour-packed recipes, created by Harry, including a vegan Bisto apricot, puy lentil and cranberry bake and an indulgent Ambrosia apricot glazed panettone and butter pudding.

Highlighting the opportunity for pubs, Harry Kodagoda, comments:
“Customers will be looking to treat themselves and indulge during the festive period. With this at the forefront, I truly believe that delivering value for money is key.

“The Christmas Guide is loaded with insights from myself and fellow chefs and experts, which will not only keep your customers returning throughout the festive season but also well into the future.”

Sarah Robb, foodservice marketing manager, Premier Foods Foodservice:
“As one of the UK's largest food manufacturers and home to some of the nation’s much-loved brands, we're committed to helping pub operators create marketing ideas and menu innovation that will make this festive season unforgettable for customers.
“The Christmas Guide is a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration, designed to support pub operators through their busiest period.”

To download a copy of the Christmas Guide, click here: Premier Foods - See how we support chefs with recipes and advice (

Biotiful gut health – the pioneers of UK Kefir – Launch their most delicious campaign yet! #

GUT HEALTH MADE TASTY This week marks the beginning of the biggest out of home campaign (so far!) for the UK’s leading Kefir brand, Biotiful Gut Health. Their Gut Health Made Tasty campaign will put delicious Kefir firmly on the map. With 75% of consumers proactively looking to improve their digestive health, and a staggering 74% of the population recognising the significance of gut health, Biotiful are clearly speaking to a captive audience.

The campaign, which will run in September and October, will be activated across London and the South East, along with sampling activities at key transport hubs. The aim is to target consumers who may have gut health issues or those who are aware of their gut health but don’t realise how easy it is to support it daily by consuming Biotiful Kefir.

CEO and Founder of Biotiful Gut Health, Natasha Bowes said; “Our goal at Biotiful is to show everyone how easy and delicious it can be to support their gut health daily. This Out of Home campaign is a real milestone for the brand, it aims to take our messaging beyond our existing (very loyal) audience, to those who do not yet know they need Biotiful in their fridge! We look forward to bringing Biotiful Gut Health to Londoners this month.”

For over a decade, Biotiful Gut Health has been perfecting Kefir Drinks based on a 2000-year-old recipe, with British milk and billions of live cultures. Pioneering the Kefir category in the UK, they secured over 70% market share with their Kefir Drinks before expanding into Kefir Yogurts. Now, this journey has contributed to a growing Kefir category, valued at nearly £100 million today.

Biotiful Gut Health boasts an extensive range that meets the needs of people across the UK, including; Kefir Drinks, Kefir Yogurts, Kefir Protein, Plant-based Kefir, and the most recent launch, a dedicated Kids Kefir range. The choice of formats and flavours means Biotiful can cater to an array of tastes and needs. This, along with the taste and quality of the products, has made them the UK’s number 1 kefir brand.

Compass Group UK & Ireland celebrates milestone in training and development scheme #

The food and services firm has seen over 1500 people sign up to Compass Career Pathways
Compass Group UK&I today celebrates an important milestone in its landmark training and development scheme. More than 1500 members of staff have signed up since the launch of the Compass Career Pathways programme in late 2021. Of those who have completed the programme, over 50% have already been promoted or moved into a different role.
Compass Career Pathways provide a clear plan of development and training for all operational roles and central functions. The pathways support colleagues in achieving their career ambitions, whether that is to move up to more senior roles, move to a different part of the business or specialising their skills within their existing role.
The programme promotes a system for progression based on skills and behaviours for the job, rather than academic qualifications, ensuring that Compass employees from all backgrounds have the opportunity to pursue the career they want.  It covers all roles from frontline through to Senior Leadership, so colleagues from all levels can participate and progress. Colleagues choose the pathway that matches their aspirations and are assigned training – online and/or classroom based – as well as job-based skills tasks, all of which they can complete at their own pace.  All of this is underpinned by support from their line manager.
Compass Career Pathways forms part of Our Social Promise, supporting Compass’ broader social value strategy. The firm’s Mission to a Million commitment, will provide support to one million people by 2030 through jobs, training, community engagement and development.
Commenting on the milestone, Amanda Scott, Talent, Learning and Diversity & Inclusion Director at Compass Group UK&I said: “We are delighted to see strong uptake from our colleagues in Compass Career Pathways. This programme is designed to remove barriers and allows colleagues from all backgrounds to follow their aspirations. We are equally proud that we are seeing a significant proportion of people that complete the Career Pathways programmes securing promotions or changing roles within Compass. Our aim is to have training programmes that are available to all, so that everyone has the opportunity to grow and move up the career ladder.”

Bidfood to champion small business suppliers, with launch of new Open Doors Programme #

As the industry continues to feel the impact of the cost of living crisis, Bidfood, one of the UK’s leading wholesalers, has announced it will be launching a brand new initiative - Open Doors Programme, this October.
The scheme will identify the most innovative and interesting brands from small food and beverage suppliers trying to establish themselves within the market, by raising awareness of their brands and supporting the development of their businesses.
With inflation taking its toll on the industry, confidence from small business owners is wavering. This is more so the case for those in the food sector who have seen a nearly 20% dip in confidence that their business will grow.
Bidfood’s Open Doors Programme aims to help small suppliers overcome these obstacles by increasing their presence in the wholesale space and ultimately, their selling power.
Developed with SME expert and former supplier to Bidfood, Andrew Allen will be working with Bidfood’s technical services, buying, procurement and marketing teams to create a range of activities designed to nurture, champion and accelerate emerging suppliers.
In addition to this, the Open Doors Programme will pose as a valuable asset for Bidfood customers, who will get access to the most exciting, future-facing products landing in the market. A key target that will support the wholesaler’s vision to be a positive force for change.
An Open Door Conference, taking place on 2nd October, will mark the inception of the initiative, where small business suppliers will gain insight into the strategic aims of Bidfood, its customers and what it takes to build a winning proposition within the channel.
Andrew Selley, CEO of Bidcorp UK said: “The Open Doors Programme represents a significant cross-business commitment towards smaller suppliers.
“We understand the uniquely challenging environment smaller suppliers have faced in the last few years, whilst also recognising the important role they play in fostering diverse innovation within our industry. The Open Doors Programme is designed to provide true opportunities for these businesses, by identifying, nurturing and then accelerating them within our network.
“This scheme goes hand in hand with our vision to be a positive force for change as we are investing in the future of the supplier base. And then for our customers, we’ll be presenting them with the most interesting suppliers that are best aligned with their needs and values. I can’t wait to see what’s out there and most importantly, support their growth and development.”

SME expert, Andrew Allen added: “I’ve experienced first-hand both the incredible opportunities, and challenges, related to being an emerging smaller supplier in foodservice. Whilst the retail sector has made significant inroads of late when it comes to smaller supplier opportunities, in my view, foodservice has fallen behind.
“What started as a question to Andrew Selley has led to an understanding that Bidfood shares my view of the opportunity, and it’s been a pleasure building the Open Doors Programme with the team! Together we aim to champion the role of the sector and help accelerate the best emerging suppliers down the road of success.”

More information regarding the Open Doors Programme will be available soon via a dedicated webpage.


Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers: Three food focus areas for school caterers in 2024 #

School caterers are feeling the heat financially, with a recent survey of caterers in England and Wales by LACA revealing that 77% of respondents had changed their menus because of supply issues in the last year, while almost two in five (38%) had reduced menu options because of rising food costs.

For developers and chefs in this area, the current economic climate will certainly play a role when isolating food strategies and outputs for 2024, with Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers now utilising its unique trend research matrix to help contract caterers develop future proofed plans for new menu development.

Over the past few months, its team of food trend specialists has been pouring over some of the best school menus in the UK, according to the latest Ofsted inspections, to isolate flavour, format and ingredient trends relevant to caterers looking ahead to next year.

In a dedicated article, which can be accessed here for free; Kateline Porritt, Head of Trends at Egg Soldiers, says: “Nutrition plays a central role in parents' food choices for toddlers in the UK. And schools are universally expected to follow suit with lunch options. “Starchy, carbohydrate-driven pasta, pizza, potato and rice options are commonplace, delivering much-needed energy and fibre via familiar formats, with nutrient-rich topping choices an area for 'inoffensive' innovation, if you will. “For example, we noticed a number of gentle curries and lentil dhals among some of the best Ofsted-rated school menus. Cost-effective and nutritious, these options are also almost always vegetarian - a useful trait for a weekly option.”

As primary school mealtimes cater for children aged three to eleven, menus are naturally broader, with Insights Lab noting increased allergy and dietary focus, plant-based variety, and globally-inspired nods across the country.

"Options such as ratatouille, curried roasted cauliflower, kung pao chickpeas, and vegetable tagine stood out as inventive dish types to gently broaden horizons, without breaking budgets, with some schools introducing lesser-known options through daily menu themes, such as 'Street food', 'African', and 'Meat-free',” says Porritt.

And for children aged eleven to sixteen (or eighteen with a sixth form college), simplicity and convenience are key drivers, with flavour innovation sometimes met with caution.

“Choice is key here, with 'build your own' options increasingly adopted on menus. Meanwhile, the likes of Spanish omelettes, piri-piri proteins, and moderately spicy curries are points of difference for canteen-style lunch menus.”

Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers produces a bi-monthly food trends newsletter, regularly posts free deep dives on its website, and provides detailed reports and immersive workshops to inspire NPD teams and drive innovation for UK foodservice businesses


Well, nearly. Actually there’s less than 100 days to go until the big day. 
Here at KAM we’ve just carried out some nationally representative research amongst consumers to see how and where they are planning to spend the festive period this year, and how much of their plans involve the hospitality sector.
Whilst 34% say they are planning to spend less this year in pubs and restaurants, and whilst there’s a clear case of the ‘careful’ consumer with the cost of living crisis, 49% of people say they will visit a pub or bar or restaurant over the period. 
19% of respondents have already made their Christmas plans and 10% have already booked a pub or restaurant during the festive period, up 1% on last year. Only 27% of people said they won’t make plans until December – and most of these are either those without children, or those identifying as male. 
Christmas Day is already looking positive. Nearly 1 in 10 intend to visit a pub on Christmas Day, which is back to pre-pandemic levels, and Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are following the same pattern.  
And BIG bookings are back! Over 39% of people said they will definitely be visiting a hospitality venue with 12 or more people. And what about how they book and what they expect? 46% want to speak directly to the venue with 32% wanting a same day response to an enquiry. So responding and response times are definitely key. 
Set menus / packages are popular with 37% of consumers, and 60% want to be able to pre-order their food from a set menu as it’s easier and less stressful, with 39% also wanting to pre-order drinks. 
Finally – hospitality gifting remains ever popular, with 39% saying they would buy a gift card for a pub / restaurant as a Christmas gift.  
So, the message is that despite the current economic climate, there are some key – and relatively simple - wins for operators. 
Whilst lots have already made their Christmas plans, plenty haven’t – so push that marketing message! 
Look at your packages and make sure customers can pre-order both food and drink 
Think about your bookings process – customers want contact! Follow up enquiries promptly, and secure that deposit (74% are happy to pay a deposit!)
Get in on the gifting game – there’s a big potential market for hospitality gifting 

You can access the infographic here or see Jo Lynch (Account Director at KAM) present at the Casual Dining Show on the 27th September at 11.15am.