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December 2023

Sodexo launches Military Advisory Group for Nutrition and Wellbeing #

Sodexo has partnered with the British Nutrition Foundation, stakeholders from across its defence portfolio and experts to explore practical solutions that support the nutritional needs of the British Armed Forces with the launch of a new Military Advisory Group for Nutrition and Wellbeing. 

Sodexo and the British Nutrition Foundation will hold regular sessions over the coming year bringing together academics, military stakeholders, and nutritional science experts to explore how nutritional standards for the military can be better integrated into the lived experience.  Initially focusing on a review of current literature to understand some of the most relevant challenges within the military this group will collaborate on longer-term strategies like education, marketing effectiveness, and thought leadership to support a programme of sustained development. 

The first Advisory Group meeting was at Colchester Garrison on November 28th, with experts and academics from Surrey University, Manchester Metropolitan University, and UK Institute of Sports joining a range of Sodexo and local military stakeholders, as well as senior British nutrition scientists.

In this inaugural session, the group explored some of most pressing the health concerns faced by the military. Areas covered included the importance of a balanced diet that provides the right nutrients to best support health and wellbeing areas such as immunity, gut health, stress, sleep and cognitive function, as well as those which can help contribute to service personnel sustain long periods of physical activity and prevent illness and injuries. 

The group delved into what could be improved to help military personnel achieve a healthy, balanced diet and whether the supplementation of specific nutrients such as vitamin D should be considered to support musculoskeletal health, in line with the UK government recommendation. 

The Sodexo team from Colchester Garrison then shared with the group some of the nutritional initiatives planned on-site, such as an enhanced packed lunch trial, and the design of a number of healthier takeaway options to help improve food choices outside of core hours. 

The Military Advisory Group for Nutrition and Wellbeing aims to meet three times a year to explore the latest insights supported by a strong body of scientific evidence to ensure services are futureproofed. 

Mark Baker, COO Defence, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “We’ve worked with the British Armed Forces and military forces across the globe for the past 50 years and every step of that journey has been about how we have collaborated to adjust and improve our services to ensure they meet the evolving physical and mental needs of soldiers and deliver greater operational capability. 

"By partnering with the British Nutrition Foundation and other nutritional experts, we’re looking to further improve the health and wellbeing experience of soldiers, sailors and aviators not only at our partner sites, but in the longer-term hopefully for the wider military community.” 

Sarah Stanner, Science Director, British Nutrition Foundation added: “A balanced, nutritious diet is important, as we know Armed Forces have considerable physical and cognitive challenges, and that good nutrition is important to support performance. We’re delighted to be partnering with Sodexo and other valued experts from the nutrition and military fields, to discuss how we can together make a difference by driving positive change and educate stakeholders about the value of nutrition for the health and wellbeing of military personnel.” 

Earlier this month, the British Nutrition Foundation held its annual online conference, highlighting the importance of nutrition through a series of video content that shows how companies such as Sodexo are improving the quality of life for many – including the British Armed Forces. Watch the video here: 

A public-facing charity, the British Nutrition Foundation exists to provide people, educators and organisations access to reliable information on nutrition. Grounded in science, the charity supports all life stages on their journey towards a healthy and sustainable diet. 

A long-trusted partner to the Ministry of Defence, Sodexo’s award-winning team provided over 50,000 meals, in the build up to and during the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III and his wife, Queen Camilla in 2023.

KAM & SISU shine a light on inclusivity and wellness in hospitality #

Research consultancy KAM and an Equality, Equity and Inclusion consultancy, SISU have joined forces to carry out a comprehensive survey within the Hospitality Industry to understand and enhance diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing.
Following research that less than 3-in-4 hospitality employees feel their company has a ‘diverse workforce’ and 1-in-3 hospitality employees say their current role negatively affects their mental health, KAM and SISU will launch the Hii Report (Hospitality's Inclusivity Insights Report) early next year.
The survey seeks to explore how factors such as gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality, cultural and religious beliefs, as well as physical disabilities and neurodiversity, influence experiences in the hospitality workplace.
The ‘Hii’ report will establish benchmarks offer a comprehensive understanding of each sector within the industry, supplying data to inform and drive our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy in the field. 
Katy Moses, Founder/MD of insights consultancy KAM; “Research KAM has carried out over the last year suggests we have a long way to go to truly being an inclusive industry to work in. But quite simply, we don’t know enough about where we currently stand as an industry to really deliver purposeful change. Knowledge is power and very few hospitality companies really understand their current position and where they need to be.”
“We’re delighted to bring together KAM’s research and SISU’s expertise to give hospitality businesses a real understanding of where we are as an industry in terms of inclusivity and also an opportunity to understand more about their own teams’ experience in the work place. This report is an exciting opportunity to help create a more inclusive and equitable future for the Hospitality Industry.”
KAM research has also found many employees feel they have experienced being treated unfairly in their hospitality roles due to either their gender (32% of females), age (22%), ethnicity (6%) or sexuality (14%.)
Olajide Alabi, Co-creator of SISU; "Inspired by Nelson Mandela's wisdom, 'It always seems impossible until it's done', the Hii Report is our journey to turn the 'impossible'—a truly inclusive and accessible hospitality industry—into reality. We aim to paint a detailed picture of representation within the industry, examining the authentic experiences of individuals in various roles and from marginalised communities.”
SISU, born from the passion to shatter stereotypes and societal boxes, we believe in the power of people. The hospitality industry is a space I've grown up in and learned so much from. There is a need to ensure every voice is heard, every barrier to senior roles is broken, and every individual's story shapes the narrative. We want to give hospitality brands the knowledge to transform the 'impossible' into a harmonious reality, celebrating diversity, making representation the norm, and ensuring everyone contributes to the vibrant story of hospitality." 
KAM and SISU are asking hospitality employees to take 5 minutes to complete the survey here.
Stats on diversity and inclusivity in the hospitality workplace:
- Only 3-in-4 hospitality employees feel their company has a ‘diverse workforce’
- An astounding 1-in-3 hospitality employees say their work negatively affects their mental health
- Only 42% of hospitality employees think their workplace is doing enough to address gender inequality
- Hospitality employees feel they have experienced being treated unfairly due to:

Gender 32% females / 7% males
Age 22%
Ethnicity 6%
Sexuality 14%

Sodexo Live! deepens commitment to gender equality as Women in Football’s newest corporate member #

Sodexo Live! is delighted to confirm that it has joined Women in Football (WiF) as a corporate member, reaffirming its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.
The decision by Sodexo Live! – the global leader in the live events hospitality industry – to take up WiF Corporate Membership means a range of benefits for the company and its employees, including gender equality workshops, access to WiF events, and highly sought-after places on the Women in Football Leadership Course in partnership with Barclays.
The move follows a successful collaboration between the two organisations on a Women in Football watch party at Newcastle United FC during this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.
Adding Sodexo Live! to its stable of prestigious corporate members enables Women in Football, in turn, to extend the organisation’s reach and further its initiatives to empower women at all levels of the football ecosystem.
WiF’s other corporate members include Brentford FC, Brighton & Hove Albion FC (which Sodexo Live! has been operating since 2013), Manchester City FC, as well as the Premier League itself and other organisations such as PepsiCo and Sky Sports.
Sodexo Live! is a leading player in the event and hospitality sector, providing innovative and seamless experiences for a diverse range of partners. With a focus on creating memorable events, Sodexo Live! brings a wealth of expertise to the table, and its commitment to diversity aligns perfectly with the values of Women in Football.
Women in Football CEO Yvonne Harrison said: “This partnership is a testament to the commitment of Sodexo Live! to inclusion and gender equality in football and beyond. It’s great news for the Sodexo Live! workforce and great news for women across the football industry.”
“We’re thrilled to welcome Sodexo Live! on board as a corporate member and we look forward to working with them to create a more inclusive environment for women in football and collectively drive positive change in the industry.”
Kathryn Morgan, Business Development Director, Sports & Stadia at Sodexo Live! UK & Ireland said: 
"We are as passionate about football at Sodexo Live! as we are firm believers in gender equality. This is just one of the many reasons why we have joined forces with Women In Football.
“Our dedication to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our business operations, and this partnership allows us to actively contribute to the advancement of women in the football industry.
“By working together, both organisations aim to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a more inclusive and equitable environment for women in football.”


Lumina Intelligence UK Wholesale Online Report reveals how wholesalers and suppliers are developing key e-commerce capabilities #

The latest research from Lumina Intelligence UK Wholesale Online Report 2023 reveals that inflation, energy hikes and staff costs ‒ alongside ongoing volatile consumer sentiment ‒ are having major impacts on retailer and foodservice businesses. New insights from the report show that 67% of retailers are worried about energy costs, and 63% cite inflation as a major concern, both presenting huge challenges to profitability.
Benefits of online show clearly
The new report highlights the benefits e-commerce offers, including maximising reach and boosting operational efficiencies for wholesalers. And for retailers, digital solutions can enable the cheapest possible price and offer that all-important personalised shopping experience through tailored promotions and product recommendations.
Online purchasing is main route to market in wholesale
Online-delivered is the main way that retailers purchase from wholesalers, currently standing at 71%, demonstrating the growing importance of the online channel for wholesalers and suppliers. During 2023, wholesalers have launched successful digital solutions focused on tailored category advice and personalised promotions.
WhatsApp Business API can boost online journeys
For wholesalers, WhatsApp is driving engagement and delivering a personalised experience, especially when messages are sent at the most effective times of day. For suppliers, B2B WhatsApp messages are key to boosting promotions, targeting higher spend and reaching a broader retailer audience.
Supplier-wholesaler website collaboration reaps dividends
With a very high proportion of search users never going past the first page of results, optimising internal search functions and media placements are key for ease of online navigation and engagement. Suppliers can collaborate with wholesalers to advise on clear taxonomy of products so that, for example, foodservice operators can easily find dietary alternative solutions on their platforms.

About Lumina Intelligence UK Wholesale Online Report 2023
The Lumina Intelligence UK Wholesale Online Report 2023 is a deep dive into the latest data of the online channel across retail & foodservice wholesale, covering all aspects from how customers are ordering to significant new technology that is influencing the customer journey and purchasing decisions. This report aims to help wholesalers and suppliers plan their e-commerce strategy for 2024, assess how key performance indicators for the channel have changed over time and identify the most effective touchpoints to engage with foodservice and retail customers across both web and app shopping journeys.
About Lumina Intelligence
Lumina Intelligence inspires the global food and drink sector with deep, actionable insights powered by the world’s best analytics technology. Our products and services are used by the major brands and organisations in these fast moving and growing markets to support business planning, strategic marketing and new product development.

Combining the expertise and experience of HIM, MCA Insight and Lumina Intelligence, we are the experts in market and consumer insight across the food & drink and nutrition markets.

Unitas Wholesale appoints Cheryl Hope to the Unitas Board #

Unitas Wholesale is delighted to announce the appointment of Cheryl Hope to the Unitas Board. The move follows Cheryl’s promotion to Trading Director earlier this year.
Cheryl joined Unitas in 2022 and has been instrumental in successfully implementing a member centric approach. In her role, Cheryl has also enhanced supplier relationships and delivered collaborative initiatives, to help both Unitas members and suppliers grow their businesses.
On her appointment, Cheryl said: “I am very proud to be a member of the Unitas board. It’s a privilege to work with the very best of independent wholesaling, whose true entrepreneurial spirit drives the industry forward. Bringing our members together with the UK’s best brands to create mutually beneficial trading opportunities is at the heart of my role, and I am looking forward to maximising these relationships in the future.”
John Kinney, Managing Director of Unitas Wholesale, said: “Cheryl has been a fantastic asset to Unitas. She is passionate about improving the trading relationship with both Unitas members and our supplier partners and is building an excellent trading team around her.  Collaboration is key to unlocking activities and investment to drive sales and growth for our members and suppliers, and Cheryl has already had huge success in bringing both parties closer together to achieve this.”
Mark Aylwin Chairman of Unitas Wholesale adds: “I’m delighted to welcome Cheryl to the Board of Unitas. Cheryl has made a tremendous contribution to the group in her role as Trading Director and will be an excellent addition to our Board, bringing new thinking as we strive to deliver growth for both our members and supplier partners.”

Double win for Premier Foods Foodservice at The FWD Awards #

This year’s Federation of Wholesaler Distributors saw Premier Foods Foodservice scoop not one but two awards! Premier Food’s gravy brand Bisto won the Best Foodservice Brand Award, and its Southern Style gravy was awarded the Best New Foodservice Product.
The prestigious event, which was hosted at the Old Billingsgate in London, on Thursday 30 November, saw the federation celebrate the work and innovation of suppliers and wholesalers across the foodservice industry, with a total of 25 Gold Medals awarded.
Speaking of Bisto’s two wins, Sarah Robb, foodservice marketing manager at Premier Foods Foodservice said: “We're thrilled to see Bisto recognised at this year's Federation of Wholesaler Distributors Gold Medal Awards. Bisto has a long history and the brand has become a culinary staple across the foodservice industry from education and care through to pubs, hotels and restaurants, thanks to its much-loved flavour and ease of preparation. We continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of our customers, so are delighted to also receive a coveted gold award for our new Bisto Southern Style gravy.”

Unwrap the best deals from Bestway this Christmas #

Bestway Wholesale, the UK’s largest independent food and drink wholesaler, has launched a major Christmas campaign across all its nationwide depots, giving customers the elevated and engaging theatre they have become famous for over the last two years.

In collaboration with key suppliers, the ‘Unwrap the Deals’ festive campaign has been designed to create theatre and festive fun, creating immense visual appeal for its 100,000 customers on their Christmas shopping journey.

In the lead up to Christmas, Bestway are doubling down on the promotions to retail customers to help ease the pressure over this peak trading period – giving more back to customers.

Retailers can enjoy visiting the large-scale dazzling Christmassy fireplace and mantle bringing festive cheer, alongside a giant Christmas tree brimming with festive deals and three-dimensional gold wrapped gift pallets branded uniquely for each supplier giving customers incredible prices.  Large digital screens within depots shine a light on special products, retailer promotions and supplier content.

For those retailers who prefer to shop online, the Christmas advent calendar awaits - unveiling behind each ‘door’ the very best POR (Profit on Return) from top brands such as Heineken, McVities, Budweiser, Cadbury’s, Coca Cola and many more.

The Christmas campaign is being supported by a series of competitions including buy a case of 500ml or 1.75ml Coca Cola Zero Sugar and be in with a chance of winning exciting cash prizes up to the value of £10,000.

Nestlé is offering the chance of winning one of 20 prizes and £150 of Bestway Wholesale credit, and Guiness is giving four lucky retailers £1000 cash simply by picking up qualifying packs of Guinness 0.0. 
Kenton Burchell, Trading Director for Bestway Wholesale and retail, says:
“We are really excited by this year’s Christmas campaign and we’re confident we have the best deals in the market.  We’ve saved our top deals of the year for the biggest shopping season of the year to help our customers optimise their margin and profit at this time.

“Importantly, retailers can enjoy large-scale fun which is interactive and engaging directly with them in depot. Our Christmas fireplace, giant Christmas tree and gold wrapped gift pallets all encompasses terrific theatre – it’s a perfect forum for suppliers to showcase their Christmas products. 

“We’ve devoted a significant sum to prizes and promotions to help retailers enjoy an ever more profitable trading over the festive period and boost supplier visibility at the same time”.

Bestway’s ‘Unwrap the Deals’ campaign is also supported by an above-line trade press media campaign and through the company’s digital platforms including a Bestway digital ‘takeover’ campaign for the Christmas Advent Calendar – which plays a prominent role across its web site.

Burchell concludes:
“We hope the campaign will encourage our retailers to make Bestway their number one choice of where to shop for their festive products this Christmas.  By doing so, they will be rewarded – our whole aim is help them make more possible for their business and their customers this Christmas”.

To view the full details of the campaign, please visit and

Sodexo enters new five-year partnership with Reed’s School #

Independents by Sodexo has been the catering partner at Reed’s School in Cobham, Surrey for over 50 years and will continue to deliver the catering and hospitality services at the school for a further five years. 

The new contract is valued at around £1.3 million. Sodexo’s 23-strong team at Reed’s will continue to deliver meals for the 700 day pupils and 100 boarders and in the Sixth Form café. The contract also includes the provision of school meals for Ripley Court School, a co-educational prep school for 200 pupils from aged 2 to 11 years, following its merger with Reed’s in 2019. 

A balanced and varied diet promotes good health and wellbeing, both during childhood and into adulthood. Sodexo’s catering team serve all pupils, staff and visitors with a well-balanced appetising menu with dishes produced from scratch using the best ingredients. Developed under its Powering Performance programme the menus have been developed to help the pupils make informed choices when it comes to food and drink. 

Powering Performance supports Reed’s School with valuable resources to promote messages about good nutrition and healthy eating both in the school’s dining hall and in the classroom where appropriate. 

A number of dishes using wonky produce such as celeriac soup with crème fraiche and chives are also included on the menus.  Sodexo’s Wasteful to Tasteful initiative is just one element of its work to reduce the impact food waste is having on our planet. Working with Waste Knot, which is committed to connecting businesses with surplus food and Ferryfast, a co-operative of farmers in Worcestershire, the initiative sees boxes of ‘rescued fruit and vegetables’ distributed to Sodexo catering teams across the country, including Reed’s School. 

To manage the hospitality bookings at the school the Sodexo team utilise Blue Runner technology to ensure the smooth running of hospitality services for a wide range of events held at the school throughout the year. 

Steve Hawkins, managing director, schools, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “Reed’s School is a valued long-term partner and we thoroughly enjoy working with the school to provide food services to their pupils, staff and visitors. It is a school steeped in history and our team there has become part of the Reed’s family through their hard work, diligence and commitment to providing meals which are appealing and that provide the right balance of nutrients to enable the pupils to thrive in all they do.” 

Jason McKinlay, Operations Director for Reed’s School, added: “Reed's School and Ripley Court School are delighted to announce a further five-year contract extension with Independents by Sodexo, a partnership that has now extended to well over 50 years. We look forward to working with Sodexo to continue the evolution of the food offer to pupils, parents and staff alike.”

Tommy Banks returns to Toque d’Or judging panel as Nestlé Professional open registrations for the 36th edition of competition #

Nestlé Professional today opened registrations for the 36th edition of its Toque d’Or competition. College lecturers have until 12th January 2024 to register their Level 2, 3 and 4 back and front of house students.
Award-winning chef and restaurateur, Tommy Banks, will continue in his role as judge providing expert advice and mentorship for Toque d’Or entrants. Students will also be able to take inspiration from Tommy’s passion and knowledge in farm to fork dining and sustainability, which remains the theme for the prestigious competition.
Commenting on his return to the Toque d’Or judging panel, Tommy Banks said: “I’m delighted to be involved in Toque d’Or 2024 after such a competitive and inspiring competition this year! I really enjoyed mentoring this year’s cohort on incredibly important industry topics such as sustainability and provenance. It’s my pleasure once again to help them learn all about sustainable farming and to master the art in crafting sustainably sourced menus.”
Next year’s winners will embark on a once in a lifetime trip to Switzerland, where they will get to delve into Nestlé’s origins and Swiss heritage as they visit the company’s headquarters and the famous Nestlé chocolate factory. As well as getting an unforgettable gastronomic experience – savouring the very best food and drink the country has to offer – the winners will explore Switzerland’s breathtaking landscapes and popular tourist attractions.  
Since its inception in 1989, Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or has worked with more than 150 colleges across the UK, providing opportunities and learning to more than 10,000 hospitality and culinary arts students.
Last year’s front-of-house (FOH) winner Joshua Kerr, who recently returned from a once-in-a-lifetime foodie trip in Brazil, said the competition has given him a huge boost in confidence, both from a personal and professional standpoint. Urging others to step forward and enter the competition, Joshua commented: “I’d recommend the Toque d’Or experience to any budding chef or restaurateur. Not only does it allow you to showcase your knowledge, skill and passion to influential people across the industry, but you also get so much personal growth from the competition in terms of the confidence it gives you and the new people you get to meet. If you want to better yourself and your career prospects, Toque d’Or is the competition for you. All you have to do is reach out to your college lecturer who will express your interest, and then it’s over to you!”
Toque d’Or 2024 takes place over six stages and is aimed at attracting more fresh talent than ever, with entrants competing in their colleges, before being shortlisted for the National Heats which will take place in March at The Grand Cookery School in York, followed by the Grand Finals in April. It is open to all Back and Front of House students on *Levels 2, 3 or 4. Lecturers must register students that meet these criteria.
Katya Simmons, managing director of Nestlé Professional UK&I, said: “The hospitality industry offers dynamic and rewarding careers; it allows you to constantly learn, grow and meet diverse people; and it’s full of opportunity to make a positive impact on customers and create memorable experiences. Through our prestigious Toque d’Or competition, we are perfectly positioned to help hospitality and culinary arts students bridge the gap between classroom learning and our incredible industry.
“We’re delighted to welcome back Tommy to the judging panel. It goes without saying, his outstanding experience and knowledge of the industry as well as his background in farming and Michelin green star underlines Toque d’Or’s continued theme of sustainability. The 2024 competition is set to be as memorable and inspiring as ever, and we look forward to welcoming and supporting the competitors throughout their journey.”

Over the years, Toque d’Or has attracted high-profile judges including Anton Mosimann OBE, sommelier and wine expert, Raul Diaz, and food writer and influencer, Julie Jones. As a result, the competition has developed a strong network of supporters, judges and competitor-alumni, ranging from James Martin and Jamie Oliver, to Brian Turner, Paul Gayler, James Tanner and Simon Hulstone.
To register and find out more about the competition’s format and timeline, college lecturers, employers and apprentices should go to:

Veganuary, Veggie, Free From - Dr Oetker #

In the last year there has been an increase in demand for free-from, plant-based meat alternatives, vegetarian and vegan products, as a result of the ever-changing healthy living sector and the increase in interest in these sectors in today’s society.
Healthy eating has been a major driver of change in legislation and consumer behaviour, 44% of UK adults are very health conscious, up +3ppts year-on-year, which includes embarking on various types of diets. As a result, healthy eating is a contributing factor towards consumers opting for more sustainable solutions, as 46% of Brits admit that this plays a role in their food choice decision making.

Many shoppers are consciously seeking the reported benefits of a vegetarian / vegan diet, which in turn is driving the sales of alternatives products upwards.
However, despite the rise in interest in health, consumers are still remaining value conscious when eating out, still wanting value for money and experience is becoming a bigger driver for eating out of home.
Following on from 2022 – the trends of free-from, vegetarian and veganism show no signs of slowing, with almost half (48%) of new products being vegan in 2022.
Consumers remain conscious of their meat consumption; however, this has seen a slight decline in the YOY statistics, mainly driven by 18-24-year-olds, but only declining by -0.1%. On the other hand, many consumers have been experimenting with ‘flexitarian’ lifestyles, and this accounts for 1/3 of the market – meaning operators need to focus on a broad menu offering that caters to a range of dietary requirements to meet consumer needs for choice.
Dr. Oetker has seen a growth in sales for its Pizza Perfettissima vegan options and has also just launched the Chicago Town Vegan Pepper-no-ni into the market, which is performing extremely well, which coincides with all the other stats and trends we are currently seeing in the market.
Gluten-free and vegan dishes carry a price premium across the majority of channels and where dishes can be amended to make them vegan, these also have a high price premium, on average +32% more expensive than the average main meal.
Veganuary is now a solidified staple date in the calendar, with 4% Brits participating in 2023. Over 50% of Veganuary participants planned to maintain their new diet in some capacity after the challenge was over, substituting vegetarian or vegan products into their daily lifestyle, with 1 in 5 British households having at least one member following a meat avoidance or reduction diet.

The ‘flexitarian lifestyle has become one of the most common dietary paths now, for a variety of reasons, from health, environmental and ethical to personal challenges and money saving.
In line with this, foodservice offerings and beyond need to ensure there’s high quality and exciting options to choose from, which is why Chicago Town is tapping into these trends with its Pizza-To-Go offering, ensuring that there’s something at the hot hold to suit all needs. Dr Oetker Professional has seen its vegan pizza share increase by 2ppts within its full pizza range vs last year.
Plant milks, meat/poultry alternatives and vegan cheese remain the top 3 most popular products, all of which can be used to create a vegan pizza and you will find in the Chicago Town Vegan Pepper-no-ni. 35% of consumers look for innovation when making purchasing decisions, with the need for exciting and tasty meat substitutes high on their checklist, therefore it is important for brands to tap into this trend with new NPD.
Dr. Oetker Professional’s Pizza Perfettissima has also launched a number of vegetarian and vegan options such as the Puro Base, which is a vegan and halal base only, no sauce and therefore it can be used for starters such as garlic bread, bruschetta, a main pizza with any desired toppings, or dessert pizzas too, for example an apple pie pizza.
Vegetarian and vegan is also incredibly important in food-to-go options. Since the trends’ emergence, there has been a slow proliferation of out of home vegetarian and vegan products.
Whilst sandwiches are still considered a traditional go-to for lunchtime snacks, more innovations in this sector are emerging. Chicago Town’s Pizza To Go offers both vegetarian and vegan options and, as a brand, is proud to be able to tap into the mindset of ‘just like the real thing’ products. Chicago Town Pizza To Go has seen an rise in sales of its vegetarian and vegan offering to business customers, who are interested in drawing in a new customer base by offering these dietary alternatives.
In order for retailers to maximise sales, it is important to have a wide, well stocked range of food to go on offer for key times of the day and also offering options for different dietary needs and missions. A particular store could add an additional SKU, add pizza to their meal deals or food delivery options to boost their revenue. All of these things Dr Oetker Professional support with PoS and activation assets, including but not limited to posters, window stickers, A boards, feather flags as well as digital assets for screens in store.
Relevant Chicago Town products:
Vegetarian flavours:
Chicago Town Loaded Cheese (RRP £2.50 per quarter slice) Available in a variety of national and regional wholesalers 

Vegan flavours:
Chicago Town BBQ Jackfruit (RRP £2.50 per quarter slice) Available in a variety of national and regional wholesalers
Chicago Town Vegan Stuffed Crust Pepper-no-ni. Available in leading national wholesalers including Bidfood and Brakes 
Relevant Pizza Perfettissima products:
Vegan & Halal:
Pomodoro (£10.99 RRP per pizza) Available in Available in a variety of national and regional wholesalersPuro Base (£10.99 RRP per pizza) Available in Available in a variety of national and regional wholesalers

Responses to be attributed to Richard Cooper, Senior Brand Manager at Chicago Town, Dr. Oetker Professional

Levy Ventures into Sports Merchandising Market #

Levy UK + Ireland, market leaders in the world of sports and entertainment catering, is thrilled to introduce ‘Levy Merchandising’, its strategic expansion into the realm of sports merchandising. This bold move marks a significant milestone as it diversifies its portfolio to bring fans an even more immersive experience.

Known for disrupting the stadia food and beverage market with the latest tech and sustainability innovations, Levy has consistently demonstrated a commitment to improving the matchday journey. The decision to enter the merchandising market aligns with the company's wider vision to create memorable experiences and engage with fans on a broader scale.

Levy Merchandising will design and manufacture a wide range of sportswear from technical products, fit for the highest level of performance, through to non-technical fanwear. The company will also produce a comprehensive range of souvenirs and accessories. In line with Levy’s strong commitment to supporting local communities and working with charities and outreach programmes, all products will be ethically sourced from factories who have undergone stringent audit processes.

Vinny Clark, has been brought in to head up Levy Merchandising and brings with him twenty years of experience in sports licensing and retail, having worked at sports apparel giant, Fanatics, and more recently Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club as General Manager for Commercial Operations. He has seen first-hand, both as a rights holder and a rights acquirer, how sports licensing partnerships work and wants to ensure a “partner first” approach, building long lasting, sustainable relationships. With an innovative commercial model, decision making is a joint responsibility, with partners retaining control on key strategic direction whilst benefiting from the scale and expertise of the Levy Merchandising central teams across buying, licensing, ecommerce, and retail operations. 

Drawing from his years of experience, Vinny Clark, Levy Merchandising, says: “Levy UK + Ireland has built a reputation for excellence, quality, and innovation, so I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting new chapter. The Levy Merchandising arm will build on the legendary experiences Levy has provided over decades in the food, drink, and hospitality arenas.

“Our aim is simple – to make the lives of our partners easier, to bring the best product to market for fans to enjoy, to offer better and fairer commercial frameworks to rights holders and all whilst protecting the interests of partner fans, our people, and our planet. Taking Levy best practice and utilising tech, innovation, and data insights from within the Group, we are ready to change the game.”

Jon Davies, Managing Director, Levy UK + Ireland, comments on the venture: “The expansion into merchandising represents a natural progression for Levy UK + Ireland. We are trusted in the sporting world and will take learnings from our successful F&B portfolio to enhance the service within the merchandise sector.

“Transferring our key values around People, Planet and Product, Levy Merchandising offers a unique proposition that puts our partners and fans first. As with everything we do, we are committed to incorporating sustainable practices, aligning with our broader environmental responsibility goals.”

For more details on Levy Merchandising please see the website here.

Success in Scotland for Heritage Portfolio with five venue retentions as it celebrates 30 years #

Heritage Portfolio, the specialist events and catering company within Sodexo Live!, has announced it has retained five Scottish venues following a series of competitive tenders, as it celebrates its 30th birthday this month.
Founded in 1993, with its headquarters in Edinburgh, and acquired by Sodexo Live! in 2017, Heritage Portfolio provides outstanding catering and events services at some of Scotland’s most iconic and prestigious venues, with further sites across Britain. As it marks its third decade it has recently retained and extended partnerships with:
V&A Dundee – two-year extension
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – two-year extension
Dundas Castle – three-year extension
Musselburgh Racecourse – seven-year extension
Mansfield Traquair – two-year extension 

Sandy Robson, Executive Director for Heritage Portfolio said: “What a way to start our 30th birthday celebrations by retaining over 15 years’ worth of business across five of our venues in Scotland. The whole team and I are delighted with these successes and are excited by what we can achieve in years to come as we work collaboratively with our partners to deliver exceptional service for our visitors and guests.
“I would like to thank all of our venue partners, some of which we have worked with for more than 20 years. As we bring to life development plans in the coming year, we’ll invest across the portfolio in initiatives and venue facilities that prioritise the experience of our customers.” 

Further information on each venue partner retention and its relationship with Heritage Portfolio:
V&A Dundee
Heritage Portfolio has been providing catering services at the museum since opening in 2018 and has this year invested to transform the restaurant space with a new style of offering that emphasises our cook from scratch and seasonal principles, better suited to the needs of the visitors. The design led approach saw Heritage Portfolio work with Scottish designers and makers to create a bespoke lighting installation, refurbish and enhance existing furniture and use Scottish materials to create features and points of interest.
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
The recent competitive tender has seen Heritage Portfolio secure a retention of two years, meaning its long-standing relationship with The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo now marks 15 years. In addition to the existing services it provided as Hospitality Partner for the Royal Gallery, in 2023 Heritage Portfolio also looked after catering for the 650 performers on the esplanade. This saw 12,500 post show snacks, 3,000 hot meals and 25,000 hot drinks served across the three-week run.
Dundas Castle
Heritage Portfolio has been the exclusive partner of Dundas Castle for more than 20 years where they cater for more than 60 weddings a year. As well as a five-star wedding and events venue, Dundas Castle is the home of the Stewart-Clark family. As part of this partnership retention, Heritage Portfolio will be investing further in Dundas and it’s already impressive facilities.
Musselburgh Racecourse
As part of the new contract Heritage Portfolio will invest significantly in the race day experience in partnership with the venue. This will include spectator infrastructure, hospitality spaces, staff facilities, technology and the public bar operation.  Heritage Portfolio has been working with Musselburgh Racecourse since 1999 and the investment will begin over the coming winter months.
Mansfield Traquair
Mansfield Traquair is another venue partner of Heritage Portfolio’s for more than 20 years, where they manage all events and are responsible for sales. As part of the extension, investment will include a new bar and an upgrade to the kitchen equipment.
Christian Moire, Operations Director, V&A Dundee, said: “It’s great to extend our partnership with Heritage Portfolio for another two years. Feedback from our guests is incredibly positive, even more so since the new Tatha bar & kitchen launched. Heritage Portfolio puts the customer at the heart of everything it does, and this is evidenced in the experience, food and feedback we receive. In Tatha we have created an environment where design meets food."
Bill Farnsworth, General Manager, Musselburgh Racecourse, said: “It’s been such a pleasure to work with Heritage Portfolio for the last 24 years and we all look forward to this continuing. They share our vision of creating the best experience possible for everyone that comes through the doors at the racecourse. The investment once completed will take this to the next level and we look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on the raceday experience."
To mark its 30th birthday, Heritage Portfolio hosted a party at the Signet Library in Edinburgh on 29 November, another one of its venue partners. This was attended by over 150 guests where they recognised the milestone and looked to the future, while enjoying excellent service and some wonderful food.
A division of Sodexo Live!, Heritage Portfolio is a leading provider of hospitality and catering for cultural destinations. It serves some of the most prestigious venues across Britain, delivering amazing experiences that go beyond the remarkable food it creates. In 2013, Heritage Portfolio was granted a Royal Warrant for services to catering from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.   

Bestway looking to the future of convenience, as it opens new hybrid store concept #

Convenience giant Bestway Retail has opened its latest hybrid store that will define the future of convenience – a premium license speciality that brings together two much-loved brands. 

Following on the heels of launching the pioneering ‘Costcutter with a Bargain Booze store’ model last year, the entrepreneurial team at Bestway Retail has now opened its first ‘Costcutter with a Wine Rack store’ in Guildford.
The new company-owned store which opened on Saturday 9 December, was formally a Select Convenience with a Bargain Booze store. It’s a first in the new Costcutter Wine Rack combination in a concept which looks set to be rolled out across other stores throughout the Southwest.
The marriage of the two brands means the Costcutter store will have an exciting and market leading premium alcohol offer to complement the leading grocery proposition that it’s already renowned for within the sector. It brings together the strength of the Costcutter convenience offer with the premium wines, champagne and spirits lines as well as quality beers, craft ales available from Wine Rack to make a compelling proposition for both retailers and consumers alike.
The store was taken back to a shell and has been completely remodelled with a full refit representing an investment of £250k. It now boasts an artisanal new bakery, an extensive fresh produce offering, package-free products, alongside its other grocery convenience categories. The store will continue to be home to the local Post Office, serving customers 7 days a week as part of the community service.
The new Wine Rack store will offer an extensive range of beers, wines and spirits from around the globe including over 30 different market leading champagnes and over 50 craft beers. Alongside this offering the store will offer customers exceptional gifting options for every occasion together with a gift-wrapping service. 
Exciting plans are in the pipeline for locals including wine tasting and food pairing events to be hosted by the store. The events will allow customers to learn more about the specialist drinks and locally sourced products, as the company enters talks with local breweries, distilleries and suppliers to offer a more unique and complete offer to suit its customer base.  

Jamie Davison, Retail Director at Bestway Retail, said of the new dual branded Costcutter and Wine Rack store:
“This store is our first pioneering concept store for Costcutter and Wine Rack and is an immensely exciting milestone for us as a business.  The launch continues our market leading journey into the opportunity that hybrid stores can offer the sector adding further value in the retailer proposition.

“This upmarket convenience store concept aims to meet the needs of our customers, so they are able to buy everything they need across a full day and different shopping missions. 

“And it’s just the beginning of the journey.  We have further plans for developing more Costcutter and Wine Rack concept stores which will be announced in the months to come”.

Biotiful Gut Health becomes ‘Official Gut Health Partner’ of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. #

Today, the UK’s leading kefir brand, announced a significant new partnership with Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers FC as their Official Gut Health partner. This exciting collaboration marks the first foray for Biotiful Gut Health into the world of elite football, and more widely of elite sport, after the brand was selected by Wolves Head of Nutrition, Matt North.
The partnership will see Biotiful working with the clubs’ elite teams to enhance player diets with their natural Kefir products, containing high levels of natural protein, billions of live cultures and no added sugar. Its significance is pertinent as this partnership underpins the growing understanding among Performance Nutritionists of the crucial role that gut health can play in sports performance.
Commenting on the partnership, Matt North , Head of Nutrition said;
 “Gut health is an integral part of supporting our players to perform daily both in training and matches.  Biotiful products allow us to support them seamlessly and enhance our recovery and performance on the pitch.“
Vince Lawson, Chief Marketing Officer, Biotiful added;
“This partnership couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, with Wolves continuing to compete at the highest level with recent wins against some of the best football teams in the world.  We’re excited to be able to play such an important role in the success of the team by helping them achieve more energy and faster recovery through better gut health.  Through this collaboration we aim to not only enhance the players on-field performance, but also promote a culture of health and wellbeing among fans and the grassroots football community.”
For over a decade, Biotiful Gut Health has been perfecting Kefir Drinks based on a 2000-year-old recipe, with British milk and billions of live cultures. Pioneering the Kefir category in the UK, they secured over 70% market share with their Kefir Drinks before expanding into Kefir Yogurts. Now, this journey has contributed to a growing Kefir category, valued at nearly £100 million today. 

The UK’s five most animal welfare conscious cities revealed #

RSPCA Assured survey names the UK’s best and worst cities for animal conscious consumers and urges people to put ‘welfare’ on their shopping lists this Christmas.

RSPCA Assured, the RSPCA’s ethical food label and assurance scheme, has released the results of a new survey today, which reveal the UK cities where people are most likely to consider animal welfare when food shopping. 
As Christmas approaches and millions prepare their festive shopping lists, RSPCA Assured is urging those who eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy to consider the impact their choices have on farmed animal welfare when they fill up their trolleys. 
The RSPCA Assured survey found that more than one in three people (37%) from Norwich regularly check for higher welfare labels on food in supermarkets, making Norwich shoppers the most animal welfare conscious in the UK. 
In competition for the top spot, Norwich was closely followed by: 
2. Leeds & Plymouth (36% regularly check food labels)
3. Liverpool & Sheffield (35% regularly check food labels)
4. Manchester & Bristol (33% regularly check food labels)
5. London (32% regularly check food labels)
Whilst the cities that ranked the worst for animal conscious consumerism, with only one in five people saying they routinely check for higher welfare food labels, were Southampton (21%) and Nottingham (20%). 
Emilie Fisher, Head of Engagement at RSPCA Assured, said: “The choices we make in our food shops can have a huge impact on how millions of farm animals are reared and the quality of life they have. It’s simple - the more we demand higher welfare produce, the more retailers will stock it, which means more farmers will rear their animals to higher welfare standards. 
“Take, for example, turkeys - approximately ten million turkeys are reared every year in the UK for Christmas, but the majority of those will endure inadequate welfare conditions, with a lack of space and natural daylight, and little in the way of enrichment. But turkeys are very intelligent birds and are naturally inquisitive and playful. It’s really important for their wellbeing that they are given lots of space to roam about, have access to natural daylight and are given plenty of enrichment - for example perches, straw bales and rope. 
“If we choose to buy produce with higher welfare labels we are supporting animals, like turkeys, having better lives. If you don’t look for higher welfare labels, you could be supporting and encouraging low welfare farming practices without realising.
“One of the most important things you can do for farmed animal welfare this Christmas is to choose food with a higher welfare label, such as RSPCA Assured.”

Further survey results showed that, whilst nationally more than half (53%) of people said they were more likely to buy a turkey if they knew it had led a happy and healthy life, just 30 percent said they regularly check food labels to see if produce is higher welfare. 
“Our research shows that our values and our actions are at odds with each other,” Emilie continued. “Over half of us would be more likely to buy a turkey that had led a happy life, but less than one in three of us are actively checking food labels. 
“This Christmas we’re trying to spur the public into action and get them to make more welfare conscious choices when shopping. We tend to eat more during our festive celebrations, so now is the perfect time to consider what food you are buying, where it has come from and how the animals have been treated.”

The RSPCA has developed thousands of standards for farmed animals that go beyond legal requirements in many key welfare areas and ensure that animals are well cared for throughout their entire lives. All farms that are certified by RSPCA Assured follow strict standards on important welfare issues such as providing adequate cage-free space, access to environmental enrichment and limits on transportation times.
RSPCA Assured turkeys and other produce can be found in most supermarkets including Aldi, Co-op, Lidl, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco. Find out more about supporting RSPCA Assured and higher welfare farming this Christmas here
Consumers who want to do more to support higher welfare produce can also sign up to the RSPCA’s Better Chicken Commitment campaign here. 
Click here to watch RSPCA Assured’s Christmas advert. 

Sodexo Government division retains key public sector contracts #

Sodexo UK & Ireland has successfully extended six government and police services contracts worth a combined value of some £34 million. 

Continuing its long-standing partnership with Transport for London, Sodexo’s 100-strong team will continue to provide catering services for employees of London Underground, the British Transport Police, the Metropolitan Police and London’s bus drivers for a further two years.  The team which includes over 38 different nationalities provide services 364 days a year, seven days a week, from 7am to 11pm.  

Over 550 employees will continue to support His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) following a one-year extension to Sodexo’s FM services contract for 48 sites, including ten of HMRC’s 14 regional centres. 

Long-standing client Avon & Somerset Police has extended Sodexo’s contract for a further two years.   Sodexo has partnered with Avon & Somerset Police since 2012 with the Sodexo’s team of over 70 providing essential services for over 3,000 police officers and personnel at 54 police stations and sites spread across 1,855 square miles within South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and Somerset. Services include: catering and hospitality services, cleaning and specialist cleaning services. 

Further contract extensions include clients in Northern Ireland and Scotland. 

Paul Anstey, CEO Government, Sodexo UK & Ireland said: “Our teams are focused on delivering excellence every day, working in partnership with client teams to provide workplaces that are well-run, efficient and encourage productivity in an environment that continues to evolve. 

“At Sodexo we understand what it takes to create workplace experiences that both inspire and enable our clients to focus on their core roles. As a trusted partner to government we look forward to continuing to provide services that support delivery of public services and government priorities.”

Compass Be A Star ‘Legend’ scoops £10,000 prize #

Compass Group UK & Ireland is delighted to announce Ementa Ngo, General Assistant Supervisor, as its 2023 Be A Star ‘Legend’. Ementa received the top prize of £10,000 at a special award presentation held at Central Middlesex Hospital in North West London. 
In the second year of its relaunched recognition programme, over 2,000 Be A Star nominations were received throughout the year, with 324 winners celebrated across the business. But it was Ementa’s exceptional story that stood out to the judges who crowned her this year’s overall champion.
Robin Mills, CEO, Compass Group UK & Ireland, surprised Ementa at work, presenting her with a certificate and cheque in front of her thrilled colleagues and clients.
Ementa won the prestigious award in recognition of her remarkable bravery and quick thinking. When two men were attacked in different areas of the hospital, the emergency response team were deployed to one location, unaware at first that there was a second incident. Ementa, who was first on the scene, found a man with life-threatening injuries and immediately started to suppress the bleeding while providing reassurance until the second resuscitation team arrived. Commended for her outstanding courage and efforts, which helped saved a life, Ementa then continued to support her team with their daily duties, despite the ordeal she had just gone through.
Ementa is employed by Medirest, the healthcare division of Compass Group UK & Ireland, the UK’s largest food and support services business, and was nominated by General Manager, Melanie Kallinga, in the ‘Colleague’ category of the Be A Star programme.
Be A Star asks teams to shine a light on outstanding individuals, nominating across three categories: Helping Colleagues, Delighting Customers and Supporting Communities. Winners are chosen across all Compass sectors including education, sports and leisure and healthcare, celebrating frontline heroes in roles ranging from cleaners and chefs to baristas and support teams.
The stand-out stars are selected quarterly and presented with a certificate, Be A Star pin and £250, as well as a paid day off to enjoy a regional “lunch is on us” with their nominator at a flagship Compass venue.
An emotional Ementa declared: “I was over the moon to win a Be A Star award but now to find out I’ve also won the Legend award is unbelievable! Thank you to Melanie for nominating me, and to everyone I work with for their support – I can’t wait to tell my family!”

Lisa Knight MBE, Chief Nurse of the London North West Trust: “I regularly bump into Ementa when I arrive at Central Middlesex Hospital, she always greets you with a massive smile, or a friendly wave and I see her interacting with our patients in the same way. During an incident at the hospital earlier this year, Ementa was part of the team who looked after an injured individual and was right in the centre of providing assistance. We are proud to have Ementa and all her colleagues as part of the Central Middlesex family.”
David Morgan, Contract Director, Medirest: “Ementa’s courageous response played a crucial role in saving a man’s life during a harrowing situation, making it difficult to praise her enough. She is the true definition of what Be A Star is all about, going above and beyond in her role, and in this instance above her call of duty. We are so proud and privileged to have her as part of the team”.
Robin Mills, Chief Executive Officer, Compass Group UK & Ireland, added: “Our people make a difference to the lives of those around them every single day. I’m immensely proud of all they achieve, and special thanks must go to our 2023 ‘Legend’ Ementa. Her actions exemplify her selfless and caring nature; demonstrating her unwavering commitment to her colleagues, those she supports every day and the community where she works. She is the pride of Compass.”
For more details on Be A Star, visit –

Délifrance innovates with launch of new intensely delicious Cinnamon and Brioche Buns #

Leading baked goods manufacturer, Délifrance, has today announced the launch of two premium, ready-to-bake viennoiseries – the Cinnamon and Brioche Buns.
As well as their indulgent appeal, the products have been developed with convenience in mind to meet the needs of busy, on-the-go consumers. The thoughtfully designed viennoiseries not only enhance the customer experience but also ensure a unique and appealing presentation suitable for any time of day.
The perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, the Cinnamon Bun boasts a classic shape infused with a popular filling to offer an ever more refined experience for consumers. The Brioche Bun is versatile and can be used as a sandwich carrier, served with a sweet filling and topping, or enjoyed on its own. Check out some of the many different ways with our own recipes found here. Its fluffy texture combined with crisp puff pastry promises a multisensorial experience with every bite.
By catering to both convenience, taste and texture, the ready-to-bake pastries not only help baked goods operators delight their customers, but also alleviate pressures from a staffing and scheduling perspective.
Stéphanie Brillouet, marketing director at Délifrance said: “We’re inviting customers to experience our latest viennoiserie innovations. The nostalgic Cinnamon Bun and remarkably versatile Brioche Bun are a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of convenience, taste and texture. Ultimately, consumers continue to seek indulgence and convenience in the morning and throughout the day, so we’re delighted to expand our viennoiserie range with products that deliver on both of these fronts.”
The products are now available via Délifrance from national wholesalers.
For more information visit:

Compass Group UK & Ireland records £718m of social impact #

Working with Social Value Portal, Compass Group UK & I has measured its social value impact for 2022

As a result of ongoing investment in people, community and social enterprises, the business has generated a social value of £7m (a 40% increase since 2021)

An additional local economic value of £711m has been achieved as a result of the local employment it provides across the country (an increase from £590m in 2021)
Compass Group UK & Ireland, the UK’s largest food and support services business, has had the social impact of its work measured, by Social Value Portal, at £718m, this includes a 40% increase in social value, now worth £7m. This investment has been achieved by positive interventions and activity the company has taken in relation to its people, community support and social enterprises.
As one the UK’s largest employers, an additional £711m of local economic value has been generated, as a result of the company employing over 19k of its 45k people within 15 miles of their homes.
Social value measurement looks at the social, economic and environmental benefits of a business. Using the measurement framework, the Social Value TOM System the report assessed how the company’s activities and initiatives have been carried out and generated value for local people, communities and society in which they work.
Key social value impact highlights for 2022 included:

Over 1500 employees on career pathways
Over 600 apprenticeships underway
14,000 hours of Diversity & Inclusion training provided
More than 300 contracts paying Real Living Wage 
Spent £3m with social enterprises
Over 800 hours spent on mental health campaigns 
Donated 175k to local charities
Providing 80k children with culinary and nutritional workshops Commenting on the company’s social value impact – Chris Chidley, Compass Group UK & Ireland Social Value Executive Team Sponsor said:
“Social value is an important part of our DNA. Over the past two years our teams have worked to embed a social value mindset into our business. Our people work hard to provide great quality food and support services to all our clients and increasingly we are also providing more support to the local communities in which we live and work in too.
“As a business, we have made a commitment to support one million people with opportunities and change their lives through job creation, education, training, community and charitable engagement by 2030, through our Social Promise. This is seeing us drive real change. I am incredibly proud of what our teams do day in and day out. Thank you to all of them for the contribution they have made in delivering such a positive social impact.”
Guy Battle, CEO, at Social Value Portal said:
“Having worked with Compass Group UK & Ireland for nearly two years, we have seen first hand the organisation’s inspirational approach - and ongoing commitment - to delivering Social Value for the many communities in which it operates.
“We are therefore delighted to have had the opportunity to help them measure and then validate the data, using the Social Value TOM System to underpin their impact and delivery of Social Value, both as a business and throughout its supply chain.
“Behind every single pound of the £718m, there is a life: a person, a family and a community that will benefit. This in turn leads to a stronger, more resilient and productive society - which is what Social Value is all about.”

Bidfood and CarbonCloud Join Forces to Initiate Transformation in Supply Chain Carbon Management #

Bidfood, one of the UK’s leading foodservice providers, has announced a strategic collaboration with CarbonCloud, a pioneer in climate intelligence technology. This partnership marks Bidfood's commitment in supply chain carbon management as it aims to calculate its climate footprint across the value chain.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Bidfood has set robust climate targets to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045 across all scopes. To achieve these goals, Bidfood recognises the importance of data accuracy in measuring and reducing its full carbon footprint, including the Scope 3 category Purchased Goods & Services, which is traditionally the least visible and hardest to measure element of a food businesses carbon footprint.

Calculating Purchased Goods and Services is a significant challenge for companies in the food system as the category usually accounts for the majority of Scope 3 emissions. Carbon management in this category calls for sustained collaborative action throughout the supply chain, and the data required for the calculations is often difficult to pinpoint.

With state-of-the-art automation, CarbonCloud's innovative platform streamlines this process, providing Bidfood and its suppliers the opportunity to connect securely and seamlessly for better climate insights. As a first stage, Bidfood will have the initial climate footprint of its product range calculated swiftly in 2024.

"We’re thrilled to embark on this exciting collaboration with CarbonCloud and start collaborating with our suppliers on a single platform. Data integrity and scalability for our value chain is an important step towards achieving our sustainability objectives," says Jim Gouldie, Supply Chain and Technical Services Director at Bidfood.

A key strength of CarbonCloud's platform is its ability to connect the entire supply chain network. By mapping out the value chain of each product, from farm to retail gate, CarbonCloud enables real-time updates and ensures that the data quality and accuracy are instantly reflected across the network. This network effect fosters collaboration across the value chain, allowing food industry stakeholders to measure, share, and compare their climate footprints on equal ground. Bidfood and its stakeholders will be able to exchange emissions data securely and evaluate the climate impact of various products, even when dealing with diverse categories.

“Bidfood’s forward-thinking approach to climate impact makes them an ideal partner and we are thrilled to join forces. The partnership marks a new era of sustainability in the foodservice industry. By collaborating on advanced climate calculations, we are taking a significant step toward a net-zero value chain and collaborative future," says David Bryngelsson, CEO & Founder of CarbonCloud.