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October 2023

Compass Group UK&I to lead foodservices industry in its alignment to highest standards of climate reporting and transition planning #

Compass UK&I reaffirms its commitment to industry-leading climate action, announcing it will follow recommendations released today by the UK Government’s Transition Plan Taskforce
London, 9 October 2023: Compass Group UK&I will align its next climate impact report with the latest guidelines that call for high-quality, credible transition plans to be publicly disclosed and increasingly integrated into financial reporting and business strategies.
The UK&I division of the world’s largest caterer will adhere to the recommendations of the final Disclosure Framework, published today by the Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) which aim to support companies and financial institutions in the delivery of ‘gold standard’ plans to tackle climate change.
The TPT is an advisory group launched by HM Treasury at COP26 to help build international consistency and coherence in the emerging landscape of transition planning and disclosure guidance. The Secretariat is jointly hosted by the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment (CGFI) and the independent climate think tank E3G.
In aligning to the TPT’s three core principles (ambition, action, accountability) Compass Group UK&I will share detail on all five recommended disclosure elements. These include its implementation and engagement strategy, emissions reduction performance to date, key metrics and targets, as well as the business’ response to risks and opportunities identified across key areas of materiality.
Third-party verification will audit data and validate claims. 
Sector-specific information on products and services managed by the six businesses Compass Group operates under its UK&I division will also be disclosed in the context of the 181m meals it serves across 4000+ locations, acknowledging the diverse nature of the caterer’s transition as a decentralised business operating at scale.
The detail will shape and inform its second standalone impact report since announcing its commitment to reach climate net zero by 2030 which will be released at a day-long summit in London, early next year. Over 150 delegates, including Compass’ clients from leading private and public sector organisations worldwide, will be invited to attend.
Earlier this year, Compass Group UK&I published its first in-depth Climate Impact Report, highlighting areas of both progress and challenge encountered during its first 18 months of mobilising business-wide climate action.
The food and support services business continues to be supported by Professor Sir Charles Godfray FRS who has been advising Compass’ UK&I Executive Team as Chief Climate & Sustainability Advisor since May 2022.
Professor Sir Charles Godfray, said:
“Compass UK&I has the ability to make a real difference - showing substantive change is both possible and achievable in the food service sector and beyond. Following the TPT’s guidelines will help ensure the business is also using its size and scale to help lead the wider industry in its transition.”
Carolyn Ball, Director for Delivery of Net Zero at Compass Group UK&I said:
“The TPT underlines why greater transparency and consistency in environmental disclosures is vital if we are to accelerate meaningful climate action across every sector of the economy. For Compass, it’s also an opportunity: to demonstrate how, by embedding high quality transition planning into the business model, expanding our economic analyses and increasingly integrating this data within our financial reporting, we can support our clients, progress our shared objectives and increase the impact we can achieve together.”
Following the release of the TPT Disclosure framework, the Co-Chairs of the TPT commented today:
Amanda Blanc, Group CEO Aviva Group, Co-Chair, Transition Plan Taskforce, said:
“It’s great to see more and more companies announcing their net zero ambitions, but these are of little use if there’s no action or accountability.
Backing up net zero ambitions with high quality and clear transition plans is crucial if we are to collectively deliver net zero. The TPT Disclosure Framework will help businesses understand just what makes a climate transition plan robust and credible.”

Baroness Penn, Treasury Lords Minister, Co-Chair, Transition Plan Taskforce, said:
“Under our COP26 leadership the government set out our vision for the UK to be the world’s first net-zero aligned financial centre.
Launched only in April 2022, the Transition Plan Taskforce has now delivered on its core mandate to develop a framework for private sector climate transition plans.
As we move towards meeting net zero in a pragmatic and proportionate way, we recognise the value of the transparency and accountability offered by transition plans which help firms in their own journey.”

A lunch in honour of a foodservice equipment legend #

Keith Warren’s career is celebrated at the House of Lords. 

With a guest list comprising a who’s who of the foodservice equipment industry, a lunch to commemorate Keith Warren’s retirement was held in the House of Lords on September 27th 2023. After more than 21 years as chief executive of the Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA), and CESA before it, Keith retired from the role in April 2023.

FEA chairs past and present rose to thank him for his outstanding contribution to the industry and for his achievements for FEA.  Meanwhile his successor as chief executive of FEA, John Cunningham, admitted that his were huge boots to fill.  The Rt Hon the Lord Trefgarne, FEA’s patron, who hosted the lunch in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace, also spoke of Keith’s commitment and his willingness to go the extra mile.  In fact, the long hours that Keith put in were a common theme, with several speakers making a point of thanking his wife, Melanie, for her patience (tested on so many occasions by the endless phone calls and emails, the interrupted evening and weekends…) and her boundless support. 

Former FEA chair Steve Hobbs CFSP took a slightly different approach to Keith’s career, unveiling a few hidden gems.  They ranged from his role as a cartographer for the MOD (mapping sites beyond the Iron Curtain) to selling advertising for the trade magazine Rubber and Plastics News (a niche title offering ‘insight in all areas of rubber, latex and silicone’). 

The 70 plus captains of the industry who gathered for the lunch gave Keith a standing ovation as he thanked them and his team at FEA for the support he had received over the years: “I couldn’t have done it without all of you,” he said.   “He truly is an absolute legend of the industry,” says John Cunningham.  “His impact has been huge and his dedication unconditional.  For me personally it’s been a privilege to work with him and I know every person involved in foodservice equipment, and many of those in the hospitality industry as a whole, will wish him the very best for the future.” 

Keith will continue to work part time on special projects for FEA until March 2024. 

The Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA) is the independent, authoritative voice of the foodservice equipment industry, representing nearly 200 companies who supply, service and maintain all types of commercial catering equipment - from utensils to full kitchen schemes.  For more information on FEA visit 

Sodexo Live! & The ACC Liverpool Group creates social impact at 2023 Labour Party Conference #

Together Sodexo Live!, the venue partner of The ACC Liverpool Group, will generate a significant positive impact to the local economy over the four-day annual Labour Party Conference to be held 8-11 October.
With an aligned commitment to sustainability and supporting local communities, both organisations - Sodexo Live!, and The ACC Liverpool Group - are excited to reveal the steps they are taking to deliver an event that delivers quantifiable social impact.
Improving the communities in which it operates has been at the core of Sodexo’s ethos for many years.  Sodexo Live! in the UK has a number of initiatives in place to address the four impact pathways identified in Sodexo’s Social Impact Pledge: People, Planet, Partners and Places. 
Meanwhile The ACC Liverpool Group – operator of the campus where this year’s conference takes place – is focused on delivering its Social Value Impact Plan, aimed at creating positive social, economic and environmental impact across the four pillars of people, environment, community and industry influence.
The organisation recently achieved carbon neutral status and is committed to achieving carbon zero by 2030, effectively reducing its emissions and the need for offsetting.  
With thousands of delegates set to attend the conference, The ACC Liverpool Group and Sodexo Live! worked in partnership with Social Enterprise UK to identify and advocate social enterprises, with the opportunity to showcase their products and services at the event.
Some of these include: 
Homebaked – a Liverpool-based, community owned business, the 1,700 or so pies and other treats which are expected to be sold at the conference will generate in the region of £93,500 in social value by providing jobs, training and community engagement in the local Anfield area – one of the most socio-economically deprived regions of the UK. 

Belu water – they utilize clear ethical glass bottles made using lightweight recycled glass and are 100% recyclable. This encourages and supports a closed loop system and circular economy practices enabling the bottles to be recycled and material to be reused.The estimated 5,000 bottles will generate around £7,400 to be invested in improving the global supply of clean sustainable water. 

Change Please – sales from Change Please coffee outlets at the conference will enable hundreds of people experiencing homelessness to access housing, training and living wage jobs as baristas. On average, every 562 cups of Change Please coffee sold generates enough money to pay for a day of barista training. 

Nemi Teas - a specialist London-based tea company providing employment to refugees, giving them local work experience and job readiness skills to enter the UK workforce and integrate into broader society. Nemi teas are organic-certified and its teabags are plastic-free, and the packaging biodegradable. The predicted 5,000 cups of Nemi Tea estimated to be sold at the conference will create work for refugees employed at the TRAMPOLINE Café in North London to support them on their upward journey. 

Half the Story biscuits - Volumes expected for the conference will be around 7,500 which will provide 75 hours of employment at Half the Story’s bakery in Nottingham for individuals who are or have experienced homelessness. 

Spare Snacks - around 1,000 packets of fruit crisps made using wonky produce are expected to be consumed at the conference.  Spare Snacks, based in St Albans, produce award-winning healthy snacks for all the family. They make use of both wonky raw and dried apples that can often be rejected because they are misshapen, blemished, or deemed the wrong shape or size. 

Rebecca Kane Burton, CEO Sodexo Live!, UK & Ireland said: “Social impact is at the beating heart of Sodexo; it’s a core value upon which our founder, Pierre Bellon built the business back in 1966.
“Working with The Labour Party and our venue partner, The ACC Liverpool Group, therefore provides the ideal backdrop to showcase the social enterprises and diverse supply chain we partner with, and those joining us to create something memorable at the conference.
“For many years we have welcomed Small &Medium-sized Enterprises,and  Voluntary, Charity & Social Enterprises into our business and worked to reduce our impact on the environment and create social impact.  We also continue to partner with local colleges and other organisations to offer career opportunities to individuals struggling to find employment for whatever reason.
“I am delighted our team is able to play its part in connecting with, and benefiting the communities we serve.”

Faye Dyer, chief executive of The ACC Liverpool Group, said: “Social Value is at the heart of The ACC Liverpool Group and we are delighted to work with Sodexo Live! and the Labour Party to further our shared values and commitments.
“The Labour Party conference, taking place at our venue for the fifth time, provides us all with a valuable platform to showcase these important organisations and their initiatives, which are making a real positive difference.”

Peter Holbrook CBE, chief executive of national sector body Social Enterprise UK, added: “It’s great to see the Labour Party recognising the value of social enterprise in our economy, transitioning its annual conference to do less harm and create more benefit for people and planet.
“Integrating social enterprises into the conference’s supply chain gives a glimpse of how business can be done better, and how we can build an economy where all of society profits – so we hope other major events take inspiration from this and follow suit.”

By working closely with organisations such as Springboard and local partners, Sodexo Live! also offers work experience opportunities to many young people. For the Labour Party Conference the company has worked with Liverpool City College and Springboard to provide 14 graduates with work during the conference, and will continue to offer similar opportunities at The ACC Liverpool Group and other venues around the city such as Everton Football Club.
Sodexo Live! and The ACC Liverpool Group are also incredibly keen to track food waste. Any that remains that can still be consumed is donated to Liverpool Zero Waste to be distributed throughout the local community including schools, hospitals, community centres and local church groups.
Food waste that is no longer suitable for human consumption is disposed of using ORCA technology which mimics a natural digestion process. It works using the same principles that our body, and other living organisms are governed by, creating the perfect thermophilic biological environment for the microorganisms to digest food waste into a liquid. ORCA is a hyperlocal, distributed alternative to the traditional truck and bin collection system and enables Sodexo Live! to make significant carbon savings by eliminating the need to transport the waste away from sites.

Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers: Three concept focus areas for hotel dining development #

For UK hotels amid a cost-of-living crisis, the idea of launching or expanding dining propositions may seem a risky one. Consumers up and down the country are tightening purse strings, with travel costs and longer hotel stays much less of an automatic go-ahead with finances under the spotlight.

So, with the primary aim of getting beds filled arguably challenge enough; why should hotels double up with added food and drink components?

“Put simply: food can play a huge role in compelling customers to spend money within a hotel environment,” says Kateline Porritt, Head of Trends at Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers.

“Money is a challenge for many, but a considered food & drink hotel component, established with value and a sense of destination as the bedrock, can be a game changer for independents and groups alike.”

Last month, Porritt delivered exclusive insight into UK hotel dining trends as a guest speaker at the 2023 Annual Hotel Conference (AHC) in Manchester, spotlighting and defining several ways in which operators can harness current consumer needs to create successful dining concepts and elevate overall hotel experiences.

In a dedicated article, which can be accessed here for free, Insights Lab provides a summary of her AHC presentation for hotel operators, with ‘Affordable vs Valuable’ one of her first talking points.

“Broadly speaking, there are two primary pivots available to operators when considering the financial and economic restrictions brought about by a cost-of-living crisis: you can establish elements of affordability, or you can add extra value to encourage (and justify) a higher spend,” Porritt said.

“For the latter, adding value to a meal - that extra bit of 'je ne sais quoi' to the whole F&B offer - can make an experience seem more valuable to the consumer, and make them feel like spending a little extra money for the pleasure.  

“Tableside service is a great example of this, with both hotels and restaurants able to elevate meal experiences with this traditional element of flair.”

For hotels exploring dining offers, Porritt says that one of the most important aspects is understanding market context and individual identity, with an uncomplicated food concept key.

“Instead of attempting to integrate something like Korean-fusion or Mexican street food into your offer when your established hotel identity says something different, just because the food trends are moving as such; focus on what your guests might expect of you, streamlining and enhancing core elements while building in considered newness to keep things fresh.”

Insights Lab by Egg Soldiers produces a bi-monthly food trends newsletter, regularly posts free deep dives on its website, and provides detailed reports and immersive workshops to inspire NPD teams and drive innovation for UK foodservice businesses.

Events by Amadeus celebrates new partnership with Unique Venues Birmingham #

Contracting excellence: Events by Amadeus celebrates new partnership with unique venues Birmingham.

The arm of national catering business, Amadeus, responsible for the delivery of standalone event catering, has secured its latest contract with Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB).

Events by Amadeus has been working with UVB since 2019, and the team have signed a new three-year contract to deliver catering provisions to the organisation. UVB deliver a range of events from banquets, conferences and bespoke parties at The Library of Birmingham and The Rep.

Dedicated to creating exceptional experiences and taking a bespoke approach to event catering, Amadeus brings more than 45 years of expertise and exciting innovations to the partnership. From intimate affairs to large celebrations and everything in between, the contract marks a commitment from Events by Amadeus and UVB to a motto of ‘anything is possible’ – providing the highest quality catering services and event management.

The team pride themselves on how they maximise the menu offerings with UVB’s inherent flexibility - whether its buffet catering for a conference or meeting, a sit-down banquet for an awards ceremony, their StrEAT food concept for a networking evening, or a fine dining gala dinner.

Thanks to the partnership, Events by Amadeus and UVB ensure a seamless process from the start to finish of any event, sourcing local ingredients with 80% of food and beverage suppliers located within a 30-mile radius of the venues, to delivering inspiring and sustainable menus.

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva, Managing Director at Unique Venues Birmingham said: “We have worked with the team for nearly five years and in this time, they have continued to exceed our needs and expectations at the 300+ events we host in our venues each year.

“The new contract with Events by Amadeus is testament to our joint commitment to excellence. Their culinary experience aligns seamlessly with our venue’s ethos, and we’re so excited to bring unparalleled experiences to our clients.”

Events By Amadeus’ menus boasts an array of creative catering options for event organisers to ensure memorable food experiences, with options available for every dietary need. Planning is made simple thanks to a seamless relationship between the event organiser, UVB, and Amadeus.

Kevin Watson, Managing Director of Amadeus, said: “We are overjoyed to be entering a new partnership with the UVB team. With our local knowledge, commitment to sustainable practices and desire to deliver exciting and untraditional menus, organisers continue to trust us to bring their visions to life.”

“We are immensely proud of the relationships we develop and the team works tirelessly to deliver for our venue partners. Together, we will create memorable culinary experiences that elevate every event at UVB.”

To find out more, visit

To hire Unique Venues Birmingham for your next event, please contact Sharon Lawrence:

Sodexo Stop Hunger support to SSAFA reaches half a million #

Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has increased its annual grant to SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, by 43%, to £50,000, bringing the total funding donated since 2008 to £500,000. 

The annual donation supports the charity’s Homelessness Fund, enabling SSAFA to continue its life-changing work for a further 12 months. 

A partner to SSAFA since 2008, Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has provided funding for the urgent welfare provision to those most in need from the Armed Forces community, particularly veterans and their families across all three services. The Foundation’s support has enabled the rapid delivery of financial assistance, help with the purchase of white goods, and distributing emergency food supplies. 

The financial support given to SSAFA has enabled the UK’s oldest tri-service charity to help serving personnel, veterans, and their families with support when, where, and how they need it. Grants from the fund are also a vital resource for volunteer caseworkers to find a swift resolution to urgent cases. 

As an early signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, Sodexo is committed to the continual support in the employment of ex-armed forces personnel and their families as well as those employees who are members of the Reserves. 

Paul Anstey, CEO Sodexo Government UK&I, said: “Today is World Homeless Day, an international day to raise awareness of the needs of people who experience homelessness and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness. We are proud that our annual grant enables SSAFA to continue to support veterans experiencing homelessness and those in most need within the Armed Forces community. 

“Our support goes beyond financial donations, our colleagues regularly volunteer to support SSAFA’s projects such as its mentor scheme and many fundraising activities allowing Sodexo and our people to make difference to the Armed Forces Community.”

Sir Andrew Gregory, CEO of SSAFA, said: “SSAFA is delighted to maintain its long-standing relationship with the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, a relationship that makes a real and practical difference to those in our Armed Forces community who need support. 

“And that help from Sodexo and the foundation, which provides financial assistance to SSAFA, is as vital today as it has ever been. Perhaps, sadly, it is more vital now. 

“Our Forcesline team of support workers are reporting a change in the tone of calls received since the cost-of-living crisis began to bite last year, with callers demonstrating increased levels of anxiety and stress, and – worryingly – deteriorating levels of mental health.

“This is a situation that is not going to end or even improve soon, but with the four-square support of Sodexo for our military community – from WWII veterans to more recent conflicts – SSAFA will continue to provide compassionate and real help whenever, wherever, and however needed just as it has for 138 years.”

Sodexo is the founding partner of the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation. In the UK & Ireland, the Foundation’s (a UK registered charity) mission is to act sustainably to fight food insecurity and complement Sodexo's Social Impact pledge. 

Working with national and local charity partners Sodexo Stop Hunger unites and mobilises changemakers engaging its employees in a wide range of volunteering opportunities. The Foundation’s work goes beyond immediate food aid activities, it is focused on changing lives by addressing the root causes of food insecurity with a focus on women empowerment. 

The Foundation's work contributes to Sodexo’s global corporate responsibility commitment, Better Tomorrow 2025 which aligns to the Sustainable Development Goals designed by the UN to make the world a fairer and more equal place. 

Stop Hunger is an employee-led Sodexo initiative active in over 70 countries around the world. Thanks to the financial support of Sodexo, 100% of the donations made to Stop Hunger go directly to financing activities and sustainable solutions for disadvantaged communities to exit food insecurity.

Creed Foodservice trends hub launches as operators look ahead to 2024 #

Ahead of 2024, one of the UK’s largest nationwide wholesalers Creed Foodservice, has announced the launch of the Creed Trends Hub; an online destination for hospitality operators across restaurants and pubs to learn about the 2024 trends and how to bring them to life in their settings.
The Creed Trends Hub launches on Monday 13th November, and will have a dedicated zone for restaurant and pub operators. At the heart of the zone will be the 2024 Trends Report, a downloadable report which brings to life the key 2024 trends, packed full of insights and learnings from Creed’s Insights Manager, Anna Clapson, and also practical guidance from Executive Development Chef, Rob Owen, on how restaurant and pub operators can tap into the trends in their kitchens and make them work on their menus.
In addition, featured within the zone will be ‘Creed Trends Kitchen’, a space housing trend-led recipes that operators can incorporate into their menus, or use to inspire new dish ideas to freshen up their offering.
Speaking on the 2024 Trends, Anna Clapson, Insights Manager at Creed Foodservice, says: “We’ve poured weeks of research and expertise into our Trends Hub, to make sure we’re bringing the inside knowledge to operators who will continue to face challenging times next year.  It can be overwhelming for operators to not only get to grips with the upcoming trends but then also find ways to link them back to their everyday operations. The Trends Hub is their digital guru, that they can access 24/7, whether that’s during late night menu planning, during their team meetings, or in development sessions with their kitchen teams.”
Creed Foodservice’s 2024 Trends
A Nation Challenged
At the core of the insights is the theme of ‘A Nation Challenged’, which underpins all the trends for next year. With inflation, energy prices, staff and skills shortages and financial pressures, both operators and consumers’ wallets are significantly impacted. Since March 2020, 14k+ sites have closed across the UK and 75% of consumers are going out to eat and drink less frequently.
Core Trend 1: Driving Value
Driving value doesn’t just refer to delivering low-ticket purchases; with the average food and drink prices on menus increasing, it’s also about strengthening the perceived value-for-money with well over half (60%) of consumers looking for value for money when choosing a location to dine at.
Operators can achieve growth through showcasing a specialism and honing in on a specific area of expertise. This is being seen at places like Ducie Street Warehouse in Manchester, which offers roast dinners with a menu dedicated completely to cauliflower cheese.
Core Trend 2: Creating Memories
With consumers’ heightened expectations, combined with being more selective with their spending, operators need to look at ways to elevate their food dishes from the everyday. A quarter (26%) of consumers look for an exciting or unique food and drink offering when dining out. Adventure can be shown through various cuisines, punchy flavours and enticing food formats – whether that’s themed dishes, tapas-inspired sharing boards, build-your-own burrito wraps, or inventive burger toppings.
The customer experience can also be elevated through premiumising dishes; something which also justifies higher price points on the menu. This can be achieved by loading up classic sides like fries with truffle and parmesan or crispy bacon and onions, or offering ‘special’ accompaniments to chicken and steak, such as Persian spiced roast carrots with pistachio dukkah.
Core Trend 3: Sustain & Retain
Highlighting the focus on our planet and environment, consumers are far more conscious of where their food is coming from, with 38% looking for good, quality ingredients when choosing a location to dine out.  There is also increased focus on seeking ‘better for you’ options with consumers welcoming knowledge of the nutritional content of dishes.
Core Trend 4: Tech Clever
Tech growth within hospitality has been significant in recent years. Increasingly consumers interact with restaurants and pubs digitally, enabling operators to communicate with their customers when they aren’t on the premises - whether that’s sharing menus, promoting a special or simply just booking a table.
Tech-driven solutions also offer consumers enhanced convenience, whether that’s ordering via a QR code on the menu, using click and collect for any takeaway dishes restaurants or pubs offer, or direct-to-the-door delivery services through third-party apps. Tech opens the door to new revenue streams which, in these challenging times, is advantageous for many operators.
To visit the Creed Trends Hub or to download the 2024 Trends Report please visit:

Purpose Coalition and Sodexo join forces in cross-party effort to boost social mobility #

In a collaborative effort to drive social mobility, Purpose Coalition partnered with Sodexo at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool to host the Purposeful Business Reception where guests heard about some of the work being undertaken by businesses across the political divide to boost social mobility. 

Sodexo has been working with The Purpose Coalition for number of years, focusing on driving social mobility and working with businesses to assist in delivering this agenda. 

Guests at the Purposeful Business Reception which included conference delegates, suppliers, businesses, academics, apprentices and charitable partners heard impassioned speeches from a range of distinguished speakers.   

Rt Hon Justine Greening, Chair of the Purpose Coalition was joined by Sean Haley, CEO of Sodexo UK & Ireland, Matt Dawson MBE, former England Rugby World Cup winner and Sodexo ambassador, Ruth Cadbury MP, Shadow Minister of Prisons, Parole and Probation, and Nick Forbes CBE, Engagement Director at the Purpose Coalition sharing their own thoughts and experiences about how businesses can make a difference. 

Sodexo, which has been delivering social value since the 1960s, is focused on making a tangible impact on its own people, the people it serves and the communities where it operates. It is a business that works across multiple sectors, from large corporates to education, energy to defence, through multiple partnerships, including its extensive supply chain. 

Sodexo was keen to discuss some key themes at the event, such as its dedication to apprenticeships and its Starting Fresh programme. Starting Fresh was launched earlier this year and aims to support businesses considering recruiting prison-leavers. 

To illustrate the positive impact of apprenticeships to its business, six current Sodexo apprentices attended the reception, sharing their stories with guests on how their apprenticeships are helping them kickstart, or further develop their careers. Currently the company has around 900 apprentices. 

Rt. Hon Justine Greening, Former Secretary of State for Education & Chair of the Purpose Coalition, said: "Last night's Purposeful Business Reception was a testament to the power of collaboration in driving social mobility. 

Together with Sodexo, we've been championing this cause for years. It's heartening to see businesses from all corners unite to make a difference, and it was fantastic to stand alongside our speakers who shared their insights on how businesses can truly impact lives but also to see so many businesses from all sectors united in their intention to make a difference." 

Sean Haley, CEO of Sodexo UK & Ireland, stressed the importance of collaboration for the success of purpose-driven businesses. "We can't thrive in isolation; collaboration is vital. Reflecting on the event's success, every conversation I had echoed a collective eagerness to collaborate and a steadfast commitment to improving the communities where we live, work, and serve.” 

Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation drives positive change for more than 1.8m people in 2023 #

Coinciding with World Food Day (16 October), the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has published its 2023 annual report detailing the positive impact its activities have had for more than 1.8 million people across the UK & Ireland. 

World Food Day is a global initiative focused on raising awareness of hunger and promoting action to create a better food future for all - a mission shared by Sodexo and the Stop Hunger Foundation. 

Understanding food insecurity as a symptom, the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation’s work goes beyond immediate food aid activities. It is focused on changing lives by addressing the root causes of food insecurity with a focus on women’s empowerment. According to research, women are one of the most effective way to tackle food insecurity and guaranteeing healthy and self-sustained lives[1].  The Foundation continues to work with national and local charity partners to unite and mobilise changemakers to deliver much-needed support to those in need. 

According to FareShare and the Food Foundation, one in five people in the UK are struggling with food insecurity.[2] Working across the four enablers of Stop Hunger’s mission – grants giving, volunteering, fundraising and partnerships – the Foundation has responded to the unprecedented levels of food insecurity experienced in the UK and Ireland over the last 12 months. 

It has increased support given to its charity partners, carefully balancing the benefits of a hyper-local funding approach with the resilience and reach of its national partner network. Relying on charity partners’ expertise, the Foundation adapted its funding strategy to enable its charity partners to redirect funds to meet the most pressing needs and increased existing grants in line with inflation. The Foundation has also increased its number of multiyear grants and core cost funding, recognising the benefit for charities to continue to deliver impact over a longer timeframe without the need to pursue annual funding. 

In the 12 months up to 31 August 2023, the Foundation has invested more heavily in food aid and offered its charity partners exceptional grants to meet immediate needs. 70 charities and social enterprises received support through financial grants and volunteering activities. 

More than £500,000 has been donated to 26 charities, £20,000 was also raised as an emergency donation following the Turkey/Syria earthquake. 

Fundraising and volunteering are key enablers to the Foundation’s work and over the last year Sodexo and its colleagues, clients and suppliers came together and raised a record £584,148. At the same time, significantly increasing the number of hours volunteered to almost 8,000 – more than half of which was skills-based volunteering. 

Beyond immediate food aid, the Foundation is focused on empowering communities to tackle the root causes of food insecurity and poverty and has supported a number of projects and organisations focused on improving skills, supporting mental health, mentoring, providing education opportunities and building financial literacy and confidence from an early age. 

Gareth John, European Director of Sodexo Legal Affairs and Chair of the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, said: “The stories we share in this year’s report show how the contributions, whether time or money, from our colleagues, suppliers and clients are changing lives and directly benefitting more than 1.8 million people in this year alone. There is so much more to do and, as a purpose-led organisation, we remain committed to mobilising changemakers to respond and focus; to create a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all.” 

Mark Game, CEO of the Stop Hunger charity partner The Bread and Butter Thing said: “Over 80% of The Bread and Butter Things members are female, and each strand of work we have carried out with the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation has focussed on empowering women. From increasing the number of Mums registering for Healthy Start Vouchers to workshops building confidence and motivation with tailored action plans. Our partnership work shows the shared values we have with Sodexo and the Stop Hunger Foundation and we are immensely grateful to Stop Hunger for their help and support.” 

The 2023 Sodexo Stop Hunger report includes more details on its achievements and stories from its activities between 1 Sept 2022 and 31 August 2023, to read the report click here: 

Sodexo is the founding partner of the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation, a UK registered charity. In the UK & Ireland, the Foundation’s mission is to act sustainably to fight food insecurity and its work complements Sodexo's Social Impact pledge. 

Thanks to the financial support of Sodexo, 100% of the donations made to Stop Hunger go directly to financing activities and sustainable solutions for disadvantaged communities to exit food insecurity. 

The Foundation's work contributes to Sodexo’s global corporate responsibility commitment, Better Tomorrow 2025 which aligns to the Sustainable Development Goals designed by the UN to make the world a fairer and more equal place.

Dreamland Margate to Join Levy UK + Ireland Portfolio with KERB and Peppermint Collaboration #

From October, Levy UK + Ireland partners, KERB and Peppermint, are set to take charge of food and beverage operations at Dreamland Margate, the picture-perfect seaside entertainment sensation and amusement park on the Kent coast. 

The one-stop shop of culture, food and festival fun will benefit from a food and drink overhaul when street food giant, KERB, assume responsibility of feeding the seaside venue’s visitors. KERB will support and grow the local traders already working at Dreamland Margate as well as bringing in more food talent. Attendees can expect to be wowed by authentic street food dishes, served up by a diverse mix of independent operators. A full line-up will be revealed when Dreamland Margate re-opens its doors in Spring 2024.    

Peppermint will be the event and concert bar operator at Dreamland Margate which this year welcomed 25+ artists including Sir Tom Jones, The Streets, Queens of the Stone Age, Bicep, Primal Scream, Happy Mondays, The Human League and many more. The premium bar solutions experts will be imparting over 20 years’ experience running bars at 40+ events every summer including Radio 2 in the Park, Camp Bestival, Mighty Hoopla and American Express presents BST in London’s Hyde Park. Peppermint’s relationship with Dreamland’s CEO, Eddie Kemsley goes back to 2003 when the award-winning bar company was founded.

Dreamland Margate’s outdoor summer season runs from spring through to the end of summer, then a diverse calendar of indoor concerts and events runs throughout the winter months. The venue is also available for private and corporate event bookings all-year-round and any food and beverage requirements will be maintained by Levy UK + Ireland and its partners.    

Both KERB and Peppermint share a mutual commitment to support the local community in Margate to ensure job opportunities are filled with local talent and regional suppliers are cultivated and fostered.

Eddie Kemsley, CEO, Dreamland Margate says about the partnership: ‘We are all delighted to be teaming up with Levy UK + Ireland partners, KERB and Peppermint. This partnership will take our food and drink offer to the next level, providing all our visitors, corporate guests, and event goers with an even more eclectic and diverse range of choices. We can’t wait to get this party started!

Simon Mitchell, CEO, KERB says: “We’re thrilled to be taking charge of the menu at Dreamland Margate. This seaside town has already made a name for itself as a culinary destination, and we’re excited to get to know both Dreamland’s existing food traders and the wider local food scene. Together, we will ensure that the food offering at Dreamland Margate is as exciting as the rides at this iconic amusement park.”

Alex Brooke, Co-Founder, Peppermint also comments: “We are extremely excited to be working with Dreamland Margate, a fantastic venue we have been visiting for years. Eddie and the Dreamland team have done a fantastic job of putting Margate on the map with this incredible multifaceted space. We have already started work on new bar concepts and delivering a host of new dispense technology into play, as well as working hard to implement a low-carbon operation. See you at the seaside!

Compass chefs wow at culinary competition #

Chefs from across the Compass Group UK & Ireland business joined together for the company’s annual Compass Chef of the Year (CCOTY) competitions, yesterday. Held at a Cookery School, in Winchester, the contest shows off the company’s best-in-class culinary talent with an opportunity for learning, development and networking.
In the Senior Chef of the Year category Gary Wolfe, from Restaurant Associates received gold, followed by Bruce Morrison from ESS Energy who took home silver and Izabela Ginter, ESS Energy was awarded bronze.  George Charles-Pulfer from Restaurant Associates won the overall Young Chef category, taking gold. Silver went to Aga Bernaciak of Restaurant Associates and bronze to Isabel Cureton, ESS Defence.
Finalists in the Senior Chef of the Year category prepared three dishes in just over two hours. The winning courses that were prepared by Gary, included a delicious Tartlet of artichokes; Dayboat Southcoast Turbot; and Norfolk Royal Russet Apple Pie.
The Young Chef of the Year competitors (chefs to the level of Chef de Partie), were required to prepare two dishes - a starter and a main course in two hours. Judges were wowed by George’s dishes of leek, yeast and cashew starter, followed by Herdwick lamb and carrot.
For participants to make it into the final, they have either been selected or have taken part in heats. The process is judged on several factors including the sustainability of menus, including seasonality and keeping waste to a minimum, with competitors tasked to produce one plant-based course.
The chefs were judged by National Chairman of the Craft Guild of Chefs, Matt Owens; Chef Consultant, Simon Stocker; Head of Ingredients and Workplace Managed menus, Foodbuy UK, Bob Brown; and Culinary Director at Compass Group UK & Ireland, Nick Vadis.
The Senior Chef winner, Gary Wolfe said: “The Compass Chef of the Year competition has been a brilliant process to be involved in and I have learnt a lot on this journey. It’s a huge honour to win this award, thank you so much to the team for their support.”
Nick Vadis, Compass Group UK & Ireland Culinary Director said: “Every year I am bowled over by our amazing chefs. They show dedication, creativity and skill. They are mentored by others within the business and throughout the process I watch them grow and develop. It’s been a great day – a massive well done to everyone involved.”

Sodexo’s stars reap the awards this autumn #

Sodexo is celebrating a host of wins at a number of leading industry awards this month. At the Foodservice Cateys Sodexo’s Schools and Government division led the way taking the Best Use of Technology and the Extra Mile titles and, last night, Sodexo’s Universities team at Northumbria University received Excellence in Customer Experience (non-office/corporate environment) at the IWFM awards. 

Demonstrating its market-leading approach, Sodexo’s Schools division took home the Best Use of Technology award for School Food United. This pre-order and payment platform offers a convenient meal ordering and payment service for families, helping ensure their children get to enjoy a tasty, well-balanced lunch every single day. Since introducing the platform, Sodexo has seen a 20% increase in school meals at the 220 schools using it with 2.8 million meals ordered. 

The Extra Mile Award was presented to Sodexo’s Government division for its work providing food services round the clock for the thousands of military and government personnel involved following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the period of official mourning, the state funeral and subsequently the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. Sodexo teams rose to this large-scale, complex challenge which resulted in a significant increase in service demand and flexibility. For each of the special operations, Sodexo’s teams from across its Government business came together and delivered a service that ensured thousands of vital personnel were able to focus on fulfilling their roles during these significant historical moments. 

The team at Northumbria University received the Excellence in Customer Experience award for its Residency Living programme which delivers support for students from the start of their university journey through proactive and reactive initiatives to help them thrive. Student Residency Advisors have been introduced to offer peer-to- peer support and act as first responders for resident issues and concerns of the 2,400 students living across five student accommodation sites in Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

Earlier this month Stuart Emery, cleaning development manager in Sodexo’s Tech & Services team, received Rising Star of the Year at the 2023 European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards and Sodexo’s Apprenticeships and Early Careers team were named north-west regional winners for Social Justice Apprentice Employer of the Year Award. The team go onto the final of the National Apprenticeship Awards with winners announced on 29 November. 

Sean Haley, CEO Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “It has been fantastic to see colleagues from across our business recognised for excellence in service delivery and for introducing innovative digital solutions.  Each and every one of our colleagues involved in these winning teams should be immensely proud of their achievement.  Thank you for demonstrating our core values of team spirit, spirit of progress and service spirit and helping us deliver positive impact in the communities in which we live, work and serve.” 

Sodexo creates community of practice to tackle climate and nature goals together #

A new community of practice* has been formed by Sodexo’s Corporate Services division aimed at bringing together sustainability heads from some of the UK’s leading organisations to be change-makers through collaboration. 

In today's rapidly changing world, sustainability is a topic that concerns not just professionals in the field, but also senior directors and decision-makers across all departments. Building a climate and nature-aware business requires an understanding of the complex world of ESG and its potential risks and opportunities. 

In March this year Sodexo, in partnership with FuturePlanet, launched its community of practice for sustainability leads from its clients and suppliers in both the public and the private sector. 

Through a programme of intentionally designed events, a dedicated online community platform and community support, the Sodexo community of practice has three intentions:

Be a safe space to come together as equals and to support each other as individuals.
Share best practice and knowledge on achieving net zero, nature and social impact goals.
To foster collaboration with commercial partners who have shared goals, climate and nature related risks. 

Members of the Sodexo community of practice have shared a multitude of challenges, solutions and ideas that can be used to transform their organisations and achieve net zero, nature and social goals. These have been reviewed, sorted and prioritised by each of the participants. 

Themes and solutions shared include carbon reduction particularly scope 3, supply chain engagement assessments with a particular focus on diverse supply chains, employee and wider stakeholder engagement. Topics covered with a shared relevance across sectors also include getting buy-in from stakeholders, climate related objectives for employees and sharing best practice on how to engage and empower employees to act. 

With support from FuturePlanet, Sodexo’s vision is to foster a community which continually collaborates online and in person to drive ongoing impact both in the short and long term so that all can collectively achieve climate and sustainability goals to drive systemic transformation. 

Julie Ennis, CEO Corporate Services, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “Navigating challenges such as calculating carbon emissions, influencing policy and regulations, leveraging business spend, and balancing ambition with delivery can be overwhelming for many. Through this new community we have co-created we are able to bring many organisations together from various industries to listen and learn from each other, so we can collectively achieve our climate and sustainability goals.” 

Carl Pratt, Founder of FuturePlanet adds: "It is inspiring and energising to feel the potential for impact that we have when we come together, share openly and collaborate.  Everyone has a piece of the puzzle in their organisation, it is through intentional community building that we can start to the amount of collaboration required to move further and faster towards out climate, nature and sustainability goals. When we do that it creates the feeling that together we can do this! Which I love." 

Claire Atkins Morris, Sustainability Director for Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We recognise that with our closest partners, we can play a role in leading adaptation, mitigation and transformation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the roundtables particularly connecting at a personal level, something so many events I have attended are missing. It is so important for change-makers to connect regularly to drive ambitious change in their respective organisations. By working together, sharing resources, co-creating solutions and amplifying our influence, we believe we can tackle the complexities of ESG, using anchor institute mentality to create impact in the communities we live, work and serve.” 

Comments from some of the community participants include: 

Justin Turquet, director of sustainability, Bunzl Catering and Hospitality division said: “I really enjoyed having a space to reflect and share with fellow professionals where we have aligned experiences and can learn from each other.” 

Paul Andrews, director of global energy, Smith & Nephew, said: “I feel encouraged that other businesses are ahead of us who have stories that we can learn from and use to encourage actions in our business.” 

Sodexo was one of the first organisations to have its UK and Ireland net zero 2040 target validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). In January this year, Sodexo recorded in its progress update report a 33% reduction in scope 1,2 and 3 GHG emissions for the UK and Ireland, compared to its 2017 baseline.

Kraft Heinz unveils winter sales playbook to empower Heinz Selection burger restaurants. #

Kraft Heinz is reinforcing its commitment to burger establishments with the launch of the second instalment in its playbook series, 'Sizzling Stacks.' This playbook is specifically tailored to assist operators in achieving commercial success within the winter market. 

In line with Kraft Heinz's steadfast commitment to independent operators, the release of the latest playbook, "Sizzling Stacks: Developing Irresistible Offers" is designed to enhance the trading experience for Heinz Selection members. This comprehensive resource is brimming with fresh, exclusive insights, culinary expertise, and industry-leading guidance. 

Building upon the success of the first release, which inspired operators with delectable burger recipes suitable for all diners, Playbook 2 marks an evolution in Kraft Heinz’s support strategy and is available to all members of the community. The playbook is tailored to empower independent burger operators with practical advice, enabling them to navigate evolving trends, craft cost-effective compelling menus and harness the potential of limited-time offers (LTOs) as a powerful sales-boosting tool. 

Tom Franklin, Director of Foodservice at Kraft Heinz explains why now is the perfect time to join Heinz Selection and take advantage of this Kraft Heinz partnership.  

This year has been tough for the hospitality industry. Consumers are eating out less frequently and opting for value-led occasions and dishes. Fortunately, despite cutbacks, burgers have risen to the fore, becoming the UK’s most popular main[1], which is great news for our Heinz Selection members. 

“We are committed to supporting our business partners. Joining the Heinz Selection community gives burger operators access to valuable insight so they can seize commercial opportunities, adapt to changing consumer preferences and navigate the challenges that come with running a successful business

Originating in Latin America in 2019, Heinz Selection launched into the UK earlier this year and now includes 400 burger restaurants across 23 markets. Heinz Selection celebrates restaurants that are dedicated to making delicious, high-quality burgers with the world's most loved sauce brand. 

As a Heinz Selection partner, members gain exclusive access to complimentary dine-in merchandise, product discounts, enticing limited time offers (LTOs), and the valued Heinz quality stamp of approval for marketing use.  
For a chance to become part of Heinz Selection, burger restaurants should register their interest by emailing   

jellybean Unveils New Insight to Help Brands Understand and Engage Chefs on Social Media #

To mark International Chefs Day (October 20th 2023), jellybean is unveiling a new body of research, collected via its in-house SENSE social listening service, which takes a deep dive into the social media habits of over 7,500 chefs across the industry.
The new ‘Chefs on Social’ findings will make fascinating and essential reading for brands looking to crack this key demographic, providing valuable insights and learnings to drive better engagement.
The leading food and drink agency, with over 36 years of experience in the foodservice market, is offering brands the chance to request a free Chefs on Social infographic with highlights from the research. In addition to utilising the proprietary insight for their clients, jellybean’s dedicated social team will be available for bookable one-to-one sessions with brands who are interested to find out more about the research findings as well as the capabilities of SENSE social listening. 
Topics covered include:
The share of chefs on social media and which demographics are emerging or up and coming.
The top-ranking social channels for chefs.
The types of content that wield the most influence and drive the most engagement.
The top 10 most influential chefs on social media.Plus, much more!
Jellybean MD, Susan Wickes, says: “Chefs as an audience can be tough nuts to crack when it comes to grabbing – and holding – their attention. But thankfully, with almost 40 years of experience supporting clients on how to do just that, and with our new SENSE social listening tool in place, jellybean is perfectly placed to advise brands on how best to engage this complex yet integral audience. SENSE can help us to understand the very latest habitual trends in the fast-paced world of social media, while our dedicated team of experts is then able to layer on the ‘so what?’, helping to set engagement and content strategies with real cut through. 
“I advise brands looking to break into, or better understand, the chef market to request their free infographic and get in touch to find out more
Visit: to request a copy of jellybean’s new ‘Chefs on Social’ infographic and get in touch today for more information. 

Délifrance launches Smart Guide to help food operators do more with less #

Leading baked goods manufacturer, Délifrance, today announced the launch of a new guide aimed at helping business partners overcome the four main challenges facing the foodservice industry right now. With recommendations and insight addressing price inflation, staffing constraints, standing out and social responsibility, 'Smart Guide: Time Saving & Low Budget Service Solutions' is packed with timely advice to help food operators do more with less while staying one step ahead of the competition.   

Délifrance researched over forty foodservice customers across six European countries to understand how best to support their businesses and used the findings to create the ‘Smart Guide’. Packed with 'recipes for success', this is aimed at helping operators drive sales and enhance customer experience through pricing, menu optimisation and waste reduction.   

Rising inflation means many consumers are eating OOH less and average spend decreasing. Rather than increasing prices or using lower quality ingredients, the 'Smart Guide' includes recommendations for smart portions and meal deals, with recipes for small yet appealing light bites and snacks that meet tighter budgets.   

With more consumers concerned about their carbon footprint, the 'Smart Guide' provides examples of streamlined menus with seasonal products catering for both budget and customer expectation.   

To address difficulties recruiting experienced kitchen staff, the 'Smart Guide' includes recipes for appealing, affordable dishes that are simple for less skilled staff to recreate. 

Increasing competition is making it harder for operators to entice customers, but research shows that those still spending are seeking exciting dining experiences. With this in mind, Délifrance chef, Lucas, has created tantalising, Instagrammable dishes ranging from vegetable tatin—a winner with plant-based diners—to a deliciously indulgent apple and pear tart.   

Stéphanie Brillouet, Délifrance marketing director said: "Although the foodservice sector is showing strong signs of recovery following the pandemic, operators are now facing a new set of difficulties. We wanted to know what we could do at Délifrance to make life that little bit easier for customers.”   

"We've done the research and they shared with us the top issues they're struggling with right now. And we're pleased to share our expertise in this guide full of mouth-watering recipes, actionable tips and low-cost solutions to help partners weather the storm over the coming year."   

Food operators can download ‘Smart Guide: Time Saving & Low Budget Solutions from the Délifrance website here.